Reader Survey and Giveaway!

reader-survey-and-giveawayGuys… I have a favor to ask of you. We’re already two weeks into the new year, and we’ve got BIG goals at Room for Tuesday this year. Would you help us determine what’s working and what isn’t, by filling out the survey below? It’s always been our focus to provide you with unique, original, creative content that is useful and inspiring!

By filling out the information, we’ll have a better understanding of what type of content you actually want to see in 2017. I’m positive, this year will be one for books! To say thanks, we’ll enter the survey entries in a giveaway… and I promise you, it will be a good one. Thank you!!

Reader Survey


All done?

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  1. The URL field for our favorite blog requires http://www. I tried typing without that and got an error. Then I added www. And still got an error. Manually typing in http:// maybe a challenge for some readers. FYI!

    1. Thanks, Ashley! Unfortunately, the form only had so many options for the URL section, so that’s why I didn’t make that one mandatory. I had the same thought though! Thanks for taking the time :) xo