Noteworthy : Inspiration, Links, and Updates - roomfortuesday.comHappy Friday, friends! How has it already been one month since my last Noteworthy post? Time is flying, but also seems to be standing still during this quarantine. Weird times! Emmett and I have been spending many hours outside putting together our outdoor spaces (like our balcony pictured above), keeping up with regular landscaping, exterior home maintenance, and making little updates here & there. Basically, we’re taking every opportunity to spend time outside of our home, without leaving our home. It’s amazing what fresh air and sunshine can do for your attitude. We’re lucky to have had excellent weather lately. Anyway- click through for inspiring links, renovation updates, future plans, favorite products, and more! 

First up… renovation updates. I’ve had lots of questions from readers wondering what we’re up to and what we’ll be tackling next. To be honest, we’ve been crossing those pesky little items off the to-do list. You know… the ones we’ve been putting off: caulking, touch up paint, swapping a few fixtures, keeping up with regular maintenance, and most recently- leveling our backyard and installing sod, which was no easy feat. The sod is in and seems to be doing great, so we’re crossing the backyard drainage issue off the list. So what’s next?

  • We need to rent or build scaffolding to swap our entryway chandelier in the coming weeks. I’m very excited for that!
  • We’re planning to finally finish a guest bedroom we’ve been putting off (which includes new doors, millwork, wallpaper, lighting, paint, and furniture… the whole shebang, excluding carpet). We’re hoping to wrap that up this summer.
  • We’re also trying to figure out just how many exterior projects we want to tackle this year (perhaps exterior paint, a garage trellis, additional landscaping, extending our fence to gain more yard & greenspace for the dogs, the list goes on…)
  • We have plenty of little tasks left on the list to keep us busy, too… painting, filling nail holes, cleaning, and just keeping up with the house in general.
  • As for the “big project”… we haven’t decided what that will be quite yet. The guest bedroom should be a fairly large project, so that will be the next finished room reveal!

My friend Cathy shared her best tips for styling open shelves in the kitchen. We share the same mindset and perspective when it comes to kitchen styling, so this post was spot on for me! We only have the two floating shelves above our coffee bar in our kitchen, but they work hard for us (and look gorgeous, if I do say so myself). It’s a functional vignette that makes me smile…

Noteworthy : Inspiration, Links, and Updates - roomfortuesday.comThis house in Puglia is what my cottage dreams are made of! Does anyone else have the itch to travel now more than ever? Emmett and I were supposed to be in Alaska fishing this week. Italy was also on our list this year, but I’m doubtful that will happen. Our Hawaii anniversary trip is still on the books this fall, but we’re not getting our hopes up. Back in January we decided 2020 would be “our year of travel”. HAHA! Until we can jet away, I’m viewing alllll the home tours online, located in the places I want to visit.

Emmett’s dad is actually supposed to come visit at the end of the month, but it’s up in the air as of now- given the current pandemic. He and his high school buddy are planning to ride their motorcycles across the country and will finish here in Utah and stay with us for a week. Can you tell where Emmett gets his sense of adventure from? It was his idea to do a three week camping trip across the country when we were in college. We spent almost three weeks on the road, camping together and visited nearly all of the National Parks.

Ready for some real talk? Emmett & I have been brainstorming our next business “project” or renovation. We imagine we’ll be in this house for quite awhile (which we’re really happy about… after all- it’s a LOT of house to renovate), but we have started saving for a side project. Do we renovate another house to use as a vacation home / Airbnb? If so, where would that be located? We even took a virtual tour of a super cool house boat in Washington we seriously considered a couple weeks ago. It was beautiful and vintage, but would’ve been a total money pit… and at this stage, we’re just dreaming and brainstorming. Just curious- what would you be interested to see from us next? I’m partial to a beach cottage, but a mountain cabin makes sense given our location and would be the obvious choice. Maybe something of a smaller scale could be cool? A camper renovation we could adventure in? A boat? Sometimes I wish we had water nearby. Who knows! I’m ready to stretch my creative muscle and do something weird & different in the future. Brainstorming has me excited, but that’s all it is for now- a conversation. Emmett likes to change his mind a thousand times and analyze, whereas I just follow my heart and make a fast spontaneous decision.

I get a ton of questions about millwork. I’ve posted about it on a couple occasions (here and here), but unfortunately there is not a one size fits all solution. It totally depends on the architecture of your home… and what works in mine, probably won’t fit yours. Four years ago I recommended a book on the blog, and it’s still one I reference all the time. One of my designer teachers recommended it to me years ago and I still rely on it. If you’re updating your home, do yourself a favor and spend $8 on the Get Your House Right book.

Next up- my recent purchases… we’ve honestly been in saving mode around here, but I do have some notable things to share:

  • This ribbed glass hurricane + these pillar candles // I’ve been wanting one of these for our coffee table, but didn’t want to spend a ton of money. I’ve been on a big candle kick lately… I think it’s soothing for me during this weird time.
  • These tan drops + this gradual tan lotion // I caved and bought the self tanning stuff because I’m looking rather pasty and these come highly recommended by my pal Jenny Komenda. The two of us have been chatting all things beauty lately and I’ve kind of given up during quarantine (truth), but am hoping a “natural glow” will make me feel better without fixing my hair or doing my makeup everyday (which basically equates to tinted moisturizer and brow gel, haha).
  • Two more pairs of these leggings // Let’s be real- I’ve been living in leggings. It’s my new uniform while sheltering in place. I bought a pair of these last year at TJ Maxx, loved them *almost* as much as my Lulu’s, and for the $25 price tag- recently decided to buy two more pairs. They’re that good! Check out over 6k shining reviews on Amazon.
  • These fancy cocktail cherries // I 100% blame this purchase on Will Brinson. Have you been following House of Brinson’s cocktail hour on IG everyday? They make my day and we’ve definitely been partaking in craft cocktails during quarantine… we even bought this cocktail & mini food smoker! Anyway, he recommended these cherries and they really are worth it. I feel like a legit bartender at a swanky, high-end restaurant. E & I will emerge from this as skilled bartenders, or at least we’re giving it our best shot. Ha!
  • My beloved pizza peel // You probably spotted this in my rosemary flatbread recipe post. We’ve been doing “Pizza Fridays” and have been getting into pizza making lately, but I honestly love the way this looks hanging in our kitchen. I also love that I was able to support an artist / woodworker in Ohio who makes these.

Rosemary Flatbread Appetizers - roomfortuesday.comI don’t really discuss finances and the challenges of owning a small business as much as I should here on the blog (it’s kind of boring to me & I’d rather talk design), but I HAVE to give my girl Kyla a big shoutout. A couple weeks ago she posted about how big companies ended up with the small business PPP loans. You might have already heard about this because the post immediately went viral, and she followed up with a thank you /  beautiful tribute to small business owners. Anyway, in addition to health concerns during this pandemic, our economy is also suffering. I’ve been trying to do my part and highlight more small businesses that I love. I hope that shows! I just wanted to share her recent viral posts because I’m very proud of her for making noise on behalf of the little guys. If you’re a small business owner or supporter- this is really encouraging.

This article sharing 7 moving tips to help you navigate relocating during Covid-19 seemed fitting, because I know many of you are in the process of moving right now. After all- spring and summer are the seasons for that! My sister and her family are about to move into their new home, and I know many readers and friends are in the same boat. Hopefully you’ll find these tips helpful and assuring.

This is usually the time of year when Emmett & I take advantage of our beautiful state, pack up the dogs, and go camping with friends. We’re big on the outdoors and adventuring, but 95% of the counties here in Utah are still limiting camping to county residents only. If you’re also itching to get outside, camp, hike, and explore… check out this post: 13 national parks you can virtually hike to avoid cabin fever. Two of them are located here in Utah.

Are you tired of my rambling yet? I’m guessing yes. I hope you all have a lovely weekend filled with sunshine and fresh air. We’ll most likely tackle more projects, enjoy our patio, and spend time outside. Xo, Sarah

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  1. Good morning! We made it to May!! As soon as I received my ED, I was texting my bff pics of that house in Puglia! Did you catch the one with a stone grotto from 600 BC? So many beautiful places to visit. [Sidenote: do you follow Gabrielle Blair of Design Mom? They’re living in France and renovating a historic home! 😲] Speaking of travel, I would selfishly love to see you renovate a mountain cabin…or a beach cottage! My ideal place would actually be a cabin on a lake; I sometimes “accidentally” search for places on lakes in Maine! Sigh. A boat project sounds fascinating though! While you’re in the dreaming phase, I will definitely be content with that guest room redo; is it the one whose door you painted green? Speaking of, those guest rooms of yours still need names! Maybe adventure or travel related?
    {I cannot talk about the PPP loans without having a brain aneurysm.}
    The big topic today, of course, is Happy Pizza Friday!!🍕This week, I’m feeling goat cheese, kalamata olives and what I’ll call quarantine pesto (parsley, chard, rosemary & oregano because it’s what I have!). Obviously inspired by your flatbread recipe! I might even try a cocktail instead of wine because, heck yeah, Will Brinson said so! Have the most delicious, sunny, productive and rejuvenating weekend, Sarah and RFT crowd!

    1. Mayyyyy!!! Wooohoo! That house is just insane… so beautiful and charming! I also liked the stone grotto- I definitely have the itch to travel right now. I’m all about a mountain cabin or beach cottage (we just need to save, save, save). Ha! Emmett would also love a lake house. I’ll really game whatever- I love the water, so I think anything near water would be my preference. You know us too well… the bedroom project is indeed the one with the green painted door. The entire room is going to be that color- monochromatic. I’m very excited about it! The guest rooms still need names. My brain immediately thinks of family / friend names, based on who likes to stay where when they visit (Collins, Wisehart, Gibson, etc). Although we might have to leave the tough family names out, like Hanlotxomphou or Seitz. No offense to those family members. Haha! Who knows, maybe we’re better off with adventure names. HAPPY PIZZA FRIDAY! Your weekly choice sounds delicious. We’re probably going to keep it simple tonight and do a basic margarita pizza with our fresh basil… and most definitely a cocktail. I’m thinking something Italian- a negroni or aperol spritz. Have a wonderful weekend :) xo

  2. Hi Sarah – loved your flatbread recipe this week, that goat cheese and peppers etc looks SO GOOD. As for a project for you guys, i love seeing everything you do, so would love any of them.

    It’s funny that you posted that Puglia trullo today – and BOY is it gorgeous and really seems like a dream to be able to sit there and look out as she mentions doing. Why do I say funny (ironic)? My father-in-law was born and grew up there (although more inland, and not in the land of the trulli) — and we lost him this week to. Covid-19. He was in a nursing home in Piedmont (northern Italy) — he and his family all except one brother migrated north in search of work after the war, and he raised his family in Turin. Of course it has been horrible to think of him there alone as all visits were forbidden to the nursing home since early March, and my husband and I are unable to leave Paris, where we live, to join his mother and brother and uncles and aunt in the mourning rituals for his father.

    I know we are far from the only family in this situation. But I just feel so bad for my husband.

    All of which is to say that I too dream of going to Puglia — and your post is always a welcome respite of beauty and kindness in a difficult time. I know you have mentioned that you and Emmett have so many family members who work in health care, I hope that they all remain safe, and we are grateful for their dedication and sacrifice.

    1. P.s. I am going to have to go get that issue of Elle Decor!!!!

      That will give me some more relaxing time – thanks for the inspiration.

      1. I’m so sorry to hear about your father-in-law Kim! I had seen you mention that he was in Italy before- what a tough situation and a difficult time! I will have you and your family in my thoughts. For now, I hope there are bright spots and moments of relaxation and rejuvenation in the coming days!

        1. Thank you Lauren for your kind words.

    2. Oh Kim, I am SO so sorry to hear about your father-in-law. I know you were very concerned about him, as we had previously chatted about the nursing home in Italy. I’ll be thinking of you and your husband during this difficult time. Although you’re in Paris and unable to make the journey, at least you have each other for support. That must be so hard though. My condolences. Luckily, our family in healthcare is doing ok as of now… both of our sisters are stressed, but they’re hanging in there! Thanks for asking. I’m also glad to hear you liked the rosemary flatbread recipe- I hope that can be a bright spot for you guys to enjoy during this tough time. Lots of love! xo

      1. Thank you so much Sarah. I had forgotten about bringing up the architecture of his nursing home some months back.

        Yesterday was a hard day as they took his body to the funerarium for cremation (I don’t understand why so many days passed before this happened, I thought everything was rush-rush. However, Piedmont is currently the region the most affected in Italy, so maybe it has to do with that). I feel so bad for my husband but he is being very philosophical, but he is hurting. Lots of conversations with family and friends have helped a LOT.

        I am glad your family is all still well. I think a lot about the carers, cooks, cleaners, etc at the nursing homes and hospitals, and how scary this is for them and their families as they work to help us all.

        Thank you again for your kindness. Stay safe!

        1. Yes! I had remembered chatting about it. I’m so sorry you’re both having to endure this from afar. Losing a loved one is never easy, but during this time- I can imagine it’s so much more difficult. Still thinking of you all! Hang in there Kim :(

  3. We are considering renovating a camper in the next 5 years. We have a baby and two dogs so it would be the easiest way for us to travel and visit national parks! Can’t wait to hear what you guys decide to tackle next.

    1. That sounds so fun! It’s really a convenient way to adventure and the best way to leave the dogs in a comfortable, safe environment while you hike and explore (since they’re not allowed in the National Parks)… that has always been the issue we’ve ran into. Happy Friday, Megan :)

  4. This is my first time reading your updates but loving how concise they are, yet still FULL of great content! Happy to be here :)

    As a Seattle houseboat resident, I did want to share one bit of advice – this life is awesome, but don’t count on being able to AirBNB. Washington is getting very strict on Houseboat AirBNB rules, in particular, and many are owners are having to sell there places because they can no longer be rented for short-term/temporary leases. It’s sad really cause it’s such a fun and unique tourism offering.

    1. Thank you so much! Wonderful info and insight on the houseboat (thanks for sharing)- after looking into it a couple weeks ago, we quickly found out it wasn’t feasible. It’s a cool idea though! That boat had SO much potential and I really just loved the looks of it. After traveling to Amsterdam last year, I was really intrigued with the houseboat lifestyle- there are some seriously cool and beautiful boats / homes. Have a wonderful week! xo

  5. I love those leggings, put luxardo cherries on and in everything, and miraculously received my PPP loan for my tiny business this week. (The 27th lender I called had some funds… phew!!) Your topics are really talking to me this morning!

    1. YAY!!! So many good things to celebrate, love, and appreciate Sarah! I’m thrilled to hear about your PPP loan- that is incredible news. All of those lender calls paid off, whew. It sounds like we’re on the same page in this post :) Have a wonderful week! xo

  6. So much to tear into in this blog post! I’m sorry I missed it yesterday! I was elbow deep in distance learning yesterday and tidying up the house. It sounds like you and Emmett are in the same mode as Jeff and I! We have pesky little to-do’s as well: we added a closest to our bonus room- it’s currently framed with the organizer in place, but the doors still need hanging and it still needs to be dry walled and finished. Plus there’s drywall and finish to do in the attached hallway from where we installed a new vent leg for the HVAC so that room can be heated and cooled. (Let’s ignore the fact that Jeff has put this one off for the past two years shall we? Haha). We’re also juggling with the regular home maintenance items, new indoor projects, and figuring out the outdoor projects as well; looks like we’re in good company! I was actually going to ask if you’re doing the ORC this time around or not? I’ve been seeing a few accounts getting set for theirs, and naturally I thought of you! I can’t wait for the guest room! Peggi hit the nail on the head; I was thinking of that one too when you mentioned it. I’m here for pretty much anything and everything, and excited to see anything you guys tackle, but an A-frame cabin on the lake, or a mountain cottage would definitely be a fun project to see! Plus hello multiple income sources!! And selfishly I’d love to go stay at an air bnb designed by the one and only! I mean what could be better?! Thank you for the book recommendation!! I will definitely be purchasing this one! I’ve poured myself into tons of inspiration and informational research before tackling some of the projects around here, and millwork is the one thing that there hasn’t been much traction on! This is going to be a great resource! And travel…ahhh to be traveling! This time of year we’re usually planning our summer trip for the kids, and this year I’m kind of glad we weren’t in agreement on where to go and zero plans have been made so far! It actually forced Jeff to consider taking the kids to Disneyland; first timers! They’re finally at an age where they’ll remember it, they’ll be able to ride everything, and they are still excited about it. We’re crossing our fingers that can happen before summer ends, but pretty firm in the fact that we’re setting those funds aside for whenever we actually can. In the meantime, we have a wonderful regional park here in town that allows camping; right now it’s only open to residents, so that’s an option to get out without having to leave town. They have a water park, three lakes for fishing, and endless hiking trail heads…this might be our weekend getaway for the foreseeable future! Update for those in the know: we have COWS!!!! Two beauties; one large male angus; Brooke named him Cocoa (for Cocoa Puffs), and the other is just a calf with the cutest patches of white on his face! There’s always one that resists the name theme; this year it was AJ- he’s named the calf Joey, and honestly it fits! There is one more set to arrive in 3 months- we’ve all agreed it will be Trix. They’re still acclimating to the new environment, so sadly, no animal visits at the fence this weekend; even the horses are cooped up! But we have a ton of apples and carrots stocked up for introductions!! It’s fabulous weather here, and one photo is is finally done blooming, so I’m off to butcher it! HAHA! Happy Saturday Sarah! My apologies for all the rambling!

    1. That was photinia! 😒

    2. I hope distance learning is going as best as it can, Lauren! We certainly have a long and annoying to-do list, but this is a great time to cross those pesky items off. We won’t be participating in the ORC this time around. We had a bunch of travel previously planned and like the idea of sticking to our own timeline, given how miserably we failed at the last round. Haha! I really love the idea of an airbnb and designing something different, but who knows. We have plenty of time to think (and save), but it’s definitely a goal. I think you’ll LOVE that book- it is seriously so helpful. Disneyland sounds amazing (I’ve sadly never been), but have heard amazing things. What a treat for your family to make such wonderful memories once everything opens back up. That sounds incredible! It sounds like you have plenty of fun things in your area too… such a bonus- having a good location with awesome things nearby. Yay for cows!! Love the adorable names. I hope you have a good week and great weather :) xo

  7. Wonderful Noteworthy post! I always enjoy these.

    Do you have lakes near you? A cabin by a lake would be an amazing getaway, rental, and project, all in one! Another idea would be to remodel a vintage Airsteam trailer. You could rent it out AND use it to travel, if you have campgrounds nearby that let you park a trailer and rent them.

    I’m glad your healthcare relatives are well so far. The stress is real, and really only goes away when I’m off for a few days. I’m guessing they feel the same. Thank you again for wonderful, distracting posts!

    1. Thank you Jennifer! I love hearing that. We don’t really have any lakes close by (other than the Salt Lake, which isn’t really usable). I hope you’re hanging in there and are also keeping healthy! Thanks again for showing up to be a frontline healthcare hero during these crazy times- you all are admirable!! xo