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Did you guys have a fun weekend? They always go way too quick! Mondays are always tough, so I like to begin my morning on a positive note- scouring the internet for fun finds and gearing up for a new creative day. Since receiving positive feedback on the last noteworthy post, I wanted to share some things that have inspired me the past few days.

If you’re wondering about the above image- I found that weird (and awesome!!) vintage hand last Friday. Jacqueline and I were out thrifting and as soon as I laid eyes upon that wooden thing, it was game over. I totally should’ve shot a closeup from the other direction because it has carved fingernails (in a non-creepy way).

vintage hand

I’ve been seeing lots of wooden beads used as decor lately. The ones in the hand were a gift from Africa, but here’s a fun DIY with a similar aesthetic.

I’m kind of considering trading out the wood bench in my mudroom to this upholstered bench. I think I’m just in the mood to revamp an entire room, and this would definitely cause me to do so.

I’m about to begin restoring my vintage credenza with Caesarstone to revamp my current bar. The art of the home bar was super inspiring and the pretty images were an added bonus.

Apparently, I’m on a DIY kick because this lucite towel bar is another one I really want to try!

This moody bachelor pad is elegant and curated in the best way. It makes me want to find some pretty vintage oil paintings.

A couple weekends ago, we visited friends in Chicago. I can’t stop thinking about a building we stopped by- The Rookery. It was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright and has the most beautiful architecture and art deco details. If you follow me on Instagram, here’s a glimpse at the grand staircase… and these elevators!! Our friends have actually decided to get married there; pretty amazing, right?!

Of course while in Chicago, there was shopping. I know… I tried to restrain, but I’ve had my eye on these lace up flats for awhile. I finally got them! I love the snow, but as soon as it melts and the weather warms up, I’m swapping my snow boots for the flats.

That’s all for now. What’s inspiring you lately? Link some fun things I should check out!

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  1. Carmen Gomez ( Lilly ) says:

    Yes! It’s the same exact one mines is a little lighter in color it looks weathered kind off unfinished and it has the same (uncreepy) nail details and creases on the fingers and palms. I had to come straight over when I saw it on my Facebook feed. Yours seems a little bit darker than mine but still weathered and with a little sheen mines is more dull. Did you wax it or do something to achieve that look? I love this piece, a few days ago I was wondering where could I find another one, but I guess I will just have to let one my other rooms borrow it because there’s no tag or marking with the makers info. I’m all excited about this, it’s so funny! Enjoy styling it around the house!

    1. Ha! That’s cool! There’s another weird hand out there in the world ;) I haven’t done anything to it yet… it was in great shape when I found it a few days ago. Definitely a fun piece and conversation starter!

  2. I love posts like this where you get to find a bunch of random, new things and go to all different corners of the Internet – keep them coming :)


    1. Thank you, Amy!! Glad you like these types of posts. I wasn’t sure about them, but I’ll definitely do more if you guys like them. xo