Mounting and Lighting Art on Bookshelves

Mounting Art to Bookshelves

You guys have seen Jacqueline’s built-ins a gazillion times now because we literally restyle them twice a month (ha!), but this time we’re sharing an easy way to add dimension and interest by mounting art to your bookshelves. It’s a simple concept that makes such a big impact!

In this scenario, these shelves are floor to ceiling and pretty tall. I knew I really wanted to add a gallery light to illuminate the art in the evening. They make all different types- hardwired, lights that plug in, battery operated, etc. It really just depends how much space you have for mounting and your electrical situation.

Bookshelf Styling

If you’re wondering about the art itself, we love local artist Katie Stratton. Here’s a handful of picture lights that would look great above any style artwork… most of them are available in multiple finishes.

Gallery and Picture Lights

01: natural brass picture light // 02: advent nickel picture light // 03: classic bronze picture light // 04: direct wire slim line picture light // 05: solid brass picture light // 06: dublin picture light // 07: large scale sign light // 08: cabinet maker picture light // 09: jonathan adler picture light

In case you’re on the hunt for something to put below these light fixtures, shop a tiny roundup of my favorite art below, or look back at our 2-D artist spotlight posts (here and here)!

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