13 Neutral Baskets for Any Decor Style

Basket in Entryway

Sometimes the word basket makes me think of bad Longaberger collections, but gone are the days of ugly decorative baskets. There are so many great modern versions and they have a multitude of purposes. I wanted to compile 13 of my favorite neutral baskets that are well suited from any decor style.

13 Neutral Baskets for Any Decor Style

01: small jute floor basket // 02: large felt basket // 03: raffia round basket // 04: natural woven basket // 05: extra large striped storage bin // 06: eyelash fringe basket // 07: large seagrass baskets // 08: large wire basket // 09: lattice floor bin // 10: sisal peace black basket // 11: indigo storage bin // 12: stark rattan basket // 13: large round woven basket

Obviously, many people use them to store blankets or throws, tuck toys out of the way, and as waste baskets, but there are so many other possibilities.

Toy Basket

In the winter, leave them near your hearth filled with firewood. In the spring, fill them with your favorite plants. Leave one at your entryway for umbrellas. They’re really great for styling- even smaller scaled versions can enhance your shelfie game. The list goes on…

Plant in Basket

I’m definitely planning to add a bunch of plants to my baskets this month! For more options, shop the post.

As seen on the Interior Collectiveimages via: image one // image two // image three

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