March Moodboard

This is a rare view of our basement. I hardly ever show this space because we have yet to touch it, but the lowest level in our home has SO much potential. I love that it has decent sized windows and doesn’t feel like a dark, dreary space like basements typically do. Emmett and I actually spend a lot of time down here… lounging, puzzling, watching our favorite TV shows, and generally just taking it easy. The space even has a kitchen! Someday- when we’re ready to tackle the basement renovation, it’s going to be FUN… but in the meantime, I figured I’d snap a shot of how our sofa currently looks (if you’re new around here- this was our previous living / family room). I added some new throw pillows and they’ve inspired this month’s moodboard. Click through to see what I’m loving this March.

As soon as one of my favorite textile companies announced a new partnership, I watched like a hawk for the collection to make the debut. Scalamandre teamed up with The Inside to launch affordable furniture and decor using their iconic prints. Lately I’ve really been feeling the desert / safari / animal print vibe… perhaps I’m in a wild mood. I’m specifically liking the lighter & brighter variations as opposed to the traditional orange hued animal prints we’re used to seeing. These khaki, off-white tones feel a bit more “tame” (for an animal print) and are easy to pair with any aesthetic… plus, they’re great for spring since they don’t feel as heavy!

Click directly on my finds below to be redirected to the source.

01: cream leopard pillow pair // 02: iconic leopard wallpaper // 03: animal print accent chair // 04: skirted storage ottoman // 05: zebra print woven rug // 06: silver leopard rug // 07: animal print rug // 08: zebra print pillow // 09: zebra print chair // 10: leopard print jewelry box // 11: snow leopard faux throw

If animal print still seems a little scary to you, sprinkle it throughout your home with an accessory here or there! Otherwise, if you’re brave and can fully commit- look how amazing an entire wallpapered room turned out below…

March Moodboard : Light & Bright Animal Print -
source : laura design company

Is that not the sweetest little girl’s room? I feel like the wallpaper is sophisticated enough for any setting- but it really helps this space feel balanced and not quite as juvenile. I’m trying to think of more ways to add it to my own house! Perhaps a rug or stair runner?

March Moodboard : Light & Bright Animal Print -
source : apartment therapy

I do think it’s incredibly fun! I also vowed to go bold in this house… that doesn’t have to only manifest in the form of color- I think pattern is equally as fierce. Would you also embrace your wild safari side in an interior setting? What do you think of my new pillows in the basement? I think they’re so fun!

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  1. What??! Those Scalamandre pillows are killer! My lottery dream purchase is something in their Le Tigre velvet…😍 And I’ve never heard of The Inside; their goods look beautiful and unbelievably priced. I adore every single item on this mood board. I’m a fan of the traditional animal print color ways too, but these gray-greens and funky off-colors are really appealing. Yes to stair runners! Yes to wallpaper! (maybe in your office??) Ha. This is more excited than I anticipated being on a Tuesday. Thanks for the inspiration, as always!

    1. Aren’t they fun?! I’m loving the pillows… and I would also love to have something in their Le Tigre velvet- it’s stunning! I can’t wait to play around with a stair runner once it comes time to renovate the entryway. When house hunting, I fell in love with a home that had a zebra stair runner (we actually put in an offer and lost), but Emmett thought I was crazy. The homeowners had leopard before the zebra. It was a cool place but didn’t need much work. I’m thinking I’ll have to sell him on the animal print idea. Haha!

  2. I know this is super random, but I cannot for the life of me figure out how to take a picture of my living room like you do, without the windows behind the furniture completely white-ing out the photo! Any tips or can u share the aperture you use? Or setting?

    1. It all depends on the lighting, your camera, your lens, the environment, etc… I wish there were an easy answer. I shot this one on my Nikon 55mm lens at 5.6 with a slower shutter speed (10-20). I highly recommend camera classes- it’s the best way to learn your way around an SLR :)

  3. I’m crazy about the Safavieh rug! I had no idea Target sold this brand. I’m really enjoying your blog—have gone down the rabbit hole this morning.

    1. Me too! I loved that one. Thanks so much for reading and for following along, Joan. Have a great day! xox

  4. While I like and even have a few *offbeat* animal prints (i.e.deerskin, antelope) I just will never get past my association of cougar/maneater for leopard/cheetah/zebra prints whether light or dark. #6 is nice with the dashes but all the other choices here, I’m so sorry but nope, I can’t!

    1. I feel like it’s either a love or hate type of pattern, but I’m intrigued! What is this cougar / man-eater phenomena you speak of? Like a human prey situation? Or a hunting a thing? I’m just curious. Regardless- I think people should only fill their homes with things that make them happy and if specific animal prints are a source of negativity for you, then don’t even go there :) I’ll share my personal example… most people love butterflies- I am terrified of them (lepidopterophobia), so you’ll never see a piece of butterfly art or fabric in my house. Weird, I know… but hey- you like what you like, and you don’t what don’t! xox

      1. I can’t stop laughing! I think she means cougar/man-eater in the older-lady-“hunting”-younger-men sense. :) No shame in not liking butterflies… I’m that way with spiders, even at Halloween. But I do love these neutral animal prints – they’re a refreshing, lightened-up take on a classic and far more versatile, in my opinion. Beautiful moodboard, as always!

        1. HA!! That would make SO much more sense. lol! Clearly I watch too much Planet Earth & Discovery channel. Haha! Thanks Julie :) xox

  5. Love the new pillows. I love anything safari looking. I have several pillows with animal prints and I also love my horse painting and cowhide rug which can be a little on the “safari” side too.