July Moodboard

white doorsWe’ve officially reached the middle of summer and temperatures have been HOT, HOT, HOT. Although I am always drawn to bright airy neutrals, the warmer temperatures have me thinking more about these light colors (anything to help stay cool). By simply mixing a variety of textures in the same hue, you can create an interesting and cool feeling throughout your home.

Room for Tuesday July Moodboard01: tassel lidded basket // 02: soy candle // 03: fray pillow // 04: eyelashes dish // 05: floor lamp // 06: beach print // 07: woman print // 08: tube pendant light // 09: watering can // 10: parisian bar cart // 11: notebook // 12: throw // 13: coasters

This month I am especially loving the tassel lidded basket and calypso coasters. The basket is perfect for styling your shelves and the added lid provides the extra storage you need to hide items you like to keep out of sight. I spotted the watering can during a recent trip to IKEA of all places. It’s stylish and under $10 – a great resource for all you house plant lovers. I also will be adding that fray pillow to my living room collection soon. What are your favorite items from this month’s moodboard? Enjoy these last few months of summer…fall is coming, friends!

image via Tracey Ayton Photography

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