Roundup : Greek Key Decor

Roundup : Greek Key Decor - roomfortuesday.comHow was your holiday?! I hope everyone had a fun and relaxing long weekend. We had a wonderful time in California, and I’m working on putting together a recap for you right now, because the place we stayed was incredibly charming and picturesque. I think you’ll enjoy seeing it. As for today’s post, let’s chat all things greek key! This is one of my favorite classic patterns that I feel will never go out of style. When I was compiling this roundup and pulling images, I realized just how often this timeless pattern shows up throughout my home. It’s definitely a go-to for me. Click through for my favorite recent finds and inspiration on using greek key throughout your home in a variety of ways! 

Roundup : Greek Key Decor - roomfortuesday.comOne of my favorite ways to insert greek key is through appliqué or trim. I think it looks really elegant lining the edge of drapery panels, a shower curtain, a skirted piece of furniture, or applied to cushions.

Roundup : Greek Key Decor - roomfortuesday.comI also love it in an embossed type of application… think of intaglios, planters with a decorative edge, stamped or engraved into a piece of furniture, or installed in a more subtle way. I think I found the above planter at HomeGoods for a great price, but it was the greek key pattern that sold me on that piece. It has a way of dressing up the ordinary.

Roundup : Greek Key Decor - roomfortuesday.comReady to see some of my finds? Click directly on the items to be redirected to the source- or use the numbered links below the collage to shop…

01: ribbon // 02: outdoor mat // 03: mirror // 04: trash can // 05: ceiling medallion // 06: bedding set // 07: coaster set // 08: side table // 09: monogram mat // 10: curtain // 11: pillow // 12: hurricane // 13: area rug // 14: throw blanket

I tried to include pieces of all price points and styles in this one. Some are more bold, while others include a more subtle rendition of greek key. I also made #7 larger than life so you could actually see the detail- but those are coasters… and they’re very affordable. Ha! I’d love to hear your favorites.

Roundup : Greek Key Decor - roomfortuesday.comThe greek key pattern doesn’t have to be repeated either… the vintage tables that flank my living room sofa have a fun metal greek key detail that makes them feel more special, in a smaller way. Have you ever noticed that detail?

Roundup : Greek Key Decor - roomfortuesday.comI’m guessing some of you also remember the hallway in our previous home… I actually bought that same runner again for our Tuesday Made office because we have an extra long hallway! The border is so good. PS: I know I owe you an office tour. I just need to finish it!

Roundup : Greek Key Decor - roomfortuesday.comSpeaking of Tuesday Made, of course I also created a custom greek key pillow for our shop! It was one of the first fabrics I purchased. I think it looks great year round- no matter the season. I’m all about decor that feels timeless no matter the date or time of year.

Roundup : Greek Key Decor - roomfortuesday.comDo you have any greek key patterns in your home? Do you like that particular pattern? If not, what is your go-to pattern? Aside from greek key, I often rely on stripes, animal prints, subtle geometric patterns, florals, and toile.

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  1. Good morning and welcome back! The IG glimpses of your trip looked magical; I can’t wait to hear more about it! As to the business of this fine Tuesday morning, I love greek key! (Full disclosure, I can’t think of a pattern I dislike…) I especially appreciate its versatility. Not only can the size be varied, but the orientation and number of keys provides for an array of looks. Even a simple border can have numerous iterations! I actually own the doormat (#2) from your roundup for our entry-classic with a dash of pizzazz. I would happily acquire any of the items you’ve featured! I’m wracking my brain for a spot to put that cute drum table, and the cashmere throw is glorious! The coasters add a subtle tone-on-tone, and I’m really attracted to the greek key in a circular form! Now you’ve got me scheming of where to add some greek key trim…lampshade, tablecloth… (The Etsy link also had me exploring greek key jewelry! Uhoh.) Thanks for a beautiful beginning to this short September week!💜

    1. Thank you, thank you! It was really wonderful to get away and escape to cooler moody weather. I hope you had a relaxing weekend, too! I think Greek key is such a versatile pattern because it can be repeated, applied in a border, and it ranges from subtle to bold. I also feel like it easily blends with any aesthetic. A win on all fronts! Great points, Peggi :) I love that you have the doormat! Ooohhh, a lampshade would be really fun! Here’s to a wonderful short, September week… how is it already September?!!

  2. Morning! This is so exciting, I’ve been loving greek key lately! Those coasters are *chef’s kiss* and god help my budget, but I think I NEED that throw blanket… the fact that Williams Sonoma will monogram it is dangerous for me!

    I’ve noticed that H&M Home has a lot of greek key (or greek key reminiscent) pieces in their Classic Collection too… Now I’m with Peggi and on the hunt for a greek key tablecloth!

    Happy September, I hope you’re feeling rested and relaxed after your anniversary trip! <3

    1. Right?! I thought the blanket was amazing, too. Monograms are also my weakness. Any personalized detail feels so special to me! I’ll have to check out the H&M collection- thanks so much for sharing! Ooooh, you all have me dreaming of a greek key table cloth or runner now. Happy September, Carly! It was a lovely trip and I hope you had a relaxing weekend as well! xo

  3. You’re trip looked glorious, and I’m excited to hear all about it. Welcome back! As for the Greek key-is there any pattern more classic and splendid? I can’t think of another pattern that suits my fancy in all iterations. My favorites from this roundup are the hurricane, the curtain panels, that gorgeous ceiling medallion, and the Tuesday Made pillows of which I have long been a #1 fan. I’ve often thought about ordering them because I love them so much, but with a darker sectional I’ve long been on the hunt for a lighter version like the example further up in the post. I could go on forever about how much I love this pattern-thank you for rounding up some of your favorites! Cheers to a productive week! Xo

    1. Thanks Lauren! It was so nice to get into cooler weather and check out! I hope you had an equally as wonderful long holiday weekend :) Greek key will forever be my favorite classic pattern or appliqué detail. It just adds a little extra pizazz. Cheers to a productive week ahead, indeed! xox