Giant Roundup : Kitchen Accessories & Utensils

Kitchen Utensils You Can Actually Leave OutYou guys know I’m a bit of a minimalist when it comes to the kitchen, but it has to be functional! I actually prefer a ‘lived in’ look when it’s organized. I don’t love lots of appliances on the countertop, but I do know how important it is to have the tools you use on a daily basis within reaching distance. If you’re the type of person who prefers to keep your utensils out for easy access, rather than in a closed drawer, this post is for you! Click through to see a GIANT roundup of my favorite utensils and tools: spoon rests, utensil holders, cutting boards, magnetic knife strips, paper towel holders, salt & pepper shakers… the whole nine yards!

It’s easy to end up with lots of visually unappealing kitchen items. I got a lot of hand-me-downs from my family, and inherited all of my dad’s kitchen utensils when he passed away. Obviously, I was super thankful at the time, but now I’ve come to realize that these mismatched odds and ends sit on my countertop 24/7 and they’re a bit of an eyesore (not to mention, used well beyond their prime). It made me think… why did I wait so long to get items I actually like looking at on a daily basis.

Spoon RestI will say, the exception to this (upgrading or donating kitchen tools) is the wooden pieces- spoons, cutting boards, etc. Those are the items you want to hang onto forever! I’ve got a soft spot for wooden spoons. The weirder the shape, the better! Check out 60(!) practical kitchen tools below, that are just as pretty to look at as they are functional.

Kitchen UtensilsP A P E R   T O W E L   H O L D E R S    01: wood & marble paper towel holder // 02: leather & brass paper towel holder // 03: marble paper towel holder // 04: freestanding paper towel holder // 05: carrara paper towel holder // 06: wall mount paper towel holder // 07: magnetic paper towel holder // 08: olive wood paper towel holder // 09: acrylic paper towel holder // 10: classic wall mount paper towel holder


S P O O N   R E S T S    11: brass spoon rest // 12: textured spoon rest // 13: white marble spoon rest // 14: metro black spoon rest // 15: slate spoon rest // 16: carter spoon rest // 17: olive wood spoon rest // 18: porcelain spoon rest // 19: cobalt spoon rest // 20: french marble spoon rest


U T E N S I L   H O L D E R S    21: brass utensil holder // 22: porcelain utensil holder // 23: utensil holder with handle // 24: striped utensil holder // 25: basic utensil holder // 26: black marble utensil holder // 27: matte white utensil holder // 28: concrete utensil holder // 29: acacia utensil holder // 30: textured utensil holder // 31: french marble utensil holder // 32: ceramic utensil holder // 33: black utensil crock


S A L T   &   P E P P E R   S H A K E R S    34: acacia salt & pepper mills // 35: textured salt & pepper shakers // 36: brass shaker set // 37: gold salt & pepper set // 38: basic salt & pepper shakers // 39: terrier salt & pepper shakers // 40: motif salt & pepper set // 41: 1960s salt & pepper shakers // 42: neutral salt & pepper set


C U T T I N G   B O A R D S    43: rachel ray cutting board // 44: general chopping board // 45: marble and wood serving board // 46: cutting board // 47: brass inlay cheese board // 48: basic cutting board // 49: non slip cutting board // 50: long cutting board // 51: wooden cutting board // 52: mango wood cheese board // 53: sicily cutting board // 54: marble and wood cutting board


M A G N E T I C   K N I F E   S T R I P S    55: knife holder // 56: magnetic knife bar // 57: magnetic slate knife strip // 58: basic utensil rack // 59: magnet knife strip // 60: magnetic wood knife holder

Salt and Pepper ShakersI know that was a lot! But you really can’t have one without the other, right? A magnetic knife strip leads to a cutting board, etc. I’m a big fan of making the most of my countertop space and keeping a tidy, organized kitchen. It’s much less work if you’re able to leave most of these items on top of your countertop in their designated spot. I’m pretty sure if you have dogs or kids (or are a human being), you leave paper towels out all the time. It’s just how it goes. Kitchens don’t look like a perfectly styled magazine in real life, but having tools that you like and appreciate make a big difference in the day-to-day.

Stack cutting boards in the corner, wash knives and return them to the magnetic strip, leave the spoon rest on the range with the salt and pepper close by. It’s all part of having a lived in kitchen.

Utensil HolderHow many of you leave things like utensils, paper towels, and cutting boards out on the countertop 24/7? I’m honestly curious! If you don’t, hopefully this post will provide a little inspiration and encourage you to go for it…. LIVE in it.

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  1. Leah Prevost says:

    Yes, they are out on our countertops! Along with mail and my son’s school papers and whatever else. Even when I clean it all up and the kitchen looks nice my husband and son make it look “lived in” pretty fast lol. But that’s ok. That’s life 😁

    1. That is totally life and I’m ok with that! xo

  2. Sallyr168@sky.comy says:

    I understand the rationale of ‘getatability’, but the only thing that makes it into a permanent ‘out’ spot in my kitchen is the kitchen roll (on a nice vertical stand) as anything more just makes me twitchy – hugely easier to wipe down totally empty surfaces as well!