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You guys know I’m a major animal lover, especially dogs! My first pet post was pretty popular, so I’ve kept pet-friendly content in the lineup ever since. You also know I go to the extreme in finding dog items that are also aesthetically pleasing (remember Finn’s custom dog bed?) Most of the time it’s difficult to disguise pet areas in your home and they can be a real eyesore. I decided to embrace the “pet space” and just own it for what it is.

Room for Tuesday | Waggo

The first few months of having a puppy, I crammed toys, blankets, leashes, and an eating area into our mudroom… and it looked exactly like you would expect: a disaster. It was the first thing guests would see when entering my home. Not to mention, pets make messes. They spill food and water, destroy toys, all while shedding (luckily, Finn is hypo-allergenic and sheds minimally). It’s all part of having a pet and we love them regardless, but it wasn’t an ideal setup for a good first impression. I’m so much happier with this new corner devoted specifically to Finn.

This spot houses his doggie-related stuff, so I wanted to design it accordingly. I used a small space in our spare room that ended up being a perfect fit. Everything has a place, it’s out of the way and in a low traffic area in our home. The first thing I wanted to find: ceramic dog bowls. In a hurry, we initially purchased standard plastic (aka, ugly) feeders that didn’t meet my standards. I gladly traded them for these dipped dog dishes.

Room for Tuesday | Waggo

This room contains an architectural element that kind of looks like a bench seat; it hides the pitch of our basement stairs. It’s a neat little ledge that was purposeless before. I styled it with books and dog-related items such as treats, leashes, a vintage door stop and vintage schnauzer bookends. I’m always on the lookout for vintage schnauzer goods (weird new obsession)!

Room for Tuesday | Waggo

I wanted to keep the focal point low, like a dog is the occupant. It’s such a fun concept! I started thinking about art and just as I began to mount it at eye level, I decided it should be installed eye level to Finn instead. He gets his own mini gallery wall, filled with schnauzer art. Ha! Not that he would care, because he’s a dog and animals clearly don’t care about art… but I care and wanted to go for it, so that’s how it came to exist.

Room for Tuesday | Waggo

Room for Tuesday | Waggo

Can you sense Finn’s excitement for his new doggie headquarters? He might look unenthusiastic, but I’m really the happy one in this scenario. His new corner feels intentional and is actually more practical.

Room for Tuesday | Waggo

Here’s a few takeaways when styling a space for your pet: think about functionality, choose an appropriate space, source quality items that are also visually appealing (they look better and last longer), and keep your personal style in mind. Here are a few of my favorite neutral items from Waggo that would look great in any space! I’d love to fill that treat jar (#04) with these.


01: placemat  /  02: ceramic dog bowl  /  03: striped bed  /  04: ceramic treat dish

Addition: I’ve had a few questions about the dog dish stands. You’ve probably noticed, Finn is big. Really big. He’s a giant schnauzer and is still growing. Part of the challenge is finding items that accommodate his needs based on his size. For large breeds, it’s best to elevate their bowls. I came up with a quick little DIY and flipped these wood serving bowls upside down to use as a base. If you want to secure the bowls to the base, use a router to engrave a circle for the bowls to nest in, or you can use a velcro circle or glue to adhere. This glue is A++.

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  1. Love this! our pups are totally spoiled. i had my dad weld some awesome food bowl stands for my bloodhound and pointer! where did you get that rug? i love it!

    1. Ha! They totally are. A day in the life of our dogs… I can only imagine ;) Your food bowls sound awesome. We’re about to post a marble dog feeder DIY on the blog next week, so stay tuned! You can find the rug here. Thanks, Allison! xo

  2. Hi there I’m just wondering where the striped rug is from? Thank you

    1. Hi Jaimee! The striped rug can be found here.

  3. Just want to say that I had a Giant Schnauzer (black) named Frank. He passed away last summer and we’ve been waiting for the right time to get a new pup. It’s been a hard transition losing him. How can a dog that size with so much personality not leave a giant sized void when they’ve passed over the rainbow bridge? Any way we will be welcoming a new pup in a couple of months (Wirehaired Pointing Griffon) and will be naming him Finn. ☺️ Saw your blog while looking up ideas for the arrival of our new pup and it made me tear up a bit seeing your Finn and coincidentally us soon welcoming our Finn after our Giant. Thanks for your post! Made my day.

    1. Hi Kim, you made my day with this post! Giants have the biggest personalities and I can totally relate the hole they leave in your heart. I was a mess after we lost Finn. This is such a wonderful tribute and it truly made my day. Thank you so much for sharing and enjoy this next chapter with your Finn! I know he will be so well loved. xox

  4. Where can I find the basket?

    1. The basket came from IKEA years ago :)

  5. Alison Saucier says:

    I completely relate to the obsession with schnauzer goods! So I MUST ask, who is the artist on the larger piece of art? Thank you for this post, I just loved reading it!

    1. I actually painted that one :)

      1. I am in complete awe right now!! It is darling!

  6. Love this! Where did you get the risers the dog bowls are sitting on?

    1. Sarah Gibson says:

      Thank you! Those were actually old oversized wood bowls I found at Target back in the day.