Finn Gets a New Dog Bed…Again


You might remember when Kalyn and I first introduced Finn and I made him an adorable buffalo check dog bed… that lasted all of two weeks. Four beds later, I’m hoping his destructive puppy phase is over. After six months of “bedlessness”, if that’s a thing, we’re giving it another shot. Being a new interior designer, I’ve discovered the perks. I have about a million fabric swatches at my fingertips.

I selected a gorgeous Osborne & Little fabric that is incredibly durable, at 100,000 rubs, indestructible, we hope. I found some really cheap rectangular foam inserts online that helped to stretch my fabric budget. This time around, I had someone else do the sewing. Don’t get me wrong, I love sewing and I love projects… but lately I’ve been so busy and I can barely fit in time to blog. One of my favorite aesthetic features of this bed- I had the fabric reversed on the edges and requested a cognac leather contrast welt to all seams. What do you think? I love the overall look! Apparently, Finn does too.


I mean… just look at that cute face! How could this sweet schnauzer ever try to destroy such an amazing bed? Fingers crossed. I suppose our adventure begins now, as in what Kalyn and I are calling “bed patrol”. We can’t quite trust him alone with the bed. Here’s to hoping this one lasts more than a couple months- more like years. If anyone has a giant schnauzer, please do share tips!


As for the blog, let’s both hope this is the last dog bed post you’ll see in a long time. Hah!

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  1. Adorable Sarah and I love the bed too!

  2. Stephanie says:

    I love schnauzer and Finn is stunning ! He’s adorable