Cozy and Classic Blankets & Throws

Cozy and Classic Blankets & Throws - roomfortuesday.comIt’s no secret that I’m a fan of soft, timeless textiles. They’re easy to style and snuggle, they add warmth to your home (visually and physically), and they’re one of the most functional interior accessories you can buy. Blankets and throws are one of those home items that I tend to hoard or stock pile because they’re simple to switch out seasonally, they’re just super useful, and they make great gifts. Almost every year I’ve shared a roundup of some sort and thought as we’re heading into winter and the holiday season, it was time to compile my favorite comforting blankets & throws… all of which aren’t going out of style anytime soon! Click through to check out these classic options… 

Cozy and Classic Blankets & Throws - roomfortuesday.comI’m partial to luxe materials like wool, cotton, mohair, alpaca, and linen, but really anything that is super soft, has a nice hand, drapes easily, and is ideal for snuggling is a win in my book. Some of the blankets and throws in our home are over 15 years old! I was serious when I said I like to keep and stockpile them.

Cozy and Classic Blankets & Throws - roomfortuesday.comClick directly on the blankets & throws to be redirected to the source- or use the numbered links below the collage to shop… not all are clickable in this one.

01: cotton plaid throw // 02: faux fur throw // 03: navy tartan throw // 04: ava light grey throw // 05: chunky knit blanket // 06: faux mink throw // 07: spice tartan throw // 08: striped throw // 09: milo alpaca throw // 10: natural throw // 11: neutral plaid throw // 12: hermes avalon blanket // 13: border herringbone throw // 14: stratton alpaca throw // 15: ashland throw // 16: buffalo check throw // 17: ivory mink throw // 18: samantha blanket // 19: cotton throw  // 20: ruched navy throw // 21: color block throw // 22: faux fur blanket // 23: windowpane throw

I’d love to hear your favorites from the collage! Which ones are you gravitating toward? Lately I’ve been on a major tartan, plaid, and buffalo check kick (if you couldn’t already tell, judging by the items in my shop).

Cozy and Classic Blankets & Throws - roomfortuesday.comThese traditional patterns (plaid, checks, stripes, windowpane, etc) are my favorite and they feel very timeless me… for fall, winter, and the holiday season ahead- these are all throws I enjoy styling in my home this time of year.

Cozy and Classic Blankets & Throws - roomfortuesday.comDo you have a favorite pattern when it comes to blankets and throws, or do you prefer to stick with solids? I enjoy mixing both in the same room to balance each other.

Cozy and Classic Blankets & Throws - roomfortuesday.comThe texture and softness is another big element I’m picky about when it comes to throw blankets. In the design industry, we call it “the hand”. If you hear someone say, that fabric has a good hand- that just means it feels nice.

Cozy and Classic Blankets & Throws - roomfortuesday.comVersatility is something else I consider before buying new blankets and throws. What is the cut like? Sometimes I prefer a smaller size, so it can have multiple uses- a travel blanket, an oversized scarf, a wrap, etc. I also think smaller sizes are easier to style. Occasionally, I’ll opt for a really large blanket… especially if I’m styling it on a bed. It really just depends on the use!

Cozy and Classic Blankets & Throws - roomfortuesday.comA good, well made blanket or throw never goes out of style! I hope this post got your wheels turning or makes you appreciate your existing go-to blankets. As we enter the coziest season of all, these are the home items I’m reaching for… then again, it has been snowing here. Ha! Have a great day, friends!

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  1. Good morning! Give me all the wool throws! The rains have started here, and even though we still haven’t had a hard frost, the damp and wind is plenty chilling! I adore all of the plaids and checks; I was just ogling the selection in your shop the other day. I love the idea of a slightly smaller size that can double as a scarf or wrap. Once the cold really settles in, you won’t find me leaving the house without being swathed in an extra comforting layer of wool or cashmere! They’re outside my usual palette, but I am into the rusty tones of 7 and 16. I also really love the heavily textured examples like 4, 5 and 15. Not going to lie, I find the pettable faux furs pretty fun, too. (Although, maybe not as warm?) Honestly, they’re all lovely! Sumptuous wool blankets and my heavenly Woodland candle will be my prime winter protection! Here’s to all the cozy things!💜🥶

    1. We had a lot of rain this week too, Peggi! It turned to snow flurries for a bit and whatever stuck to the ground as moved on today. It was fun for a minute though! I’ve been really into the rusty and cinnamon hues lately- I decided to roll with that for my holiday decor this year. I’m excited about it! Speaking of planning ahead- I can’t wait to see your epic Thanksgiving tablescape :) I know you’ve been scheming for awhile now and it’s sure to be cool. We have a couple of the faux fur throws and those are Emmett’s favorite. They’re actually really heavy! I’m ready to start burning my Woodland candle. As soon as October is over and Warmth runs out, I’m making the switch. Bring on November & December. Hope you had an amazing day!! xo

  2. Good Morning 🌞
    Your whole lineup of throws would work with my aesthetic here so it hard to choose but if money was no object that Hermès throw would be stunning on my Midnight blue sectional sofa 😍 Ha! A girl can dream 💓 I change up my accent pillows and throws every season so I love to have a variety of colors, materials and patterns on hand. I too love checks and plaids but my favorite patterns are herringbone, houndstooth, stripes and of course windowpane. The furniture in my home is jewel toned so I love to pair burnt sienna, camel, and deep rich colors this time of year. I also love mixing textures so faux fur, wool, and velvety soft blankets that I can cuddle up with are my jam. And my pup Lorrie is still loving the beautiful blanket I purchased last year from your shop with the adorable dog print ❤️ The blanket is actually stunning on my sofa, ottoman and slipper chair but of course Lorrie loves to cuddle with it anywhere ☺️ I should send you a few pics.
    Great line up of blankets/throws as we head into cooler weather. The comfort of a warm blanket on a cool evening is the best ❤️ Paired with a lovely red wine of course ❤️ 🍷 😝
    Have a beautiful day!

    1. I feel like we’re always on the same design page, Colleen :) I have been searching for a vintage Hermés throw since forever, and have had zero luck. I’ve got an eBay alert set too, but they’re always SO expensive. I have no idea why I want one so bad. I think I’ll have to settle for a framed silk scarf. Haha! I love hearing that Lorrie is still loving the blanket- I wanted to grab one of those for our house and they sold out. Those were my favorite!! It feels very Ralph Lauren and has such a timeless look. I’m all about cuddling and getting cozy with blankets. You’re speaking my language with the red wine, too. Ha! I hope you had a wonderful day, Colleen! xo

  3. If I’m a hoarder of anything, besides cookie cutters and cats (3 are SO much more work than 1, especially when 2 are kittens!!!) of course, it would be throws. Total weakness for them, too. Every time I’m actually shopping in Target, instead of just buying online and picking up, I have to avoid the whole textile section so I won’t be tempted! Like you, I’m a fan of different textures and sizes for different uses. I’m definitely drawn to anything with a good hand (learned something new today, thank you!), but find my weakness is for chunky knit that has beautiful textures and feels like wrapping myself in a cozy sweater. Although it can be tough to find ones that don’t pill it seems. Since we lack storage space in the condo, too I’ve really had to reign it in, but I still have drawers full of my favorites that I just can’t get rid of and that also let me change them up depending on the season.
    I’ve been woefully offline this month with cookies and said cats keeping me plenty busy, but now that we’re back from Cabo, I’m hoping to be a more faithful reader and commenter. AND I need to get my butt over to Tuesday Made to check out the throw selection and of course, candles. I hope to do a lot more shopping “locally” this holiday season (can’t wait for your gift guides!), even more than past years, thanks to the supply chain delays. Can’t believe it’s already been snowing there!!! I’m ready for allllll the snow! Maybe it will this weekend while we’re there to take the nephews trick or treating! Hope you’re having a great last week of October, Sarah!!

    1. Haha!! I hear you on that, Anne! You cats (and cookies) are SO cute. I love seeing them in my feed. I also love a throw that envelopes me like a cozy sweater. My favorites are always the super soft, warm, or bulky ones. I’d like to they’re a good investment because they’re so practical. Emmett always says if our power goes out, we’ll be set- between all the blankets, throws, and candles, we’ll survive. Haha! I hope you had a lovely time in Cabo- that sounds incredible! I *just* started my gift guides this week, so I’m looking forward to sharing those soon. I’m trying to get them out early this year, thanks to supply chain issues. You’re going to be in SLC this weekend? I’m not sure where your nephews live, but if they’re nearby or in our neighborhood, bring them by for candy! We’re stocked up and ready for trick or treaters. I believe our neighborhood is doing theirs on the 30th (my bday), so there will also be cake. Lol! I hope you have a fun time with your family! xo

  4. I am right there with you Sarah, I love blankets and throws. Every single one of your blanket examples are beautiful! You have several in your shop that are great colors. The wool tartan plaid like 7 & 11 are my favorite. I think it is the fringe that I like too. 9, 10, & 23 are such classics and will go anywhere in my home. 17 would be great at the end of a bed in winter. We have several fur throws and love them. My son is guilty of stealing them. Last year I found him a fur blanket to fit his queen bed and he loves it.
    When I purchase a blanket, I have to make sure it is washable. My family drags them around or eats covered up in them some times. I learned my lesson the hard way once. I was surprised (and intrigued) that a couple of your throws are machine washable. Holidays are coming soon…need to put it down for Santa!
    Hope your Wednesday was good.

    1. Thank you so much Danna! I love all of your favorites. Emmett’s favorite throws are the faux fur ones- they’re so heavy and cozy! It’s easy to see why your son likes those, too. Ha! That’s an awesome gift- great idea! I hope you’re having a good week :) We’ve had lots of fun things this week, so it has been busy, but good- enjoying all the fall treats and festivities! xo

  5. Is there anything cozier than a throw? There actually is-an oversized throw! I love larger size throw blankets because I like to cocoon myself. Haha! In terms of style, I’m usually drawn to cable knit, anything with fringe, and interesting textures. When it comes to material I enjoy wool and cashmere the most. I’ve never tried mohair or alpaca throws, but they are on my radar for when I have a hankering. You already know I’m all about navy, the spiced or rusty oranges, and greens. Although I love neutral colors, I’m also drawn to marigold and mustards when it comes to throws. Something about a mustard throw that has a lovely chunky cable knit-I can’t resist. I’ve been drawn to tartan plaids the past few years when fall and winter rolls around, and every iteration of that in your shop is just a stupendous example. My favorites from your shop are 3 and 11, followed by 13 and 23. Number 5 has been on my target wish list for ages because the Casa Luna brand of bedding and throws is divine! We have the heavyweight linen duvet cover in sage from them, and let me tell you-it’s the absolute best quality and comfort I’ve ever experienced. One of these days I’ll get around to purchasing the king size throw to replace our plush one and add some texture to the room. I’m also quite drawn to number 1 and 15. You have me wishing for rain this morning-we’re getting cool winds currently, and very low overnight temps (for Ca). We have had a few scattered days of rain but nothing noteworthy so far. I hope the cooler weather is suiting your fancy Sarah-it’s birthday week for us! I didn’t realize yours is the day before mine. Cheers to another trip around the sun my friend! Xo

    1. I’m with you! I love a good blanket or throw! I’ve always been impressed the Casa Lunda brand… way to go, Target! I’m glad to hear you’ve also had a good experience. I hope you have the most amazing birthday weekend celebrating your birthday and Halloween! Yes- we’re *almost* birthday twins! Being Scorpios makes a lot of sense though- no wonder we became fast friends :) Cheers to another year! Let’s make it a great one. xox