Change is Good: Meet the Newest Team Member

As promised, big things are happening at Room for Tuesday. With my career becoming much busier, I decided it was time to add a member to the blog team. Two brains are better than one, plus it’s much more fun blogging with a friend! And you guys will receive double the content. It’s a win/win for everyone.

I’m excited for you to meet the newest Room For Tuesday co-author: Jacqueline. She launched a lifestyle blog in 2012 and has an amazing eye for fashion. She’s also taken a similar route to my own, in buying a home and taking the steps to update it a little at a time. I’m sure you’ll love her as much as I do. Want to know more about our decision to collaborate? Check out the updated About page for the full story. It includes fun little questions, so it’s worth a look.

But, for those of you who prefer the Cliff Notes version…

Here’s what’s happening: We’ll both be posting our favorite things, inspiration, and original content… similar to what you’re already seeing on Room For Tuesday. Some posts will be collaborations, while others will be published by either myself or Jacqueline; we’ll be sure to sign off at the end so you can identify who creates the content.

Follow along: I’ve also decided it’s time to become official. We now have Room for Tuesday social platforms, in addition to our personal accounts. Follow and like us on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter.

Check back often as we find inspiration and share our passion with you; we plan to have a lot of fun along the way and encourage you to do the same! And when I say fun, it’s no joke. As in celebratory dance party fun (proof during blog head shots). The real deal. So, join in and please welcome Jacqueline with open arms!



Here’s to learning, loving, doing, noticing the little things, embracing friendship and dreaming big.

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