Best of Etsy : Vintage Rugs

Best of Etsy : Vintage Rugs - roomfortuesday.comBecause I get so many questions about my vintage rugs, I figured it was about time to share another roundup. These always go really FAST, so if there is one you’re eyeing… jump on it! There are a bunch of great finds in this month’s Best of Etsy! I’m excited to share what I found. I even bought one from the mix… any guesses which one? 

Shop my finds by clicking directly on each rug below!

I’d recommend clicking into each swatch or color you’re loving… that’s really the best way to get a feel for the entire rug- as well as close up images, sizing, and pricing. I was so tempted to buy a bunch… I had to talk myself into only getting one, “you’re renovating Sarah- you have no room for extra rugs right now” ha! Please tell me I’m not the only one who does this.

Best of Etsy : Vintage Rugs - roomfortuesday.comI honestly would be happy if we had a vintage rug in every single room… I still wouldn’t tire of them. They just have so much character!

Best of Etsy : Vintage Rugs - roomfortuesday.comI realize only a portion of our living room rug is showing in the above photo, but I HAD to share this image of puppy Crosby posted up on the couch. You’re welcome, you’re welcome! I still love that blue area rug though. It’s currently tucked away in the prop closet until I find the perfect spot for it.

Best of Etsy : Vintage Rugs - roomfortuesday.comIf you missed last week’s post on why you shouldn’t skip the rug pad, you HAVE to read that one. Installing a rug pad is necessary- especially for vintage rugs.

Best of Etsy : Vintage Rugs - roomfortuesday.comI’m headed to Phoenix in a couple days to visit Laurie Anne and makeover her master suite! It’s sort of a fun work trip. Anyway, I ordered a vintage rug for her bathroom as well… you’ll have to wait until the makeover reveal to see that one, but it’s a gorgeous green color! If anyone has any rug related questions, drop them in the comments below.

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  1. Hi Sarah, I’m guessing #26.


    1. Hi Ann! Close… although that one is stunning, I went for #7.

  2. So many lovely rugs! I really only have 2 spots left that might use a rug, but looking sure is fun. Have a blast in Phoenix! So many restaurants…and shopping…and hiking (if you get out EARLY). Can’t wait to see how Laurie Ann’s master suite turns out.
    Puppy Crosby!!!! Can you even believe he was that small?

    1. So many good ones! I’m excited for Arizona- I’m just afraid I’m going to melt. haha! I wish I were going in the fall or winter instead, but we’ll have fun regardless :) PUPPY CROSBY!! I can’t believe he was that small. It seems like yesterday Cash was dragging him around, tugging on their toy- now the tables have turned.

  3. Thanks so much for posting these! I’ve been idly looking for a new living room rug and just purchased #31- SUCH a gorgeous pattern and color scheme, plus it was the absolute perfect size. AND it was 50% off! Such a well-timed post :)

    1. This makes me SO happy Sarah! Really glad the roundup was useful and the rug went to a great home :) enjoy!! Mine just arrived yesterday. Can’t wait to roll it out!