Best of Etsy : The Candle Edition

etsy-holiday-candlesIn this month’s Best of Etsy post, I scoured the site for the scents of the season. Etsy sometimes gets a bad rep for hosting goods that look like a Pinterest fail (especially in the candle department)– but amongst the noise and less desirable products, there are so many gems from hardworking, amazingly talented folks who use quality materials. I’m sharing my favorite candles, all of which can be found on Etsy. They all have one thing in common… packaging that easily blends with your decor and looks anything but homemade. Click through to browse my finds, shop the post, and get started on your gifting.the-best-candles-on-etsy01: coriander tonka candle // 02: wild currant candle // 03: fig soy blend candle // 04: soy candle // 05: tobacco and black tea candle // 06: christmas tree candle // 07: bourbon and vanilla candle // 08: hush candle // 09: gold soy candle // 10: tobacco and tea candle // 11: cedar and vanilla candle // 12: hand poured candle // 13: leather soy candle // 14: black arrow candles // 15: gardenia soy candle // 16: holiday soy candle // 17: cabin soy candle // 18: oakmoss + leather candle // 19: candle making kit // 20: sweetgrass soy candle // 21: coffee house soy candle // 22: marble jar candle // 23: woodwick soy candle // 24: bonfire candle // 25: amber autumn candle // 26: fig candle // 27: amber and sandalwood candle // 28: firewood candle

I loved clicking through the entire roundup because the beautiful packaging was inspiring the print designer in me! Some of these candles have exquisite boxes that accompany them, while others include other fun packaging and gift wrap options. #12 comes from a shop that pours candles into vintage ceramics and glassware. After your candle is finished burning, you could totally reuse the vessels as decor. Many of these candles also feature wood wicks. I absolutely love the crackling sound they make while burning. I think it enhances the cozy factor when you can hear noise associated with fire.

etsy-holiday-gift-ideasI’m starting my Christmas shopping early this year (yep, I went there!), because I’m planning a stress-free holiday season. I’m going to enjoy it this time around rather than letting Christmas sneak up on me. These would make perfect, easy gifts for so many people on my list! Some of these candles wouldn’t even need wrapped because their packaging is so pretty. Since I’m out of state from most of my friends and family, it’s nice to ship gifts in advance.

holiday-gift-ideasI especially love burning candles through the cold months. I am waiting for the snow to hit the ground prior to lighting my newest ones. There’s something about the first snowfall, comfort food, and candles that gets me every season!

Processed with VSCO with c2 presetI also thought it would be fun to try my hand at making candles. This might be a good gift for the creative person on your list… a soy candle making kit! Wouldn’t that be a cool holiday tradition?

candle-making-kitAlright, let’s hear your favorites from the list, ones you’d like to try, or the scent you’d most likely gift. I sometimes struggle with choosing a scent for people I don’t know as well. Is there a scent that most people enjoy? On the contrary, is there a fragrance that most people dislike? I’m partial to masculine notes- leather, tobacco, coriander, etc. I’m not a fan of food scented candles- cinnamon roll, pumpkin, sugar cookie, etc. Whatever you preference, these candles will take you through fall into the cold winter, making your home feel and smell so cozy!

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  1. Ah! a candle making kit!! how fun! that would be a great activity for my niece when she visits!! love it and love this round up! all the candles are so beautiful! Thanks for the round up- this will make it easy for holiday purchases!!

    1. Yes!! I thought the kit could be really fun. I’m all about pretty candles as holiday gifts :) xo