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En Suite Bathroom

Onto the third and final post from the show house spaces- the en suite bath! This bathroom was attached to the bedroom I previously posted. It was in pretty rough shape, similar to the first bathroom we renovated. Check out the before and after images below.

Design: Vintage Scout Interiors | Photo: Sarah Gibson

Design: Vintage Scout Interiors | Photo: Sarah Gibson

The bath needed a little help, to say the least. Here’s how it looked before we started demo. Continue Reading


Renovation Run Down

Alright, guys! I don’t know why I didn’t think of this sooner, but a reader recommended sharing a renovation recap. I could totally see how it might be difficult to gage where we’re at in the process and what…


Budgeting and Creating a Renovation Plan

A reader asked if I would post about how we budgeted for our renovation. There’s really not an easy answer, but I’ll do my best to share how Emmett and I tackle each project and stay within budget. Budget is probably my least favorite…