April Moodboard

Denim in Living RoomEven though it’s only the first week of April, I can already tell what I’ll be gravitating toward this month! I really didn’t see this one coming, but I am totally loving the denim interior trend these days. It’s not denim like your typical stiff pair of jeans- but more of a linen look: textured, washed indigo. It’s not the tacky image you might’ve had in your head- I can tell you that much. Think of your favorite chambray tunic and imagine the same texture and feel on a beautiful and relaxed piece of upholstery. Images do the best job at describing the trend… take a look and shop my finds!

Denim SectionalYou know who is the queen of using denim to perfection?! Amber Lewis… that lady is a superstar genius when it comes to inserting this beloved fabric into an interior space. The actual color of denim can vary depending on the wash… from extremely light (almost white) to dark indigo. I’m feeling the medium wash lately… it’s a nice neutral, textured blue.

April Moodboard01: slipcovered sofa // 02: chambray planner // 03: bedding set // 04: denim pillow // 05: bar stool // 06: denim grid rug // 07: denim throw // 08: denim bedding // 09: denim duvet and shams // 10: mid century sofa // 11: dog bed // 12: rug // 13: denim bench

From the roundup, I’m gravitating toward the slipcovered loveseat (#1), that beautiful pillow (#4), the fringe throw (#7), and the piped dog bed (#11)- you know I love my fur babies!

Denim SofaThe nice thing about denim is it’s known for it’s durability. You can rest easy knowing it will holdup and withstand the test of time, kids, and pets. I also like that it’s a very casual fabric. My house has never been stuffy or formal, so I prefer decor and textiles that look more relaxed. Denim is pretty perfect in that type of atmosphere.

Denim in Living SpaceWhat do you guys think? Are you into the denim interior look or do you think it’s a little weird seeing your favorite clothing material in another application? Let’s hear your favorites from the roundup!

images : amber lewis

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  1. Leah Prevost says:

    I love It! I reupholstered a mid century chair about a year ago in a denim fabric that I absolutely adore! It cleans up easy, doesn’t show any stains, and goes with just about everything. And you are right, Miss Amber Lewis is the shit!

    1. Oooohhh!! Your mid century chair sounds amazing, Leah! And yes- Amber most certainly is! xoxo

  2. I LOVE the look….just can’t seem to source/find any denim sofas! :(