5 Holiday Hacks (An IG Story Recap)

5 Holiday Hacks (An IG Story Recap) - roomfortuesday.comHappy Friday, friends! If you’ve been following along on Instagram stories, you already know- I shared a different holiday hack every day this week. I figured to document and record my holiday hacks permanently, a blog post was in order… although you can also find them in the IG highlight titled “holiday 2019”, if you prefer video format. Whether you’re tidying up for holiday house guests, are hosting dinner or Christmas events, or are still perfecting your seasonal decor, hopefully these will help save you time and keep the season stress-free. Click through for a quick recap!

#1 // Think Outside The Box When Tree Decorating

5 Holiday Hacks (An IG Story Recap) - roomfortuesday.comHoliday decor can be expensive. Try thinking of regular decor you already own and how you can apply it to your holiday home. For example, instead of a tree skirt or tree collar, hide the base in a planter or basket… or use a faux fur throw or cable knit blanket to conceal the base. In addition to planters, baskets, and throws- I also like to use florals, feathers, wreaths, and ribbon to style my tree. Use what you already own and don’t be afraid to shop in non-holiday sections for your decor.

#2 // Winter Cleaning Made Easy

5 Holiday Hacks (An IG Story Recap) - roomfortuesday.comAlthough I am a BISSELL partner, this blog post is not sponsored. I’d rather spend my time enjoying the holidays with friends & family, rather than spending forever preparing for them (aka- cleaning before their arrival). My new favorite way to clean our floors this winter has been with my CrossWave Cordless Max 2-in-1 system. It vacuums and washes the floors at the same time, which saves me time! From muddy paw prints (thanks to the snow), to loose glitter & pine needles (thanks to holiday decor), I’m able to quickly clean our sealed hardwoods, tile, and refresh area rugs around our home… without getting the dogs tangled in a cord, because we all know they’re my shadows. Since we have so much snow outside and the yard is a muddy wet mess, this thing has seen a lot of action lately. Who else does a quick clean before guests show up? I always run around like a crazy lady!

#3 // Coffee Station That Doubles As a Hot Cocoa Bar

5 Holiday Hacks (An IG Story Recap) - roomfortuesday.comIf you’re hosting and have a coffee station in your kitchen, turn it into an easy hot cocoa bar! Swap out the coffee for cocoa ingredients, add a festive tea towel, some greenery, and style some sweets & toppings on your countertop, then call it good. Guests will be impressed and it feels very festive for minimal effort spent.

#4 // Stocking Slipcovers

5 Holiday Hacks (An IG Story Recap) - roomfortuesday.comI shared this post on the blog earlier in the season, and I’ve loved seeing so many of you make these (thanks for tagging me)! Rather than buying new stockings, if you want an updated look- make your own stocking “slipcovers”. It’s an easy hack for freshening your mantel without breaking the budget.

#5 // One Stop Holiday Shop

5 Holiday Hacks (An IG Story Recap) - roomfortuesday.comYou don’t have to make a bunch of stops to cross everything off your holiday to-do list… and nobody will be the wiser. I think of the grocery store as my “one stop shop” during the holidays. Trader Joe’s is my grocery of choice and it has everything I need for entertaining, easy gifts, and floral arrangements in a pinch. Check out this post for a video tutorial on creating professional looking floral arrangements using grocery store flowers. This post breaks down how I make an easy charcuterie board that is perfect for entertaining. As far as gifts go, I never show up to a party empty-handed, and TJ’s carries lots of fun seasonal things this time of year: potted plants, candles, festive baking mixes in jars, seasonal wine & beer (if you’re not in Utah), and more! If I’m in a hurry, rather than running around to a bunch of different places- I try to consolidate.

That wraps up my 5 holiday hacks lots of you watched on Instagram this week- thanks for checking them out. I hope some of these were helpful! Emmett and I are hopping a flight to Phoenix tonight to visit Laurie Anne for the weekend. We’re taking a much-needed break from renovating before it gets crazy stressful with Christmas (and deadlines) around the corner. Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

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  1. Holiday hacks, cookie swap…it’s getting festive up in here! I have even tarted up my house with extra twinkle lights! They’re actually just sprawled all over my kitchen counters and window sills, but I plan to bake cookies in my sparkly wonderland all weekend. Have a relaxing trip to AZ! It’s perfect weather for some of those amazing city hikes!

    1. I love hearing that, Peggi! Happy baking in your twinkly wonderland. We’ll definitely be hiking this weekend. A snowstorm is rolling into Salt Lake, so it will be nice to escape for some sunshine this weekend, then return home to a winter wonderland- just in time for Christmas. The best of both worlds!

  2. Always enjoy getting help to make things easier. I have tried several times to use a basket or metal bucket for our artificial trees (no real-allergy family) and can’t get them to work because of the base the tree comes with. Did you do something different or did the base of your tree fit in the white pot? I have stuffed towels in the bottom to keep the tree upright but wondered if there was a better way.
    Enjoy your trip! We have been getting beautiful weather (70’s) but do wish for snow and cold temps here in Texas!

    1. Great question, Danna! The bases on my current trees fit pretty well in containers, but for one tree I had in the past- I altered the base (or removed it) to make it fit. I usually rig it up with bubble wrap, weights, clamps, etc. I’d say if towels do the trick… you’re golden! :) Crossing my fingers a Christmas cold front rolls into Texas for you! xo

  3. Long time listener, first time caller, here! I love your blog and your style, and am just popping in to ask where the golden orbs in your lovely header image are from? They are *exactly* what I have been searching for!

    Anyway, I love posts that help break down design how-tos and hacks, and your blog is one of my favorites! :)

    1. Hi Lauren! Thanks for being a long time listener and for the sweet compliments ;) So happy RFT has been helpful for you over the years. You can find the brass orbs here: http://bit.ly/38COYJw