30+ Ideas for Interior Styling with Tassels

30+ Ideas for Interior Styling with Tassels - roomfortuesday.comHello, hello! How was your weekend? Ours was jam packed- I feel like I need another day (don’t we always?!), but I’m excited to be back with a fun blog post today… let’s talk tassels! Tassels are such an easy & inexpensive way to add an instant touch of texture, color, contrast, interest, and sophistication to a vignette. I’m a fan of styling with them- as you’ve probably noticed. This is something I actually started doing years ago, and now no room feels complete without a tassel styled somewhere in the space. They’re fun! I know there has been a lot of talk of “grand-millennial style” lately, and tassels definitely fall into that aesthetic. They’re the perfect way to add a touch of traditional glam without being too fussy. Click through for some inspiration and ideas! 

30+ Ideas for Interior Styling with Tassels - roomfortuesday.com

The tassels in my home that are the most noticeable (and asked about) are the larger ones hanging from our exterior / entry doors. Every French door in the house is accompanied by an oversized tassel. It was never my intention to do that, but I liked one so much, I decided to add another, and then another. I also mix them up occasionally… I currently have an oversized black tassel hanging on the door knob.

30+ Ideas for Interior Styling with Tassels - roomfortuesday.comI typically prefer contrast or a color difference when styling a tassel on a door knob, hanging in front of a door- whether it be interior or exterior. Tassels are so beautiful and I feel they easily get lost in monochromatic vignettes.

30+ Ideas for Interior Styling with Tassels - roomfortuesday.comDoor knobs are the easy or obviously place to style a tassel. I have plenty on our interior doors as well… like our guest bedroom, pictured below.

30+ Ideas for Interior Styling with Tassels - roomfortuesday.comHowever, door knobs aren’t the only place to style tassels in a home. I wanted to brainstorm lots of styling opportunities and ideas with you! I also enjoy these “thinking outside the box” exercises.

30+ Ideas for Interior Styling with Tassels - roomfortuesday.comFurniture is another natural place to hang a tassel, but in addition to hardware & door knobs- off the top of my head, here are some more ideas, areas, and ways to use them…

  1. Hang on an interior door knob.
  2. Style on cabinetry hardware.
  3. Hang one from a sconce.
  4. Use on a nightstand knob.
  5. Hang from an armoire.
  6. Style one on a floor lamp.
  7. Hang from a vase, urn, or ginger jar lid.
  8. Place one on the backside of a hook.
  9. Hang on an entryway / exterior access door knob.
  10. Style it flat in a tray, dish, or catchall for texture.
  11. Hang from a table lamp.
  12. Use one as a drapery tieback.
  13. Hang one from the bottom of a chandelier.
  14. Hang from a posted bed.
  15. Use on a curtain rod or finial.
  16. Style on the newel post at the bottom of stair railing.
  17. Attach to the corners of your favorite pillow.
  18. Use it as a roman shade pull.
  19. Tie one to the handle of a basket.
  20. Use on built-in or linen-closet hardware.
  21. Hang from a mirror.
  22. Style on the bracket or rail of a floating shelf.
  23. Place one on a bathroom vanity knob.
  24. Hang on a shower rod, layered over a shower curtain.
  25. Style from a piece of ornate art or a gallery light.
  26. Attach it to another piece of decor, like a vintage calligraphy brush.
  27. Hang a small tassel from a lidded canister.
  28. Use it as a finishing detail when gift wrapping (as part of the gift).
  29. Display it in a glass keepsake box.
  30. Style it inside a curio cabinet with other curiosities.

30+ Ideas for Interior Styling with Tassels - roomfortuesday.comLike everything, tassels are wonderful in moderation. I’m not saying you need a tassel in all of these places, but hopefully it can get your wheels turning if you’d like to incorporate a few into your home!

30+ Ideas for Interior Styling with Tassels - roomfortuesday.comA few months ago, I started sourcing handmade silk tassels for our shop, so most of the tassels you see throughout my home, are available at Tuesday Made. I’ll drop them below…

30+ Ideas for Interior Styling with Tassels - roomfortuesday.com

oversized black tassel // small sage taupe tassel // classic taupe tassel // small black tassel

30+ Ideas for Interior Styling with Tassels - roomfortuesday.comTassels are also great for emphasizing things- furniture, light fixtures, art, hooks, hardware, … whatever it may be. Add a tassel and suddenly something feels new, fresh, and acts as a focal point. It’s kind of a magic styling trick!

30+ Ideas for Interior Styling with Tassels - roomfortuesday.comYou may have also noticed lots of high-end, vintage, or antique furniture comes with accompanying tassels. My vintage Henredon bench in our guest room came with two front tassels. Knowing this, here is another trick… adding a tassel to your existing furniture can definitely help to make it feel more designerly or elevated… just by adding that extra layer.

30+ Ideas for Interior Styling with Tassels - roomfortuesday.comI also use tassels as a continuation of a color palette to tie a space or multiple rooms in a home together. They indicate what color you might discover behind a door and keep a strand of cohesion throughout a home. They’re truly a versatile accessory I enjoy using for a multitude of reasons.

30+ Ideas for Interior Styling with Tassels - roomfortuesday.comI’d love to hear if you have any tassels in your home, and how you style them? I hope this brainstorming post was fun and helpful! There are some many little styling tricks that add up to make a big impact and add interest in a home. Should I share more posts like this? Let me know if you enjoyed this one! I hope your week is off to a fantastic start.

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  1. When I cryptically declare that any tassels once living in my home disappeared several months ago, I’m sure you’ll solve that mystery in a flash. (*Jason*) Thankfully, they were simple, homemade ones, but I do sort of miss them! I’m thinking about what different styles their various iterations can evoke. Made from cotton or linen, tassels on rugs or pillows seem casual/tribal/boho. In other instances, they feel very feminine to me; Nicole at Making It Lovely has a beautiful pair of pink and brass tassel sconces in her library. And did you see the tassel side table (plant stand?) that Gwen, the Makerista, thrifted the other day? Covetable. Then I look at all of your gorgeous silk specimens, and they delicately whisper classic loveliness. I especially admire them on doors and dresser or nightstand knobs. Your notion of using one to hint at and extend a color scheme is brilliant! I’m imagining all of the spots in my home that could benefit from a little swanky shimmery embellishment…when Jason the Destroyer matures.🤞
    I finally finished creating and prepping all of the garden beds yesterday. Now I need to turn my attention to flower beds and Jason-proofing. Speaking of flower beds, I adore those tuteurs you showed on IG! What size did you get? Do they seem sturdy? I have been wanting a pair to flank my front entry for ages. You’ll definitely have the classiest tomato cages around.🤣 Here’s to a boffo week!💜

    1. Jason the Destroyer!!! Haha! What a mischievous (and very cute) pup you have. It’s a good thing they’re so sweet! I don’t miss the puppy phase. I’m surprised your cat doesn’t play with them? How about Joe? My sister’s cat does plays with them, which is honestly pretty adorable. Chester (her cat) also learned how to work their kitchen faucet to get himself a drink, but could never turn off the lever… another funny thing! I digress. I could talk about pets all day. I LOVE Nicole’s tassels, and I did see Gwen’s plant stand- super cool. I picked up a pedestal today from Facebook Marketplace for my marble horse. It needs some work, but I’m pretty excited… although there is no place to hang a tassel from it. Nice work on your garden beds! That’s no easy feat. I got three of the small sized trellis, and one of the larger size- although I was bummed to see, after sharing the link- I realized Amazon increased the price. I hate when they do that. I was going to buy two more, but I think I’ll hold off. They’re really sturdy though! I tried to fit them in my front planters with my hydrangeas (because I really liked the look), but my planters are too small for them, so they’ll stay in the garden. Emmett thinks I’m crazy for buying those for our tomatoes. LOL!! Hope your Monday went well :) xo

  2. Jennifer Laura says:

    Love this!! I currently have a huge one on my desk chair and then a smaller one on my nightstand- I love both and hope to add more in the future!

    1. Your tassels sound perfectly styled, Jennifer! I love hanging them on furniture for an added detail.

  3. I have always admired the tassels in your home. Since you’ve been keeping them in stock in the store it’s gotten me thinking “where oh where would I put that”? Timely post Sarah! There are a few furniture pieces I can think of that I could style it on, but ultimately the oversized black tassel would look incredible on our entry door up against the sage green. Looking at your list of styling options I could go tassel crazy-this is where I have to calmly remind myself “everything in moderation”. 😂🤣 How I wish the builders would have used French doors for our two patio entries, instead of sliders that look like French doors. Can you explain how to use them as a curtain tie back? That’s typically what I associate the larger tassels with, but honestly I’m at a loss for how to actually do it. I’ve seen it in pictures, but have never been up close to one enough to see how the look was accomplished. Will you ever have navy tassels in the shop?
    Our weekend was jam packed as well, but incredibly fun, and oh so windy. I’m ready for a break in the wind so I can get to some of the painting projects I have on my list. I hope the week is already off to a great start! Have a lovely Monday Sarah!

    1. Oooh! I love the idea of a black tassel against sage green. Such a striking combo! I have a tassel (or two) in every room and I definitely have to remember moderation. Ha! They’re one of my home shopping weaknesses. Ha! I think because they’re inexpensive and feel easy, but then I end up with a boat load of them. For the curtain tieback, I feel like I’d have a hard time explaining this, so check out this article (with pictures): https://www.wikihow.com/Tie-Curtains Basically, you need to have a hook, in addition to the curtain. We do have new tassels coming to the shop and I believe I ordered some blue ones this time around, but they’re a smaller scale. I hope your windy weather subsides soon. It has been cold and icky here- rain and snow. I’m wishing the spring weather would finally stick, but I can’t complain about precipitation because we need the water. Hope your Monday was a good one :) xo

  4. Ahhh, tassels – the exclamation point on styling! Love them almost as much as pom-pom detail and wouldn’t have thought of some your suggested applications, especially the shower curtain and from a floating shelf. The tassel on your side table is especially beautiful.😍

    1. Right?! You hit the nail on the head, Anne. I love that… “the exclamation point of styling!” Genius. I also love a good pom pom. I hope your week is off to an awesome start! xo