10 Pins : Dreamy Summer Exteriors

10 Pins : Dreamy Summer Exteriors - roomfortuesday.com
via anna evans architect

To kick off the week, I have a fun 10 Pins post lined up that is sure to put you in the summer spirit. I’ve been seeing so many gorgeous exterior photographs floating around my feed lately and have saved some seriously aspirational images that are nothing short of stunning. These exteriors all scream summer to me, and have me itching to travel to some charming B&Bs for a little staycation this season. Click through for some beautiful exterior summer home images and a virtual vacation. This post is filled with timeless, classic, and whimsical home exteriors that are lush, look perfect beneath the summer sun, and are insanely charming. Enjoy!

#1 // Dutch Colonial with a Cute Doodle
10 Pins : Dreamy Summer Exteriors - roomfortuesday.com
via tiek design group

I’ll admit, the cute dood was the first thing I noticed in front of this home exterior. I love the natural over grouted stone exterior, blue front door, and cedar shake shingles.

#2 // Historic Home in Sussex
10 Pins : Dreamy Summer Exteriors - roomfortuesday.com
via emma milne-watson

What a darling historic home! From the old brick to the topiaries and perfectly mowed lawn… this is one that definitely felt picturesque for summertime!

#3 // Classic White Colonial
10 Pins : Dreamy Summer Exteriors - roomfortuesday.com
via james f carter

My love for colonial exteriors continue. I just love the classical look of this one, with the simple boxwood planters and pea gravel drive. Check out the gorgeous dentil moulding and functional shutters. Really pretty!

#4 // Cedar Shake Cottage
10 Pins : Dreamy Summer Exteriors - roomfortuesday.com
via anna evans architect

I love the mix of materials used here. Paired with perfectly green grass and a darling gate, this neutral & organic feeling exterior is one to save.

#5 // Oceanfront Beach House
10 Pins : Dreamy Summer Exteriors - roomfortuesday.com
via vanderhorn architects

I want an oceanfront beach house like I’ve never wanted a house before. Hah! Can you even imagine? This over the top beach estate is what coastal home dreams are made of. There is so much to admire here!

#6 // Garden Dining
10 Pins : Dreamy Summer Exteriors - roomfortuesday.com
via g.p. schafer

One of the things I love most about our backyard? How shaded and private it is… this courtyard dining situation seems secluded and perfect for enjoying alfresco meals. Not to mention the gorgeous brick exterior with those incredible arched french doors. Wowza!

#7 // Polished Pool
10 Pins : Dreamy Summer Exteriors - roomfortuesday.com
via architectural digest

What a view! I could certainly see myself enjoying a swim in that pool while admiring the perfect row of hydrangeas against the cedar shake background. What a classic cottage.

#8 // Boxwood Landscaping
10 Pins : Dreamy Summer Exteriors - roomfortuesday.com
via g.p. schafer

Pillows of boxwoods, lush English landscaping, and creeping ivy… need I say more? Those Ionic columns on the front porch absolutely stunning.

#9 // French Inspired Exterior
10 Pins : Dreamy Summer Exteriors - roomfortuesday.com
via jenny martin design

Those arched window dormers are absolute perfection against the dimensional roof. I also really like the color palette (the shutters!), landscaping, and cute gate.

#10 // Lush Landscaping
10 Pins : Dreamy Summer Exteriors - roomfortuesday.com
via house & garden

Last, but not least- a home set back in lush landscaping that feels like the best of both worlds- intentional, but wild, as nature intended. I can’t get over those window mullions.

I hope you enjoyed this month’s 10 Pins! While these gorgeous homes are aspirational, it’s always fun to find inspiration in the details and apply that to our own homes. These lovely homes definitely have me dreaming of a summer retreat. I wish it were this green here in Utah… our grass is looking a little on the crispy side already. Ha! Here’s to a great, productive, and inspiring week ahead!

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  1. Good morning! Swoontastic and aspirational, indeed! All of these cedar shakes and white colonial exteriors really make me homesick for New England. I’m especially intrigued by the palette of numbers 3 and 9. The subtle white and putty shutters on the white exterior seems so fresh! (Although I will forever love a dark green or black shutter on white.) That Gil Schafer arched brick, pebbled courtyard situation is magical. He’s a genius. #5 makes me laugh…given recent talk of “coastal grandmother” style, I tried to watch Something’s Gotta Give. Cringe. No. Number 10 definitely wins, hands down, for landscaping! Wow. The lush natural laters plus the one shaped shrub? Fab. That stone and brick exterior isn’t too shabby either. Ha. My heart (and eyes) really adore the boxy simplicity of #2 and #7 though. The brick and the zinc roof? Perfection. As for lawn, ours should be quite green for a bit anyway; it rained NON stop yesterday. Non. Stop. We’re getting our May rains in June this year. Nothing to do except be thankful, bake some brownies and get ready for muddy paws! Here’s to a lovely, possibly soggy, week! Thanks for the beautiful start!💜

    1. Good morning, Peggi! I knew you’d like those New England cedar shake shingles and roofing- so dreamy! I can only imagine how inspiring those North Eastern states are in terms of design & architecture. Emmett and I were just talking about wanting to plan a visit there sometime. Hopefully next year! I haven’t watched that movie in YEARS. Though I will say- I do love all of the Nancy Meyers set design. Ha. It was HOT here over the weekend- we broke into the 100’s, which seems too early for that. Today, I think we got your rain (thankfully!). I’m enjoying a rainy slow morning before I head into the Tuesday Made shop to pack up some boxes. Our yard has certainly seen better days. Our entire front lawn is brown at the moment, but here’s to hoping the rain will give it a much needed drink. Brownies and muddy paws don’t sound too terrible! We dog sat over the weekend, which was really fun to have 3 dogs running around. Here’s to a great week ahead! xo

  2. 😍😍😍 Good morning from Santa Barbara! If I didn’t feel inspired by the architecture here, this post takes inspiration to another level. #6 is everything! Black and white against red brick will always be a favorite, but can you even with the arches?? I’m digging the olive green planters and patio set, that make this secluded patio all the more dreamy. I love homes with tucked back hideaways; this is very reminiscent of our side patio. Peep the linen curtains in the sidelight of the French doors; I want to sneak in for a look around, ha! #9 has the perfect creamy color palette and I’m loving the balance the arched features bring to the exterior. #10 wins in the landscaping department, and who wouldn’t love the pops of red brick against the lime washed brick?! The mullions on the windows are incredible, but I also find the trim above to be visually interesting. #5 takes the favorite of the day. Beach houses with this architecture have always been appealing to me. I love the mix of materials: the stonework the cedar shake, the columns and the window detail. I’d love to know what color blue was used on those shutters, and whether the widow’s walk is functional or just for the sake of aesthetics. Double fireplaces?? Count that as a “yes please, must have” for my dream beach house. Lol. It’s a fitting day for a 10 pins post. Since arriving here I’ve been in hog Heaven at every turn. Our suite is gorgeous; more than that, there are so many small things I’ve wanted to do in our house but questioned if it would fit. I’m seeing exact examples done well, and it’s validating my gut instinct choices. My camera has been snapping the whole time. The perfect beach stroll yesterday yielded the most beautiful beach fog photos that I can’t wait to share. Jeff pulled out all the stops, and gifted me a set of bands for my wedding ring. She’s a stunner!!! We’re about to head off to see what adventures await today. I hope you all have a lovely day/week ahead. Xo

    1. Good morning, Lauren! I’ve loved seeing snippets from your gorgeous Santa Barbara trip. I’m also thrilled to hear you’ve been getting plenty of inspiration and reassurance from your travels for your own home. That’s always my favorite! Your suite looks amazing and what an incredibly thoughtful anniversary gift from Jeff. So sweet to celebrate with a new set of bands! I hope you two enjoy the rest of your getaway. Have such a fabulous time and enjoy the beach! xo

    2. Have a wonderful anniversary trip! Santa Barbara sounds relaxing & beautiful right now. Congrats on the surprise!

      1. Aww thank you Dana! It was the ultimate relaxing getaway.

  3. I too have been looking at a lot of exterior options. Theres lots of good ideas from these. Aw, the Dutch Colonial and the doodle is so sweet! Here’s what I liked from all your pictures: cedar shake roofs, copper gutters, painted brick, gate entrances, pea gravel driveways.
    We don’t have many homes in Texas with Cedar Shake roofs. We are very abundant in Cedar trees. I believe it is because of our dry hot climate that it is not a good option. There is a product out that looks like Cedar shakes and we are liking it. I need to do more research on it.
    The RV looks so nice with the new paint colors. Cannot wait to see the upholstered pieces. Have a great evening.

    1. I bet, Danna! That’s so exciting with your new build. All of your favorites are also mine :) I can’t wait to see how your new home takes shape. Bartile (the type of roof we have) makes a faux cedar shake that is beautiful! You should check them out if you’re looking for dimensional roofing. They ship & install everywhere. The camper is coming right along. It has been such a fun project! I hope you’re having a lovely week so far. xox

    2. OH! I forgot to tell you- I made your salad and it was DELICIOUS :) thank you again for sharing the recipe with me. I’ll be eating that at least once a week. Haha! So good!