Roundup : Sphere Base Table Lamps

Roundup : Sphere Base Table Lamps - roomfortuesday.comOn Monday, I shared a snippet of our Tuesday Made office on Instagram, along with my favorite tiny kitchen lamp for easy styling (pictured above). I ended up with a LOT of messages in regards to that little lamp… many of you loved the look and were asking about different finishes, some of you were curious how the clip shade works, and a handful of people were appalled by the price (ha). It’s definitely an investment fixture, but a lamp I’ll keep forever. Anyway, today I wanted to share a giant roundup of similar lamps with a spherical base- of all different price points and styles. Ranging anywhere from $12-$500, I packed a lot of good looking table lamps into this roundup! I also bought the least expensive option in hopes of sharing an easy DIY to elevate the look, so stay tuned for that. Click through for the lamps, inspiration, and some ideas for styling… 

Roundup : Sphere Base Table Lamps - roomfortuesday.comI’ve said it before and I’ll say it again- I love a classic lamp on the kitchen counter. We use our French bouillotte lamp on our countertop every evening. The form of these lamps really lend themselves to styling in this type of setting because they break up the hard edges & corners you often find in a kitchen. With that said, they can be styled anywhere in your home- they’re just really versatile in terms of shape and scale. Jordan styled our Nicole lamp from the Tuesday Made shop on her kitchen countertop and it’s so charming there (pictured above)!

Roundup : Sphere Base Table Lamps - roomfortuesday.comYou can also get creative with these lamps thanks to their simple form… if the height isn’t quite right, I like to add a pedestal beneath the base to slightly elevate the fixture- like I’ve done above. They’re easy to dress up or down, and are very simple to style. They pretty much look good anywhere. Ready to see my finds?

Roundup : Sphere Base Table Lamps - roomfortuesday.comTo shop & explore, click on the thumbnails below- or use the numbered links at the bottom of the collage to shop… not all of the images are clickable. 

01: simple lamp // 02: morton lamp // 03: nicole table lamp // 04: marnie lamp // 05: terri brass lamp // 06: handmade lamp // 07: terri glass lamp // 08: alabaster lamp // 09: terri stone lamp // 10: black orb lamp // 11: beige lamp // 12: rope table lamp // 13: kate spade lamp // 14: ceramic lamp // 15: petite lamp // 16: tess lamp // 17: wood lamp // 18: round lamp // 19: terra-cotta lamp // 20: terri bronze lamp // 21: faux marble lamp

I’d love to hear your favorites from the roundup! I have #3, #8, #13 (pictured above- I spray painted it), and #20, so I can attest to their quality and beauty. There are lots of good options!

Roundup : Sphere Base Table Lamps - roomfortuesday.comDon’t be afraid to dress up a lamp in an effort to make it better fit your aesthetic. The lamp in the photo above was a neon yellow color, so I spray painted it for Laurie Anne’s bedroom makeover a few years back. Shades are also easy to swap! Those little changes make a big difference.

Roundup : Sphere Base Table Lamps - roomfortuesday.comOf course the best part about scattering lamps throughout your home is the soft glow they put off during evening hours or darker days. I live for lamps & candles during summer thunderstorms! There is nothing I love more than a cozy home all lit up on a gloomy day or dark night. I hope you’re having a great week so far. We’re still plugging away at the camper, but haven’t be able to paint the cabinet doors yet thanks to rain & wind. Here’s to hoping today is the day, so we can begin reassembling things.

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  1. Good morning! Lamps! Cue the squeals! I’m pretty sure lamps are one of my love languages. Ha. I’ve always adored that teeny example in your office kitchen. Who hasn’t expelled a disappointed sigh at the price of a coveted light fixture? (Kelly Wearstler Cleo lamp…😭) As your roundup clearly illustrates though, plenty of more affordable options abound! Aside from their undeniably cute stature, it’s the graphic geometry for me. Sphere, cone, cylinder. I also appreciate how adaptable to different shades they are; I especially dig the exaggerated tall empire shape and the pleated styles. Gads. Choosing favorites is always tough! Number 4 caught my attention immediately-that wicker plus black pleats?! (Sidenote: Urban Outfitters bringing a surprisingly strong lamp game!) Love the rope texture and squatty drum of #12. Classic #13 will never disappoint. And how have I missed the wonderful ridged cuts on your Nicole table lamp? Lovely! I’m intrigued, too, by the itty bitty wooden #17. Lamps. I love ’em! Speaking of bright orbs, were your skies clear enough to see the full moon last night? She was wondrous! Here’s to a super Wednesday! Some sunshine and productivity maybe? Let’s go, friends!💜☀️

    1. Lamps!! You know I love them, too :) It’s true… why are we always attracted to those expensive ones? It’s tough to pick and choose where to save and where to splurge. The Cleo is a definite favorite! I think I’m going to make a pleated or woven shade of sorts for the budget-friendly one. My plan is to put it in our camper (maybe velcro it down), so that seemed like a great place to experiment with one of the super $15 and under options. The Nicole lamp has those beautiful ridges and they’re SO tricky to capture in photos. Jordan shot hers in her kitchen and did a much better job at highlighting those… my photos weren’t nearly as good. I hadn’t been on the UO site in awhile and was pleasantly surprised by their options. We missed the full moon because it was sprinkling and cloudy. The photos of it looked beautiful though! I’m sad we weren’t able to get a good view, but I can’t complain about the rain here. I hope you’re having a super awesome Thursday :) xo

  2. Good morning! Your lamp suggestions are always on point. I love the image of your lamp on the pedestal. It almost looks like it’s the base of the lamp- such a unique look. My favorites above include #3, #8, #12, and #20. These miniaturized versions are quite adorable, especially the glass ones. Something about a glass lamp speaks to me; there were several amazing ones on our trip. I’m so glad to hear that you’ve received much needed rain; but that’s got to be irritating that it’s stalling your camper progress. I’m loving watching the process. Here’s to hoping you can make headway today! I hope you have a lovely day Sarah! Xoxo

    1. Thank you, Lauren! I love the pedestal paired with the lamp. I need that little bit of extra height and it matches so perfectly. We’ll call it a happy accident, haha. I also love a heavy glass lamp- those feel super timeless to me. We got a lot finished last night, in regards to painting the cabinet doors and I convinced Emmett to let me start hanging up curtains, so I can take measurements and start sewing later this weekend. It’s definitely coming together :) Hope you’re having a good day getting settled back in at home! xox

  3. Rain! We need it sooooo bad! Hope your able to paint the cabinets and decorate your sweet little RV. Have you named it? Maybe during a trip you will come up with a name but not a must.
    I have a problem….I love lamps! Ha! I cannot go into a store without looking at their lamps. Do I need another one? Well maybe. I have inherited this from both my mother and grandmother. My grandmother used to make lamps from ash trays, bottles, jars, etc. I have one that is small and precious that was in the nursery for years. I will never part with it. Your Tuesday Made lamps are gorgeous…seriously! My favorites from above are: 3, 4, 5, 21. By the way, when I was looking at #4 on UO website, a wicker side table popped up. Really looks expensive (Pierce Wicker Side Table) at least online.
    Enjoyed you restyling your kitchen at the shop. Have a great day Sarah!

    1. We do too, Danna! I can relate. We’re lucky it rained last week and sprinkled over the weekend. I’ll take all we can get, and hopefully the weather will cooperate in Texas, too. So crazy that other parts of the West (like Yellowstone) is flooded. We have not named the camper yet, but we still want to! We just haven’t come up with anything clever yet. Hopefully once we start using it, some ideas will spark :) I’m with you on loving lamps! I have a real lamp hoarding problem, ha. I so enjoyed hearing about your grandmother and her love and craft of lamps- very very cool! I’m going to check out the size table now. We ordered some scalloped wicker tables for our shop and realized they are way too big (and expensive) to ship. I guess they’ll end up in our warehouse sale later this year. Oops! They are so pretty though- it’s a bummer. Hope you’re having a great day!!