Trend Alert : Curved Furniture

Trend Alert : Curved Furniture - roomfortuesday.comI just got home from Phoenix and am excited to share a new trend I’m loving… curved furniture! Feminine shapes are in and I couldn’t be happier. Our colonial home is pretty boxy and rectangular, so I really like using curves to soften our interior. In fact- I just bought this sofa last week from the Alice Lane warehouse sale. Click through to see some great pieces that have a subtle radius and look effortlessly chic. 

Shop my finds by clicking directly on each item below!

Once my sofa (#14) arrives, I’ll be sure to share what it looks like! In the meantime, I’m still loving lounging on our curved outdoor sofa (pictured in the intro) on the patio. Others I’m coveting from the roundup? Favorites include numbers four and six!

Trend Alert : Curved Furniture -
via alice lane interiors

Is anyone else noticing more curvy pieces of furniture appearing in their feed? Are you into it? I’m playing catch up today and tomorrow before house guests arrive (see how I prepped for them in this post). It has been a busy, but good week so far!

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  1. Beautiful! Can you please share where the fire pit is from?