Tips for Shopping Home Goods on Ebay

Tips for Shopping Home Decor on eBay - roomfortuesday.comI haven’t chatted about eBay on the blog yet (other than linking items I find there and use), but it’s quickly becoming one of my favorite resources for home decor. I feel like it’s a little unexpected and most people wouldn’t think to check there for interior items. I’m always on the hunt for designer deals, free shipping, and products that will arrive within my project timeline- and I have to say, it’s been a gold mine lately. I figured a post sharing my tips and tricks for scoring awesome home decor on eBay was in order, as well as the things I like to buy there. Click through to see what I typically shop for and how I do it!

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First things first… let’s talk about the types of home decor and interior items I turn to eBay for. Obviously, I have a soft spot for candles- pictured below. Often times, I can find my favorite brands for less… with free shipping.

Tips for Shopping Home Decor on eBay -

M Y    F A V O R I T E    D E C O R

I typically look to eBay for specific home goods and textiles. Some of my favorite items to shop for are…

  • candles
  • vases
  • soaps & detergent
  • pillows
  • fabric
  • wallpaper
  • throws & blankets
  • lighting
  • kitchen & bath fixtures
  • designer decor

Tips for Shopping Home Decor on eBay - roomfortuesday.comI compiled a quick roundup of some of my favorite (random) items for sale on eBay right now- many of which, you can find in my house as we speak. Shop the collage below by clicking on each product!

01: arteriors chandelier // *02: vanity tray and dish // *03: laundress detergent // 04: baltic amber candle // *05: jonathan adler match strike // *06: boy smells candle // *07: barr co hand cream // *08: brizo widespread faucet // 09: globe table lamp // 10: geometric pillow // 11: kelly wearstler pillow // *12: picture light // 13: wood frame wall mirror // *14: smoked glass vase // *15: matchbook // *16: thibaut greek key fabric // 17: brass chandelier // 18: groundworks pillow // *19: modern vase // 20: stone bookends // 21: wool fringe throw // 22: nate berkus fabric

*I added an asterisk symbol in front of each linked roundup item, that signifies the items that can be found in my own home– just for easy reference.

The below image is #16 from the roundup… the greek key Thibaut fabric is SO good. I had some custom cushions made and they’re beautiful! I’ve found eBay to have both great fabric options and ready-made designer cushions.

eBay is actually my favorite place to find designer fabric at a lower rate! I’ll often score a remnant or bolt of fabric for a lot less… it’s usually cheaper than what I can even get with my designer discount. What do I do with fabric you might ask? Aside from custom pillows, I’ll use it for drapery, furniture upholstery, etc… the list goes on and on!

Tips for Shopping Home Goods on eBay - roomfortuesday.comYou might’ve also noticed the widespread faucet in the roundup? That’s the same exact model I have in my bathroom. I’m still obsessed with it… Emmett even requested the same model for our next bathroom renovation, whenever that will be.

That brings me to my next point. I find a lot of good, high-end soap, balms, and countertop products (like the gorgeous vanity tray I linked) on eBay as well. Sometimes it’s hard to justify paying premium prices for those types of goods, and you can often find deals with free shipping.

If you’re wondering how to find the deals… here’s my not-so-secret formula for shopping the best home goods on eBay.

S H O P P I N G    T O O L S

I feel like one common misconception is that you have to bid on everything. Did you know that 81% of all merchandise sold on eBay is new and readily available with the “Buy it Now” option? That’s great for people like me who aren’t as likely to wait around to bid or need to order something immediately.

If you’re shopping for something specific and are ready to purchase, use the search bar at the top of the page and adjust the filters on the left-hand side to filter products that fit your criteria. The top filters I like to use are…

  • Condition // Set to “New”
  • Buying Format // Set to “Buy it Now”
  • Guaranteed Delivery // Adjust to fit your timeframe

Another easy tip? 69% of items on eBay ship for free, so always check the shipping cost prior to purchasing. You can also buy coupons from eBay to use at other retailers. How’s that for saving money? There’s also a great sale section, if you’re into bargain shopping. Click here to check out the daily deals page.

Tips for Shopping Home Goods on eBay - roomfortuesday.comIs eBay in your shopping arsenal? If so, what type of interior or home items do you usually find there? I’m interested to know if there’s anything I’m missing out on!

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  1. You’ve got me looking at bookends again, ha! I haven’t shopped eBay much. I think my early auction fails and the overwhelming scale puts me off. I would never think to look for lotions, detergent or candles! Those light fixtures are crazy awesome; I wish I had thought to look there when I was renovating my bathroom…do you know how many hideous vanity lights are for sale out there? Shudder. I just reset my eBay password, so off to try your search terms. Happy Monday!

    1. Ha! Ohhh the bookends. They get me every time. I love getting my candles and fancy soaps from there! They usually end up costing less. I didn’t realize until recently that they had so many good plumbing fixtures and lighting options. Happy hunting, Peggi! Have a great week :)

  2. Love this post! I use eBay 99% of the time for vintage items (love their alerts you can set), but this has me looking at new items with renewed interest.

    Unrelated question: the very last photo with the white line throw pillow on the stool, do you have a source for the pillow/pillow fabric? It’s sooo pretty and I was bummed not to see it on the list!

    1. Thanks so much, Sarah! Yes, yes, yes… obviously I LOVE all the vintage goods too- great point. Unfortunately that throw pillow came from a local shop in Salt Lake. I want to say the fabric is Nobilis? I do know it was custom made for the shop. Sorry, I wish I had a specific link to give you! xo

  3. I recently found out about plumbing fixtures on eBay from our plumber. Would have never thought of eBay for that! I love candles, pillows, soaps and cringe sometimes at the price…you’ve just given me a new site to source for those things. In the past eBay has always been my “looking for a vintage toy” from my childhood for my kids. They are teens now so shopping on eBay will be a new adventure! Thanks.

    1. You must have an awesome plumber! I just discovered the plumbing fixtures not too long along. I can’t believe I could’ve saved some money in our bathroom on the faucet and shower trim. Argh… next time. Happy shopping with your new (sans kids) eBay experience! xox