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Staying Active At Home + Our Home Gym Plans

Staying Active At Home + Our Home Gym Plans - Hi friends! I have a different type of blog post lined up today, that I thought would be handy given our current social distancing / shelter-at-home situation. This post is actually part interior and part mental health & wellness- something I think we could all use a little of in our lives right now. Did you know we have a small home gym in our house? We recently (as in, a couple months ago) converted one of the bedrooms in the basement to an exercise room, and although it’s a work in progress- it’s proving to be pretty functional… especially now. One of my 2020 goals was to work on finding better balance in my life, and having an exercise routine is a huge part of that, which I’m still working toward. Getting into the habit of including physical activity in my day has become a big part of self-care for me lately, and I hope by sharing some of my favorite resources- it can help you too. Click through for a glimpse into our home gym (in its early stages), our plans for the space, and a roundup of some free resources for working out and getting active at home!

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10 Free Ways to Decompress at Home -

10 Free Ways to Decompress at Home

Home is where I feel most comfortable. I also believe that your home should truly be your happy place- your sanctuary, your safe place, the one spot where you feel most like yourself. There is nothing I love more…


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I recently finished my gallery wall in the living room and it’s amazing how much better the space looks with art hanging on the walls. One of my favorite works in the gallery is a horse print I found on…