10 Free Things That Instantly Improve & Freshen Your Home

10 Free Things That Instantly Improve & Freshen Your Home - roomfortuesday.comWhen it comes to interiors, I’m obviously a fan of mixing high & low priced items. To me, it’s all about balance and sticking to your budget- no matter what that might look like. Every once in awhile I’ll receive a message about how to improve a space when you basically have no money to spend. For Emmett and I, there are seasons where we spend a lot on our home, and others where we’re pinching pennies saving for whatever comes next. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to freshen your home without spending a dime! I sat down, made a list, and brainstormed projects, tasks, and tips that are 100% FREE. Click through for 10 things you can do that will instantly improve or update your home without spending any money.

#1 // Bring Life Inside

10 Free Things That Instantly Improve & Freshen Your Home - roomfortuesday.comTake your scissors outside, clip some flowers or greenery, and bring those beauties indoors! Nothing makes me happier than seeing life sprinkled throughout my house. Plants, greenery, and flowers don’t have to be expensive. The greenery shown above was trimmed from a tree in my backyard. I love the texture and color it added to my previous kitchen.

#2 // Restyle Shelving

10 Free Things That Instantly Improve & Freshen Your Home - roomfortuesday.comIt’s amazing how something as simple as a bookcase, etagere, or shelving can impact a room. If a space is feeling stale, it could be caused by the focal point… often times this is your built-in or large shelving unit. I’d recommend removing every single object, give things a quick dusting, then restyle the entire thing. It will instantly feel fresh and new. Borrow things from other rooms, swap books, and get creative. If you *must* buy some new items or objects, this Shelfie Budget Edition might be helpful…. I shared how to style a shelf with $100 or less!

#3 // Clean & Organize

10 Free Things That Instantly Improve & Freshen Your Home - roomfortuesday.comCleaning goes a lonnnnng way. I usually dread cleaning, but once I tackle the house, I instantly feel lighter and at ease. Isn’t that crazy? Giving your home a scrub or deep clean will really make the place shine… specifically- windows. I’m always astonished how dirty my windows are and am constantly surprised how much better my home looks with clean windows. The natural light floods in, I have a clear view outside, and things just look enhanced.

#4 // Address Curb Appeal

10 Free Things That Instantly Improve & Freshen Your Home - roomfortuesday.comWith a little elbow grease, you can make your home look better by tending to your curb appeal. Small tasks such as sweeping off the front porch, cleaning your door mat, pruning landscaping, raking debris or leaves, and edging your lawn will instantly make your home exterior look better.

#5 // Mix Up Furniture & Decor

10 Free Things That Instantly Improve & Freshen Your Home - roomfortuesday.comEvery time we move, I get excited to rearrange our furniture in a different way. Take it from me… don’t wait for a move to mix things up! Your furniture does not have to stay where it’s at permanently. Obviously larger items are more difficult to move, but shift them into a different floor plan within the same room. Smaller pieces like side tables can easily be floated from a living room or office to the bedroom and vice versa. Step outside of your comfort zone and shake things up. Borrow what you have from other spaces in your house and just go for it! I’m challenging you to move 3 pieces in your home from one room to another.

#6 // Let Natural Light In

10 Free Things That Instantly Improve & Freshen Your Home - roomfortuesday.comOne of the very first things I do upon moving into a new house is ripping down window treatments. That may seem odd, but I’d rather have no window treatments at all than bulky blinds that collect dust. Don’t be afraid to go without for a bit and let in the natural light! Lots of homes often have doubled up window treatments… I see a lot of spaces with blinds and drapery or curtain panels. You really don’t need both. Get rid of the ugly blinds and solely rely on the curtains. When updating our guest room window nook, the first thing I did was remove the plantation shutters. They made the niche feel dark and dated. Eventually I put curtains up, but just ripping those down made a huge difference.

#7 // Minimize Clutter

10 Free Things That Instantly Improve & Freshen Your Home - roomfortuesday.comGo through each room, clear surfaces, donate, purge, and minimize clutter. You’ll be surprised how much better you’ll feel once the task is complete. Not only that- the rooms in your home will look bigger and better. My pet peeve is a countertop with piles of accumulated stuff. Keep it simple, keep it clean, and keep it minimal.

#8 // Re-make the Beds

10 Free Things That Instantly Improve & Freshen Your Home - roomfortuesday.comThis might sound crazy, but having a well-made bed makes a big difference in the way a bedroom looks. Bust out your iron or steamer, press out the wrinkles, fold down the duvet in a way you normally wouldn’t, borrow or swap pillows from other rooms, and shake up the way you make the bed. Additionally, you could add a throw or blanket to the foot of the bed and freshen nightstands with greenery or flowers. I’m also a fan of linen spray to keep things smelling fresh!

#9 // Add Function with Everyday Objects

10 Free Things That Instantly Improve & Freshen Your Home - roomfortuesday.comThink outside the box for this one… where could your home use additional functionality? Here’s an example- borrow a bowl or tray from your kitchen and place it on a side table or console in the entryway. This will give you a designated area to drop mail, keys, etc. Think of how you use your home, then use what you have on hand to make life easier and more organized!

#10 // Style the Details

10 Free Things That Instantly Improve & Freshen Your Home - roomfortuesday.comLastly, give your home a quick little “fluff” or styling session. I like to regroup things (candles, cutting boards, books, whatever) and create balanced vignettes that make me happy. Here is a design tip… style objects in odd numbers- it looks better from an aesthetic point-of-view.

There you have it… 10 ways to update or freshen your home without spending a dollar! Are there any other free things I should add to the list? Have you tried any of these in the past? This time of year is always inspiring for me and I look at it as a season of growth. It’s really the perfect time to give your living space a little refresh. I find it improves my mood and attitude!

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  1. Great tips! Plants around here are just beginning to green up enough to cut, but lilac season is right around the corner! I love the idea of moving furniture around…now I’ll have to start noodling on that. Spring definitely makes me want to clear off surfaces and open all the windows. Time to give the house a fluff.😀

    1. Bring on lilac season- I can’t wait! :)

  2. “You really don’t need both.” AMEN! It always looks like such a waste to me.

    1. Yes!! Any way to let the natural light in.