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Roundup : Summer Scented Candles

Roundup : Summer Scented Candles - How was your weekend, friends? We spent the weekend camping in Yellowstone, which was wonderful and the perfect opportunity to unplug & recharge. You know when you’re gone for a few days and go on vacation… then come home and realize what your house smells like? I always walk in wondering if it smells like the dogs (not favorable), clean, or something else. I have to say- I love the way our house smells. Clean, crisp, and lately- a lot like summertime (probably thanks to candles I’ve been burning). I burn candles all year long. They’re comforting for me, make me happy, and I love a fragrance filled house that is appropriate for the season. During quarantine and the pandemic, I’ve been burning candles nonstop (also recommended by my therapist to release negative energy and evoke a calm feeling). Now that we’re into the summer months, I figured I’d share some of my recent favorites I’ve been loving. Click through for over 20 scented candles that are perfect for summertime! Think crisp linen, citrus groves, sea salt, a coastal breeze, and many more nostalgic summer fragrances.  Continue Reading

My Favorite Skincare + Cosmetic Products -
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My Favorite Skincare + Cosmetic Products

I’m by no stretch of the imagination a beauty blogger, but I do get a TON of questions about my skincare and cosmetic routine. These posts come few and far between, but I thought it was fitting, given fall…


The Scent of Your Home

The scent of your home is really the first thing someone notices upon walking in the door. Isn’t that a crazy notion?! It’s true. Everyone’s house has a certain smell that can be inviting (in a good way) or weird (in…