Classic Shaped Sunnies

Black Classic SunglassesIt’s the season of sunnies! This summer, I plan to go natural (meaning sans makeup) as often as possible… it’s SO nice to throw on a pair of sunglasses and hurry out the door without caring what you actually look like underneath. For that very reason- and to assist in your carefree summer travels, I’ve decided to roundup my favorite classic shaped sunnies for any budget. Even if you splurge on a designer pair, you can rest assured they’ll never go out of style.

Classic Shaped Budget Friendly Sunglasses01: classic black sunglasses // 02: retro tortoise sunglasses // 03: clear peach sunglasses // 04: audny aviator sunglasses // 05: cora white sunglasses // 06: round sunglasses // 07: rose gold aviator sunglasses // 08: indio tortoise sunglasses // 09: spitfire round sunglasses // 10: slim metal preppy sunglasses

I like mixing budget sunglasses along with designer glasses into my wardrobe. If you’re going on an adventure that could potentially end in a less than favorable outcome for your sunglasses (say, losing them)– pack the cheap ones that are easy to replace! I love spending time outside kayaking, paddling, hiking, and doing other fun active outdoorsy things… so I usually tote around a couple inexpensive pairs. The above options can go anywhere with you this summer, not to mention they’re super chic!

Brass and Tortoise Shell Cat Eye SunglassesOn the contrary, I appreciate a quality pair of sunglasses that are well made, provide UV protection, and won’t end up breaking after a season or two. These designer sunglasses are classic options that won’t leave you with buyers remorse. They’ll be stylish for years to come and will hold up against the elements. If I could only choose one pair from the collage below, I’d 100% pick number four. The cat eyed Valentino glasses would do wondrous things for my round shaped face, plus I love the color, size, and stud detail.

Classic Designer Sunglasses01: Hadrian sunglasses // 02: Oliver Peoples black sunglasses // 03: Tori Burch aviator sunglasses // 04: Valentino studded cat eye sunglasses // 05: Dior navy sunglasses // 06: Chloe nerine sunglasses // 07: Stella McCartney square sunglasses // 08: Barton Perreira clear sunglasses // 09: Ray-Ban round metal sunglasses // 10: Olivia round sunglasses

Which pair of sunglasses is your favorite? Do you typically buy inexpensive, easily replaceable glasses or splurge on a pair that will last a long time? It was actually my husband who recently convinced me that expensive sun glasses are actually worth it because of their UV protection and polarized qualities. Now there’s no turning back! Ha! Have a great weekend, you guys.

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  1. Hallo Sarah,
    there seems to be a mistake with sunglasses nr. 4. AUDNY AVIATOR SUNGLASSES (budget friendly sunglasses)
    can you helP

    1. Hello! Sorry you’re having trouble with the link… it seems to be working on my computer. You can find the aviators here. Let me know if that works for you! xo