Steals & Deals (Under $5, Under $10, Under $20)

Steals & Deals (Under $5, Under $10, Under $20) -
source : h&m home

It has been a lonnng time since I’ve shared a super budget roundup and it’s a fun challenge for me to really dig and share GOOD home related objects under a certain price point. It just proves you don’t need a mega budget to score something beautiful or create a stunning vignette in your home. These budget friendly pieces and attention to detail can really enhance a room. Click through to see what I found under $5, under $10, and under $20!

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In the $5 category, I’m loving the classic salad servers (#1), sugar dish (#7), I already own the cute little bud vase (#9), and I think the green leaf cocktail napkins (#10) would be perfect styled on a bar cart! How charming would that be for a spring party or Easter brunch? I also have a pair of the mini oven mitts (#5) and they’re super handy… not quite as awkward as the large ones. They’re really the only thing I use to move hot dishes in and out of the oven.

In the $10 roundup, I basically want it all. Haha! I stock up on the lavender linen spray (#7) and use it all the time (especially on our bedding and the dog beds). I’m very tempted to grab those fancy champagne glasses (#9), the chambray napkins (#6) would be amazing for dinner parties this summer, and the classic brass candle tin (#3) looks as pretty as it smells. I always carry a journal with me, because you never know when inspiration will strike and I love the look of #10.

From the $20 grouping, there are so many good options! Personally, I’m digging the simple marble coasters (#3), the herringbone throw (#4), I already have the laundry bag (#6), the wood tray is really nice (#8), and the pillow (#9, pictured in the intro image) is calling my name.

Steals & Deals (Under $5, Under $10, Under $20) -
source : h&m home

I know this post was short & sweet, but hopefully it was still a good one! I was without internet for the majority of the day yesterday and only had a few hours to tackle this thing. Here’s to hoping the technician my internet provider is sending out will have me up and running in no time. Tomorrow I’m working from a coffee shop and I’m thinking I should grab a few things from this roundup before they’re gone! Did you have any favorites?

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  1. No internet?! Boo. How’s a girl supposed to get any work done? As to the round-up, I’m so amazed that items can be found under 5 or 10 dollars! I’m eyeing that pretty brass candle. Happy almost Friday!

    1. I know, right?! I kind of hate how much I rely on the internet. I felt so unproductive yesterday. I also woke up thinking today was Friday, haha! Double whammy in the technical difficulties this week. xox

  2. Fun round up! Loving the H&M hand towels in the $5 section – new hand towels have been on my perpetual “grab at Target” list, but none of them ever excite me (and yes, I insist on being excited by hand towels). Now I’m off to peruse H&Ms 1800+ home items……..

    1. Thanks Karen! H&M is seriously the best resource for affordable, but beautiful home things. I’m on there all the time (it’s a dangerous place for me), haha! xo

  3. Loved this round up! Such a fun reminder that you can get lots of great pieces for a great price!

    1. Thanks Jessica! Most definitely :) xo