Some Pretty Fall Finds from Etsy

Some Pretty Fall Finds from Etsy - roomfortuesday.comWhile I’m still making the most of summer, I’m definitely dreaming of fall over here. Anyone else? I’ve been thinking of little changes I can begin to make around the house in the coming weeks to transition our home for the season ahead. This time of year always has me itching for projects, change, and an updated look- even in small ways… whether it be our home, my wardrobe, or just getting really organized, the change of season feels exciting & new. Again, I think it tracks back to the back to school mentality that is engrained within us. Regardless, I’ve been enjoying scrolling and saving some fun finds for fall. Recently, I’ve been on an Etsy kick, so I figured you may want to take a peek at the things I’ve liked lately. I’m keeping this post short and sweet! It’s quick, but good one… click through to see some beautiful and inspiring handmade & vintage items. 

Some Pretty Fall Finds from Etsy - roomfortuesday.comFrom vintage cookware and serveware to light fixtures, textiles, and handmade decor- there was a lot of goodness floating around Etsy last week! The above plates have such a lovely fan shape- I almost snagged those for myself. They’re vintage from Denmark.

Some Pretty Fall Finds from Etsy - roomfortuesday.comTo shop & explore, click on the thumbnail images below- or use the numbered links at the bottom of the collage to shop…

01: adjustable rattan sconce // 02: heavy crystal glassware // 03: baby alpaca throw // 04: match strike // 05: black tourmaline candle // 06: tassel // 07: ruffle marble bowl // 08: upholstered ottoman // 09: ribbed pillar candles // 10: linen napkins // 11: striped linen pillow // 12: rust block print pillow // 13: marble bowl // 14: framed floral painting // 15: vintage runner // 16: vintage fan plate set // 17: vintage bread boards // 18: schumacher pillow // 19: framed vintage art // 20: marble sink // 21: hexagonal taper candles // 22: copper cookware // 23: white handmade vase // 24: lidded copper cookware

I’d love to hear your favorites! I’m always partial to the vintage or antiques, but I discovered some amazing new handmade items- like the designer textiles, candles, and artwork.

Some Pretty Fall Finds from Etsy - roomfortuesday.comOne of the most simple changes I make season-to-season is swapping my pillows and throws. I have a closet filled with textiles that I rotate based on the time of year. It helps keep things interesting and seasonally appropriate (in terms of fabric weight and warmth). Simplistic neutral pillows are always easy for pairing year round and make a great base for layering.

Some Pretty Fall Finds from Etsy - roomfortuesday.comI also love a unique candle… I’ve been eyeing ones with a textural or sculptural look. Wouldn’t these be amazing in a candle holder wall sconce or glass hurricane?

Some Pretty Fall Finds from Etsy - roomfortuesday.comBe sure to check back for Friday’s blog post… as promised, we’re chatting Cremone bolts! I hope everyone is having a great week so far.

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  1. Good morning, good morning! What an easy-on-the-eyes round up! I share your zeal for Etsy browsing, and I especially love the combo of vintage sellers and independent makers. What can’t you find? Number 1 is another pretty entry in the woven lampshade category; I’m especially partial to that darker-toned wicker. Ages ago, I scored a single, heavy ribbed crystal glass very similar to #2, and I can’t deny how elevated my ice water feels! (snooty!) Number 5 reminds me that I need to stock up on my “Woodland” candles from Tuesday Made before you run out.😱 Of course, I can’t see a tassel without thinking of the Greedy Peasant! Always good for a chuckle! Yes to all the subtly textured candles! Ribbed, hex, twisted-I’ll take ’em all. Honestly, I’d happily snag every one of your finds. Our temps may be hovering in the 98-102 range, but this girl is ready for fall! (Yes, we’ve already begun Thanksgiving scheming! Ha.) Thanks for the autumnal inspiration this morning. I’m also psyched to read about cremone bolts! I hope you are soaking up all the sunshine, fresh air and relaxation! 💜

    1. You know I love Etsy scrolling :) I saved so many pretty things this past month that have me excited for the season ahead. Although fall feels worlds away as it’s HOT here this weekend. I’m definitely over those 98+ degree days. I’m so bummed that our signature Tuesday Made candles are almost out. Sadly the company we worked with for those is no longer around, so it will be back to the drawing board for new fragrances and candles next time around. Greedy Peasant, lol! Those videos make me laugh every time. I love that you’re already scheming for Thanksgiving. Bring on autumn! Hope you’re having a good Saturday! xo

  2. Jennifer Laura says:

    That wicker sconce and fluted dish are stunning!! I always love your finds.

    1. Thank you so much! I love hearing that :) I hope your weekend is off to a wonderful start!

  3. Good morning! I find myself wishing for fall more than I care to admit lately. This summer has been a stifling one, and I’m ready for the changing leaves, brisk morning breezes and cool misty nights that signal October on the horizon. This roundup is the embodiment of my fall vibes. The warming brown of the rattan shade paired against the neutral offerings you’ve displayed here is striking a chord this morning. I’m also loving the classic rust pillow against the subtle linen striped one. The neutral color way on the Schumacher pillow is *chefs kiss*, and I’m digging the vintage bread boards and hex tapers. Wonderful Etsy finds! Thank you for reminding me that I haven’t browsed there in awhile. I hope your day is off to a fantastic start. I’m nursing a child with a severely painful ear infection at the moment; so sad for her pain but happy to have extra snuggles. Happy hump day friends!

    1. Me too, Lauren! I’m looking forward to cooler temperatures. It had been a bit since I had taken the time to scroll Etsy, and it didn’t disappoint! So many pretty things added to my wishlist for the season ahead :) I hope said ear infection is totally better by this point. I feel for her (and you). Hope you guys are having a relaxing weekend and are taking it easy! xo