Roundup : Medicine Cabinets

Roundup : Medicine Cabinets -roomfortuesday.comOne of the biggest challenges of designing our one and only bathroom was sourcing a medicine cabinet. Who would’ve thought that would’ve been the most difficult thing to find? I spent hours and hours searching for the perfect recessed solution. I found that the one item I thought would be easy to decide on ended up being the most time consuming. I thought I’d make it easier for you guys if anyone else is in the market for a medicine cabinet and roundup of my favorites. Click through for the best options on the market, tips on narrowing it down, and why I think it’s a great solution for small space living.

Prior to shopping, in addition to the size and amount of wall space you have, you’ll also need to know if you’d like the medicine cabinet to be recessed or surface mount. My medicine cabinet is recessed. I prefer the clean, flush look, and it also takes up less space in the room. You can see in the below image, it mounts right into the drywall, between the studs.

Roundup : Medicine Cabinets -roomfortuesday.comLiving in a tiny bathroom meant maximizing every little bit of space available- that’s how we ultimately landed on a medicine cabinet. I keep our toothbrushes, toothpaste, deodorant, perfume, face wipes, makeup remover, sunscreen, etc. inside of it and am pleasantly surprised how much it can fit and organize. Most medicine cabinets have adjustable shelves that make it easy to fit a variety of products and toiletries.

I quickly learned while hunting for my own medicine cabinet, they vary in price vastly. From $50 to $1500, these units are all over the place. In my opinion, I’d rather spend $1500 on a faucet instead of a medicine cabinet, so I tried to keep most in the roundup at a reasonable price that can match any budget.

01: medium medicine cabinet // 02: antique brass medicine cabinet // 03: hampton medicine cabinet // 04: hotel medicine cabinet // 05: extra large medicine cabinet // 06: classic medicine cabinet // 07: antique gold medicine cabinet // 08: radius medicine cabinet // 09: white medicine cabinet // 10: bevel medicine cabinet // 11: antique bronze medicine cabinet // 12: LED medicine cabinet // 13: recessed medicine cabinet // 14: wright medicine cabinet

From the roundup, my favorites include: #2, #6, #11, and #12. I think they’d look great with gorgeous bathroom lighting such as sconces or a hanging pendant.

Roundup : Medicine Cabinets -roomfortuesday.comHas anyone else experience the same frustration when looking for a medicine cabinet? I hope this helps someone because I had a seriously tough time scouring the market for good options. It’s slim pickings out there folks! Let me know if you have any installation questions below. I can recruit Emmett to help answer the technicalities.

Also- if you happen to have a vintage option you’d like to spruce up, my friend Erin shared the cutest tutorial… check out her DIY Medicine Cabinet Makeover that is super cute.

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  1. Trista Hill says:

    Have you checked out Robern’s medicine cabinets? They have some really great options too that I absolutely LOVE!

    1. I’m going to check them out right now. thanks!!

    1. I’ll have to check it out!! Thanks LeAnne!

  2. Rachel Anderson says:

    Great info on the medicine cabinets but that dark ceiling paint is everything to me right now!

  3. You posted on an InstaGram Story a medicine cabinet with a gold or brass finish that I LOVED (Mid January 2018). I cant seem to find a link to it on your blog or IG. Can you provide it for me! Thanks – we are remodeling our bathroom and I think it will be perfect!