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Roundup : Faux Florals - roomfortuesday.comHappy Monday, guys! I hope you all had a great weekend. We accomplished a lot in the basement bath. Ok- to get started, I feel like I need to share an honest disclaimer at the beginning of this post… I haven’t always been into faux florals. If someone would’ve asked me five years ago if I would ever bring faux plants or floral arrangements into my home, the answer would’ve been a quick and loud NO. However, the older I get (and the more technology advances), I’ve found I’m really attracted to flowers of any type. Obviously real arrangements are wonderful and ideal, but I feel like I’m to the point where I have little time to swap flowers on a weekly basis, and my mindset has shifted to faux florals are better than no florals. If I can’t even tell if a flower is real or faux, then it’s certainly good enough to live in my home. I’m serious when I say technology has evolved and arrangements are looking better than ever. Click through for a giant roundup of my favorites and to read more about my new(ish) philosophy. 

Every single image you see throughout this blog post contains a FAUX floral arrangement. That’s right- none of the greenery or flowers you’re scrolling through and seeing here are real or living. Are you convinced? They’re really good!

Roundup : Faux Florals - roomfortuesday.comWhy do I buy faux florals? It’s really a simple answer for me- time. My schedule has become increasingly busy and this year I’m determined to devote more time to myself (being healthy, having fun, working,.. just gaining better balance & control). Real flowers are wonderful, but a lot of maintenance. I enjoy seeing a pop of color & texture on a daily basis, and it’s honestly pretty nice not having to worry about grabbing flowers at the grocery store, creating an arrangement each week, and swapping the water. I’ve found the faux options have been bringing me just as much joy- maybe even more so than real flowers because they take up zero of my time. I’m not saying I’ll never buy living flowers again (hah, that would be sad!), BUT I am saying it has been wonderful discovering the realm of faux florals and the mood they bring to our home.

Roundup : Faux Florals - roomfortuesday.comAlthough I’ve welcomed faux florals into our house, I definitely have high standards. Emmett has proved to be my greatest test when deciding how realistic they look. I’ve caught him trying to add water to my greenery, or trying to pull rosemary from the kitchen countertop to use when cooking (both of which are faux). Now, THAT is how real I want my plants to look if they’re not actually alive. Real enough to fake people out. Ha! Seriously though.

Roundup : Faux Florals - roomfortuesday.comBasically- if I’m going faux, it better be GOOD. Better than good- more like amazing and super believable. There are a lot of bad arrangements on the market, but there are also a lot of good ones that look very convincing (like that incredible fishtail palm in Emily’s kitchen). I’ve found that the exceptional ones usually cost more, and in my experience- they’re worth the premium price because they look that real. Just something to note if you’re shopping around.

Roundup : Faux Florals - roomfortuesday.comClick directly on the arrangements below to be redirected to the source, or use the numbered links to shop… 

01: fishtail palm // 02: bougainvillea florals // 03: white anemone flower // 04: snowball arrangement // 05: quince blossom bundle // 06: potted orchid // 07: purple lilac arrangement // 08: hydrangea in bud vase // 09: blush peony bundle // 10: white roses in round vase // 11: potted long leaf eucalyptus // 12: large fern in glass vase // 13: orange branch // 14: orchid centerpiece // 15: pear blossoms // 16: olive branch in teardrop vase // 17: peony arrangement // 18: maidenhair fern // 19: hyacinth in vase // 20: magnolia stem

I own and have actually used a lot of these (#1, #2, #7, #8, #9, and #13). With Valentine’s Day around the corner, maybe another faux arrangement is in my near future? I think I’m going to use that as an excuse to treat myself to another one! After all.. these flowers won’t die, add life and texture to my home (which puts a big smile on my face), and are essentially maintenance free. I’m thinking yes. Do you have favorites?

Roundup : Faux Florals - roomfortuesday.comSince it’s early February and there is currently a BIG snowstorm brewing in my neighborhood, these are the types of moments in my home that are nice reminders that spring will eventually arrive. It really doesn’t get easier! I know people have strong opinions about faux florals and greenery… where do you stand? I love both and am not ashamed to admit that faux has been really refreshing lately!

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  1. “Faux florals better than no florals.” Put that on a t-shirt!😆 There’s no denying that those arrangements look amazing! Those lilacs and bougainvillea are stunning. And, dealing with dying flowers is gross. On the other hand, flowers signify a special occasion or spontaneous treat for me. My (neighbor’s) lilacs are blooming! I made it to spring break! The farm stand has sunflowers! Also, is there anything more heavenly than the scent of lilacs or stocks?! Of course, my home isn’t magazine-worthy on the daily, so there is that. The obvious answer is…both are awesome and bring joy! Couldn’t we all use more of that?
    You guys made so much progress in the bathroom this weekend! I’m getting psyched for that floor tile. *claps hands like a kid*
    Stay warm! (We’re having the worst arctic winds!)💨

    1. Haha!! I do love your points about special occasions and the wonderful scent that accompanies real arrangements. I’m in agreement for both- you’re right… we could all use more joy :) I’m also getting psyched for the bathroom. Starting tile makes it feel more real. It’s instant progress! You stay warm too. We’re getting 20 inches of snow today (right now we’re halfway there at 10-12″). The dogs are in heaven. Ha! Happy Monday- have a great week! xo

  2. Faux florals are so much easier (maintenance free)! I too am very critical of buying faux picks or arrangement because I want them to be very realistic. Funny story: I bought two topiary trees from pottery barn outlet years ago and put them in the garage until I could get urns for them. My husband said that I needed to water them and get them outside before they die! Ha!
    There are so many good faux florals out right now. I have bought several this January. Ikea has eucalyptus; target has fiddle leaf and daisies; Kirkland’s has rosemary..etc. Speaking of target, Magnolia’s quality is so good!
    Your faux pot in the basement is one of the best! I wish I had bought one but they don’t seem to be available anymore on World Market.
    When spring arrives, I will be all over the fresh cut stems & flowers. I do love a fresh arrangement throughout the year especially holidays or birthdays!
    I caught your stories over the weekend with your bathroom update. How satisfying was putting down the cording (heating) for the floor…yes! The tile looks amazing! Happy Monday!

    1. They really are! That is so funny about your husband… that’s how you know they look good. Ha! I bought some holiday greenery from Target that was Magnolia Brand / Hearth & Hand and I was really impressed. Oh yeah- I totally forgot about the faux plant in my basement. That one is SUPER realistic. It’s too bad they stopped making it. I’m with you- I do love fresh blooms in the spring, summer, and special occasions, but I also like the convenience of faux arrangements in the winter. It has been such a pleasant surprise! Hope your week is off to a great start :) xo

  3. Ok, you may have me convinced! I don’t have any faux house plants – too many real ones – but I do have a few tall floral stems that I switch out seasonally. Those peonies and roses you linked are next level, though! Peony season is so short, too, so it makes sense to buy faux.

    1. The peonies look beautiful in person!! I can’t wait to style them. It really is a bummer that peony season is so short. Once my real ones start blooming, I should share a side-by-side photo of the real arrangement versus a faux arrangement and see if anyone could tell the difference. That could be a really fun experiment! xo

  4. I’m too much of a snob when it comes to faux. Currently I have a pretty realistic set of faux eucalyptus stems, and two realistic Lily’s. I find it difficult to use faux a ton in my home, because the realistic ones come with a hefty price tag!! Since I find a ton of joy in caring for plants and gardening, you’ll find more living plants in my home. I say anything that brings you joy should be in your home, faux or real!! Yours are gorgeous! That bathroom though!!! I’ve been stalking your stories for updates because I know it’s going to be amazing! Freezing cold here in SoCal, but without the snow or rain reward! ☹️

    1. I feel like that’s a totally different story (and amazing point) Lauren! If you enjoy plants, gardening, and caring for living arrangements- THAT is definitely what you should fill your home with :) I’m just finding at this point in my life, time is off the essence and the things, like taking care of plants, are more annoying for me these days. I’m hoping I’ll get back to loving that someday though. All of that to say- I love your “anything that brings you joy, bring it in” mentality… that’s my mindset too. I’m very excited about the bathroom. It’s finally coming together. I’m sharing the finished floor tile in a blog post tomorrow. Woohoo! I hope it warms up for you in CA. xo

  5. I may be a little biased, but I think’s florals are some of the best I’ve ever seen. Some of them are “real touch” too, so even touching them isn’t a giveaway that they’re faux!

    1. I thought some of their faux Christmas greenery looked wonderful, Kellie :) Great point! xo

  6. What is the leaf arrangement in the blue and white vase next to the wooden bowl in your kitchen in the picture above? I don’t see the link here or in your faux plant/greenery roundup. Sorry if I”m missing it! And THANK YOU for all the work you do with these. I just discovered your blog about six months ago and love everything you do. And I enjoy the dog-related stuff too. We also have two dogs, and I think no home is complete without my four-legged kids.

    1. I’m sorry, Holly- I think those were discontinued! I bought them over the summer. The olive branch arrangement looks similar though! I almost like that one better than mine. Ha! Thanks so much for your kind words :) I really appreciate you showing up to read and comment! You’re SO right- no home is complete without the fur babies. xox

  7. Kerri Hansen says:

    I agree that faux florals and greenery are an excellent way to bring life and color into your home. I have a brown thumb, so have become a fan of “faking it”. I know there is no way I could keep a fiddle tree alive, so it only makes sense for me to go faux. I am lucky because we have an adorable local store that carries the most amazing faux florals – Trims in Edgemont Village for any readers from Vancouver. They are definitely on the pricey side, but sometimes you get what you pay for…that being said, I have also seen some really great faux greenery coming out of Target these days! It’s so great to have so many options! Thanks for the round up, will be clicking though each one!

    1. Such a great resource in Vancouver! Thanks for sharing Kerri :) Have a wonderful day. xo

  8. Man, the downside of being a professional horticulturalist is that even the “good” fakes scream fake to me. I would love to have more indoor greenery. That said, #17 sure is tempting. And I actually own a fake aspidistra that has fooled plenty of people (bought it for the pot, kept it when I realized I couldn’t keep the real thing alive in my cave of a house)!

    Instead of taking the time to do arrangements, I have a bunch of little bud vases and just cut a little of whatever’s blooming or interesting and stick it in there, and then rinse and throw in the dishwasher to sterilize when the flowers fade. It doesn’t take a big bouquet to lift my mood. Plus I like how things change seasonally. Right now, it’s daffodils!

    1. That is definitely a downside, ha! That’s actually the reason I started buying faux… after moving into our current house, the windows and lighting wasn’t optimal for our existing live plants. All of them died and I was missing greenery and life in the house! I love your idea of bud vases- fast, easy, and they have the same effect :) Thanks Lori! xo