Outdoor Living Space ‘Get the Look’

Outdoor Living Space Get the LookIn case you missed it, this post goes along with a client project I shared yesterday. I took SO many images, I thought it would be best to break the ‘Get the Look’ into a separate post in hopes that it would be easier to navigate and pin. Click through for a few more images of a dreamy outdoor living space and for alllllll the links & sources…

Outdoor Swing BedEveryone wanted to know all about that hanging swing. It is seriously the coolest. I’m also pretty sure if you have kids or are trying to create a family-friendly space, they’re going to love the hanging chairs as well.

Pair of Hanging Chairs

Covered Outdoor Living SpaceDo you guys have a favorite part or section of this space? Just when I think I’ve figured out the best one, I change my mind. Click around and find all of the sources below…


Outdoor Patio Space Get the Look01: chandelier // 02: modern outdoor sconce // 03: lanterns // 04: cement side table // 05: outdoor area rug // 06: outdoor ottoman // 07: concrete dining table // 08: dining chairs // 09: console table // 10: moroccan pouf // 11: hanging bed // 12: sunbrella cushions for hanging bed // 13: outdoor woven pillow // 14: fringe outdoor pillow // 15: outdoor pillow with contrast edge // 16: outdoor lumbar pillow // 17: outdoor cocktail table // 18: pom pom throw // 19: outdoor sofa // 20: martini side table // 21: neutral outdoor cushion // 22: concrete coffee table // 23: turkish cushion // 24: vintage cushion cover // 25: industrial outdoor wall sconce // 26: hanging chairs // 27: firewood holder // 28: turkish pillow // 29: natural cushion // 30: sideboard storage

Outdoor Lounge

Outdoor SofaAlthough the sofas were existing, I really like their square arm shape and all weather function. The engineered woven wicker is safe to be left outdoors year round (even in Ohio).

Outdoor ConsoleIf you’re wondering about specific pieces, like the weathered console table. Sadly for anyone wanting that exact thing, it’s vintage and one-of-a-kind. I did link some of my favorites that I think would work well with the other pieces in the collage above.

PlantsI’ll leave you with these two cuties, because they were the stars of the photoshoot! I wish I could end all posts with adorable dogs. In a perfect world…

Hanging Swing BedLastly, I have to give a giant thank you to Carmen for letting me shoot her finished project and for sticking out the humidity during the shoot with me! I’m pretty sure she singlehandedly moved a thousand pound coffee table (ha!) so I could position the rug just right. Girlfriend is strong!! Long story short, I’ve been living in the west for almost a year now, and I think I had forgotten about those brutal sticky Midwest summers- all of this to say, I really appreciated her help and enjoyed sharing the project. What do you guys think? Was it worth it?! I’m happy to answer any questions in the comments below.

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  1. I can’t pick a favorite! The swinging chairs, the chandelier, the concrete table, the hanging bed… it’s too good!

    1. Thanks so much, Alex!! I seriously can’t decide either.

  2. Also, that cutie little white/concrete planter in the next to last photo is legit!

    1. I believe that little guy came from HomeGoods.

  3. Love the while look. What is the paint brand/color in the living room?

  4. classic • casual • home says:

    You did such a lovely job! So fresh and welcoming.

  5. Renee Lindberg says:

    Anyone else having trouble with the link to the chandelier?

    1. Sorry Renee! This post was from a couple years ago and it has since sold out / been discontinued. Xox

  6. I’m dying over that chandelier, but I don’t see anything like it on AllModern. Any other sources for something similar?