October Moodboard

black-marble-brass-october-moodboardDuring my recent trip to the Polycor quarry in Georgia (more on that later), I was asked what type of stone I’m most attracted to lately. To my surprise, the answer was easy… it just sort of spilled out of my mouth, without having to think about it. I didn’t realize I was momentarily over European carrara until that moment. The truth is, there will always be a place for classic white marble with grey veining, like carrara, but to be honest- I’m bored seeing it everywhere. Don’t get me wrong- it’s gorgeous, I’m just ready for a little variety. That’s when I so easily answered: dark marble. This month’s moodboard is just that- extra moody. It’s deep, textured, luxurious, and new. Click through to see what’s inspiring me and shop my dark marble October finds.

october-moodboard01: tulip table // 02: french match boxes // 03: marbled candle // 04: marble serving board // 05: marble and brass clock // 06: bathroom accessories // 07: marble floor tile // 08: marble table lamp // 09: marble cheese knives // 10: marble side table // 11: marble vase // 12: marble tile // 13: marble coffee table

You guys know I’ve always wanted a marble tulip table (#1) and this one is wayyyy better looking than the white version. Penny tile or hex tile (#7) is a go-to material that withstands the test of time… I love the way it looks in marble as opposed to ceramic or porcelain. The white veining against the black is a sophisticated detail that breathes new life into a mainstream (been there, done that) tile. I’m really digging the warm brass tones against the black marble!

To sum up the introduction, I ordered a slab of dark charcoal marble after that quarry visit. The first place you’re going to see it installed in my new house is the living room. Emmett is hard at work on the custom fireplace and built-ins as we speak. The fireplace is getting a dark marble upgrade and I seriously can’t wait to share it with you!!

What do you think of marble? Are you ready for a change, too? If you’re a classic carrara lover, that’s ok… I am too. It will most likely end up in my bathroom during this renovation, but for now- I’m all about its dark counterpart. Favorites from the October Moodboard? Let’s hear them!!

image: elle decor

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  1. Ann Heltzel says:

    Oh Sarah, you are making me jealous. I want to redo my whole house! Love these grays!

    1. Ha! Yes- they’re gorgeous!