My Obsession with EBTH

EBTH ArtworkI’m not going to lie, part of me wanted to tell you about this, and part of me didn’t. This is one of my go-to websites and I kind of liked keeping the secret to myself…. but (lucky for you guys), I decided to divulge one of my best kept design resources. I’m definitely not kidding when I say I have an obsession with EBTH. I’ve mentioned and linked this company before, because SO much of the stuff in my house came from here. It’s a giant host for online estate sales and trust me when I tell you, you can find treasure. Click through to see how I’ve used and styled the items I’ve won over the years, and my favorite picks you could score right now on their site… 

First of all, I started shopping EBTH (Everything But the House) a few years ago while living in Ohio. They’re headquartered in Cincinnati and I would frequent their warehouse in search of furniture and decor… locals- you’ve gotta check it out. The concept is simple, items from estate sales across the country are listed and you can shop by sale, by product, etc. You bid on the products and if you win, you can decide to pick it up at the estate sale (a home or storage unit, usually) or have it shipped directly to your door.

EBTH Vintage RugMy strategy? I visit the site regularly (about once a week because I don’t want to miss anything), and like any items I might want to have. Then I keep an eye on those items and on the ending day of the sale, I place my bids. I like to swoop in at the end and hope for the best. Just make sure you have a top price and don’t bid over your set amount. I’ve gotten into trouble with my budgeting husband before- all because I had the urge to win. Ha!

EBTH OttomansHere’s a glimpse at some pieces I’ve won over the past few years.

EBTH WinsYou can find them styled throughout my home and in the images within this post. You’ll also see a lot of these items installed in my living room reveal tomorrow (the rug, credenza, coffee table, side table, and geodes)!  Here’s a little sneak peek…

EBTH FurnitureIt’s hard to choose what item is my ‘best find’ or absolute favorite… I think it’s a close tie between the burl credenza and original art print. The best part? I didn’t have to leave my house and go to an actual estate sale in person (the introvert and homebody inside of me was stoked). Regardless, looking back… my most heartfelt pieces have all came from EBTH. I’m not sure if it’s the thrill of the chase or my love for vintage decor, but there’s something really special about these items.

Here’s what I’m loving on the EBTH site right now, and I promise I won’t bid against you (although it’s tempting). Someone please go try to win some of these amazing finds and give them a good home!

EBTH Finds01: modern leather loveseat // 02: lithograph pair // 03: vintage area rug // 04: 20th century lap desk // 05: alabaster bookends // 06: wood and glass coffee table // 07: modern green armchairs // 08: lingerie chest // 09: ink drawing on paper // 10: art deco trunk // 11: l.a. porter oil painting // 12: contemporary tufted sofa // 13: green bokhara area rug // 14: mid century chest // 15: cane settee // 16: solid oak hutch // 17: ceramic vase // 18: joan miro woodblock print // 19: mid century dining set 

The price really depends on the item and day of the sale. I’ve seen thousand dollar items go for under $100, but sometimes they’re more accurate to their estimated value. You can seriously score big. It’s all about frequenting the sales and keeping a close eye on what you want. I’ve won plenty of original art and accessories for under $10 and $20. I’ve also been known to splurge on a rug that probably went for way more than it was worth… but it fit my space perfectly and the color palette was ideal.

See anything in the above collage that catches your eye? I wish my office was ready to decorate, I’d grab that settee, love seat, or green chair pairing pretty fast.

EBTH GeodesWhether you’re in the market for big furniture, accessories, or nothing at all- my guess is that you’ll also get sucked into this awesome online resource. Sorry, not sorry! I’d love to hear about your best vintage or estate sale finds in the comments below! What’s something you scored or inherited that you could never ever get rid of?

*This post is brought to you in collaboration with EBTH. I have been shopping here for years and seriously love the vintage decor found on their site. All content, ideas, and words are my own. Thank you for supporting the sponsors that allow us to create unique content while featuring products we truly use and enjoy!

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  1. Love EBTH! I haven’t had much luck with finding things before, but lately there has been so much good stuff!! Currently bidding on the cutest hand painted terra cotta pot because…why not?!

    1. I’m totally addicted. I just won a concrete planter. Fingers crossed that terra cotta one comes home to you!! xo

  2. kddomingue says:

    Do you have to arrange shipping yourself or does EBTH handle that for you? And does the shipping costs outweigh the savings on that solid oak hutch for example?

    1. They handle everything! There is a shipping calculator tab inside each item. If I’m planning to have something shipped, I always check the shipping quote first. It really depends on the item and location. Pickup is obviously free, so that’s ideal, but I’ve had plenty of items shipped with no problem at all. Hope this helps! xo

  3. Thanks for the tip Sarah! I will have to check out the warehouse in Cincy as well. Let us know if you are ever back in Ohio, would love to say hi!!

    1. You should check out their warehouse sale. I have no idea when it is, but it’s super cool. I’ll definitely let you know the next time I’m back in Dayton :) … if you guys take any ski vacations in Utah, shoot me a text! xo

  4. kimmyintx says:

    Killer score with that credenza, what a beauty! Dying over the photo above and your black picture light!!

    1. Thank you!! I love that credenza. I think it was under $200. I’m tellin’ ya… EBTH for the win ;) xo