How to Mix Metals and Choose Kitchen Plumbing Fixtures & Hardware

How to Mix Metals and Choose Plumbing Fixtures & Hardware - roomfortuesday.comThe big kitchen reveal is happening VERY soon (once I’m back home from holiday travels), but in the meantime- I have some sneak peeks for you packed into this post! One question I’m frequently asked is how to mix metals and choose appropriate hardware and plumbing fixtures for a kitchen. I’m actually all about metal mixing and highly encourage it! If you’re looking to create a layered, sophisticated look… I’m spilling the details and tricks of the trade. Click through to read all about how to mix metals and choose plumbing fixtures & hardware.

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How to Mix Metals and Choose Plumbing Fixtures & Hardware - roomfortuesday.comFirst up, let’s chat plumbing fixtures. What plumbing fixtures do you need or want in your kitchen? I’m copying a little list below to help you pick & choose.

How to Mix Metals and Choose Plumbing Fixtures & Hardware -

How to Mix Metals and Choose Plumbing Fixtures & Hardware -


Q: Is it ok to mix styles? For example, use a traditional pot filler from one collection and get a modern kitchen faucet from another?

Hmmm… I prefer to stick to the same style for consistency- especially if you’re mixing metals. My plumbing fixtures are all from the Rohl Country Kitchen line available at Lowe’s. With that being said- some design rules are meant to be broken, so go with your gut if it’s telling you to mix things up!

How to Mix Metals and Choose Plumbing Fixtures & Hardware -

Q: How do you know which plumbing fixtures fit your existing setup?

Carefully read the specs prior to purchasing! If you’re replacing existing plumbing fixtures, make sure they fit your sink, garbage disposal, current plumbing, etc. You might have to replace valves as well, so that’s something to be aware of. If you’re curious about different types of sinks and which one best fits your kitchen or aesthetic, check out this post.

How to Mix Metals and Choose Plumbing Fixtures & Hardware -

Q: Is it ok to mix metals in regards to plumbing fixtures?

Again- go with your instinct because there is no wrong answer, but I prefer to keep plumbing items consistent, then bring in alternative metals with cabinetry hardware, lighting, accessories, etc. For example, my faucet, pot filler, lighting, and drain are all polished nickel, but my cabinetry hardware is all antique brass. I like mixing metals by function and groupings.

How to Mix Metals and Choose Plumbing Fixtures & Hardware - roomfortuesday.comLastly, let’s talk about cabinetry hardware and mixing metals. This is the area that makes a big impact in terms of kitchen design. Hardware really influences the overall aesthetic! It’s like the jewelry to an outfit.

How to Mix Metals and Choose Plumbing Fixtures & Hardware - roomfortuesday.comI’ve had sooooo many questions about our cabinetry hardware already. It’s even more gorgeous in person! Like everything else in the space, it’s from Lowe’s. I loved the designer look, beautiful finish, and the price point fit the budget (win / win). My biggest piece of advice is to mix and match hardware. Play with different size pulls in the same style & finish. Mix and match knobs, bin pulls, cup pulls, appliance pulls, etc. It really adds variation and makes a kitchen look high-end… even if you’re on a budget! I specifically selected the Amerock gilded bronze hardware from Lowe’s because they had so many varying sizes to choose from. I’ll leave you with some designer tips & tricks below…

How to Mix Metals and Choose Plumbing Fixtures & Hardware -

  • mix & match cabinetry hardware sizes (use a variety of cabinet pull lengths, etc)
  • install unexpected pairings (for long drawers- use two pulls instead of one, etc)
  • replace basic appliance hardware with matching (cabinetry) appliance pulls
  • mix metals for a layered look
  • keep things consistent (use the same style of hardware)

The moral of this post? Don’t be afraid to shake things up, experiment with two to three different metals, and don’t skimp on hardware & plumbing fixtures. These items are like accessories for your kitchen and spending time and thought on them makes a HUGE impact on the way your kitchen looks from an aesthetic point-of-view.

How to Mix Metals and Choose Plumbing Fixtures & Hardware - roomfortuesday.comIf you’re wondering about the products seen in my kitchen throughout this post, I’ll link things below. Again- everything is from Lowe’s…. cabinetry, hardware, fixtures, tile, lighting, etc. Otherwise, stay tuned for the reveal very very soon, where I’ll link every single source!

How to Mix Metals and Choose Plumbing Fixtures & Hardware - roomfortuesday.com01: rohl country kitchen faucet // 02: bedrosians cloe tile in grey // 03: rohl country kitchen pot filler // 04: amerock cabinet pull gilded bronze // 05: amerock gilded bronze cabinet knob // 06: bruce addison hardwood flooring // 07: diamond cabinets, door style lisette, color maritime // sink: kohler whitehaven in black

I seriously can’t wait to shoot and share the finished space with you. Here’s to hoping we can get it completely finished before going out of town. Have a great week, friends!

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  1. Such great advice. Mixing metals seems essential for an interesting and beautiful kitchen, but oh the choices! Your kitchen is gonna be 🔥! Psyched for the reveal!! Have a safe and relaxing trip!

    1. Most definitely! Hope you had a relaxing and fun trip in AZ :) Are you reunited with Joe?!

      1. I’m still in AZ until Saturday, so I am petting every fluffy dog I see!😟

        1. Fun!! Well enjoy the rest of vacay- he’ll be happy to see you once you’re back, and I’m sure you’ll be greeted with lots of tail wagging, cuddles, and affection :)

  2. I found you somewhat recently and have been reading several of your posts. Just wanted to say thanks for such thoughtful and detailed blog posts in an era where blog posts are not as popular :) Your Instagram account is great, too…but I certainly still appreciate a good blog post!

    1. Aw thank you Abby! I really appreciate that. I’m with you- I’ll always love blogs (and go straight to the source) as opposed to social media. It feels more authentic, I think. I’m so glad you’re here :)

  3. I want to mix metals in a powder room. Keeping chrome faucet, towel holder and soap dispenser. I’m swapping out light fixture to antique brass. I am going to do like a moss/army green cabinet so thought the polished brass knobs would look nice but is it better to get antique brass knobs to match the light fixture?