Home Tour : Isle of Wight Victorian

Home Tour : Isle of Wight Victorian - roomfortuesday.comAfter a busy weekend of outdoor cleaning, gardening, and putting our exterior living spaces back together, I figured the best way to kick off the week here on the blog was with an easy and inspiring home tour! Today I’m taking you to the south coast of England to the Isle of Wight to tour a stunning, eclectic, and historic Victorian home designed by the talented Mark Smith of Smith Creative. Click through for a quick and quirky English home tour…

Home Tour : Isle of Wight Victorian - roomfortuesday.com

Home Tour : Isle of Wight Victorian - roomfortuesday.comI like the simple millwork throughout the main level of this home, with the beautiful dentil moulding, cased doorways & windows, and paneled doors.

Home Tour : Isle of Wight Victorian - roomfortuesday.comThe furnishings, decor, textiles, and art definitely give this historic Victorian home a more modern feel, along with the moody paint colors.

Home Tour : Isle of Wight Victorian - roomfortuesday.com

Home Tour : Isle of Wight Victorian - roomfortuesday.comI loved the art and styling in the entryway- that gallery wall is fabulous, along with the striped stair runner and marble console.

Home Tour : Isle of Wight Victorian - roomfortuesday.comI enjoyed perusing the bedroom styling and appreciate the integration of antiques paired alongside newer, modern pieces for a lovely juxtaposition.

Home Tour : Isle of Wight Victorian - roomfortuesday.com

Home Tour : Isle of Wight Victorian - roomfortuesday.comThe bathroom may be one of my favorite rooms in this home, with its glossy gray subway tile, vintage mirror, and harlequin floors. It certainly has a very European feel.

Home Tour : Isle of Wight Victorian - roomfortuesday.com

Home Tour : Isle of Wight Victorian - roomfortuesday.com

Home Tour : Isle of Wight Victorian - roomfortuesday.comI also loved seeing a proper mudroom fit for the English countryside…. the perfect place to kick off your boots, hang your hat, and store your adventure & gardening goods. The charming outdoor dining space was also a fun surprise!

Home Tour : Isle of Wight Victorian - roomfortuesday.com

Home Tour : Isle of Wight Victorian - roomfortuesday.comIsn’t this house incredible? You can take the full tour here! Did you enjoy this one? Two home tours in one month… I told you I’ve been saving some good ones for days like today! It has been SO busy over here- between doctor appointments, work, Emmett’s recovery, and getting things in order for the summer season ahead, I’m looking forward to a slower June. With that said, I did get everything photographed outside over the weekend, so next week I’m going to have five(!) outdoor living tours for you. I’m breaking them each into individual shorter blog posts, rather than one giant tour. Expect a blog post everyday next week, beginning on Monday… it’s going to be a week long celebration of outdoor living, all things exterior, with perfect timing for Memorial Day weekend. I’m excited! Have a good week, friends.

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  1. Good morning! Oh my goodness! Now that’s how you mesh modern with antiques. I think those exterior shots tell the story. Solar panels in the back, storybook in the front. I mean, that front elevation near took me out. The combination of the two-tone brick and dentil moulding detail plus that fantastic fascia curlicue trim? Mercy. Even the bird deterrent looks stunning. Ha. I, personally, love the more common British interior mashup of Liberty florals and timeworn pieces, but this home says sophistication. The simple millwork is perfect, and the dentil moulding is my favorite favorite! I feel like I never see it. Is it harder to work with? Old fashioned? Those old, wide plank floors in the entry are dreamy! I don’t love carpeting, but the tonal stripe/chevron is nice. I fully endorse the moody plus neutral palette. I guess it’s the overall lack of pattern that makes the spaces seem pared back? Because on further inspection, accessories abound! I’m digging the dark, iron pieces: the raven on the mantle and that killer wall candelabra? I quite like the contrast of the vintage (antique?) casegoods (never met a bombe chest I didn’t like!) with the lighter, almost bleached side tables. The artwork, too, is just a lovely mélange. The three stacked pieces in the bedroom are so, so beautiful. And of course, what’s better in the world than an English garden? I think the rain there would generally not agree with this sun-worshipper; although we had a weekend in the 90s, so I might reconsider! I’m definitely going to click over for the full tour! Speaking of tours, 5 next week?! You really were busy this weekend! All of your hauling furniture and power washing made me feel extra lazy. HA. Cheers to a great week, Sarah!💜

    1. Hi Peggi! Right? The modern pieces meets antique is exquisitely done. The exterior is what made me click into this tour… new meets old, super charming, and set in the picturesque countryside. I wish I could teleport and see it in person! I’m also a fan of dentil moulding. I think it’s just a stylistic choice that isn’t as common. I believe it’s more common in colonial, revival, and greek homes. I wish there were some in our house. You’ve already hit the 90’s?! It was in the 80’s here over the weekend and I’m already wishing for cooler weather, ha. Summer may be interesting. It was a busy weekend gathering and photographing our outdoor areas. 5 tours coming up next week, indeed! I’m ready for a lazy weekend ahead to enjoy my efforts. I definitely missed Emmett’s help moving all the heavy stuff. He’s still bedridden, boo. Hope your week is off to a good start! xo

  2. What a stupendous tour! Good morning and happy Monday. I’m in love with old brick exterior homes- especially when they boast this much character and charm. Gabled windows, climbing Ivy, and the stunning cap detail on the corners of the exterior- what a dream! The interior doesn’t disappoint either. The entryway is captivating. The gallery wall, entry doors, taxidermy and collected treasures make this feel like another room. Cozy. My favorite element of the living space is the concave mirror above the fireplace. Every space in this home feels bespoke- between the antique pieces to be found within, the well suited furnishings, paired with a montage of collected artifacts, these spaces feel lived in and loved. There’s an animal lover who lives here- the raven on the fireplace, the Scotty dog next to the fireplace, the sheep in the bedroom window, and more Scotties on the bedside table- what a joy of a home to peak into! There is so much to be seen, yet the rooms don’t feel overbearing; perhaps because the patterns are simple and subtle. Anyone else notice that only rugs and pillows contain pattern? The garden definitely doesn’t disappoint. There’s a spot for morning coffee! I’d never feel compelled to accomplish anything, ha! Thanks for the tour Sarah. My oh my you’ve been busy this weekend. I’m excited to see your outdoor spaces- you really did get those pulled together right before the Viburnum popped! Cheers to a lovely week ahead friend! Xoxo

    1. Happy Monday, Lauren! Wasn’t that a fun one? The exterior is so dreamy. My favorite spaces inside are the entryway, bath, and moody living space. Bespoke is definitely the right adjective to describe this one. I also noticed all the animals! I didn’t notice the pattern though- great observation. It was a busy, but fun weekend indeed. I hope you had a good one, too! Emmett is still feeling pretty rough, so we’re both hoping for a better week. It seems this surgery was much worse than his knee surgery. Oof. Hope your week is off to a good start! xo