Halloween Cocktails Worth Trying

Spiced-Mulled-WineHappy Halloween! Whether you’ve been stressing about costumes or just decided to completely avoid the chaos Halloween brings each year, it goes without saying- you should probably make yourself a drink. On the contrary, if you prefer to get a little festive (like me), or need last minute entertaining ideas, shake up something seasonal for the spooky holiday. Click through for a list of the best cocktails you should enjoy TONIGHT… on Halloween

Here’s the thing… I don’t like cocktails that look “gross” (even if they taste good), just for the spirit of Halloween. I’m sorry, I just can’t get on board with sipping something that looks like brains or spiders. Anyone else out there with me?

Basically the criteria for this list is simple: delicious (obviously), seasonally appropriate, sophisticated appearance, and festive (in a non creepy or gag inducing way). Goes without saying, right? Alright… let’s start shaking these up! Everyone deserves a fancy seasonal cocktail- you might as well “celebrate”, because if there’s an excuse to drink on a Tuesday night, then why not? Amiright?

Here we go… the top 10!! I’ll be drinking number one tonight.

10   //   P E A R    G I N G E R    B E L L I N I

Pear-Ginger-BelliniI like a simple cocktail that takes less than 10 minutes to throw together. I’m also a big fan of bubbly… this cocktail contains both, so it was a win / win.

click here for the recipe!

9   //   P O O R    L I Z A    C O C K T A I L

Poor-Liza-CocktailThis one comes from my friend Kyla and is an old prohibition recipe. Clearly, you don’t mess with classic! She had me at the pear brandy. I like the way it looks- just as good as it tastes.

click here for the recipe!


8   //   A F F I G A T O    S P E C I A L E

affogato-specialeOne of my all-time favorite fall dessert cocktails.. the affogato. There’s nothing quite like booze, gelato, and a hot shot of espresso to remind you of the season! It’s warm and cold at the same time.

click here for the recipe!


7   //   H O T    B U T T E R E D    R U M

Hot Buttered Rum for HalloweenMy pal Joanna is the queen of cocktails. You can’t go wrong with her hot buttered rum, and all of those seasonal flavors mixed into one warming drink. Done deal!

click here for the recipe!


6   //   P O I S O N E D   A P P L E    C O C K T A I L

poisoned-apple-halloween-cocktailI’m not going to lie… I had to put this one into the roundup because LOOK at it. It’s beautiful and enchanting- plus it’s called the ‘poison apple’ which is mysterious and intriguing at the same time. Best of all? It’s probably the easiest cocktail on the list… it only takes 3-4 ingredients. If you like tequila- try this!

click here for the recipe!


5   //   M A P L E    B O U R B O N    C I D E R

Bourbon Maple Cider CocktailI’ve been making this one for a few years now and it’s always a crowd pleaser. In fact, I just made a giant batch for our fall backyard party last month. Whether you’re just making one cocktail for yourself, or whipping these up for your friends, they always hit the spot and taste just like fall.

click here for the recipe!


4   //   C O R P S E    R E V I V E R    C O C K T A I L

corpse-reviver-cocktailGin is my go-to liquor and I’m a sucker for citrus undertones. Although this fun cocktail might be a little dangerous (there’s also absinth in there!!), it’s one of my favorites… especially for Halloween.

click here for the recipe!


3   //   H A R D    C I D E R    P U M P K I N    F L O A T

Hard Cider Pumpkin Float CocktailIf you didn’t already guess from the affogato recipe, now you know… dessert cocktails are my jam this time of year! Pumpkin hard cider float… with creamy gelato? Twist my arm. I’ve made these as “butterbeer” for my fellow HP loving friends. Yesss!! You know that sounds amazing!

click here for the recipe!


2   //   C I N N A M O N    M A P L E    W H I S K E Y    S O U R

cinnamon-maple-whiskey-sourThis cocktail definitely has the longevity to make it into the Thanksgiving and Christmas season as well. You can’t go wrong with cinnamon, bourbon, and maple syrup.

click here for the recipe!


1   //   S P I C E D    M U L L E D    W I N E

Spiced-Mulled-Wine-RecipeLast, but not least… here’s what I’ll be sipping tonight! This is my go-to hot beverage and apparently, birthday drink for the coming year. I’ve made this in the crockpot and on the stove top and it always turns out amazing.

click here for the recipe!

What do you think? Do any of these sound appetizing? What is every doing tonight? Comment with your costume (and cocktail preference) below!!

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  1. Those all look so good! I’d have a hard time choosing just one, but I’ve been wanting to try your mulled cider recipe since last year and I haven’t done it yet. It’s on my list to try this fall! And we don’t have any plans for the night. We don’t live in a trick-or-treating area, and we didn’t dress up or do any parties this year. But we may watch a pg Halloween movie (I don’t do scary haha!) and call it a night :)

    1. It’s SO good. Let me know what you think if you end up making it. I’m the same way… I like “fun” Halloween movies instead of scary. Practical Magic is about as scary as it gets. Ha! Usually we like to pass out candy, but I’m not going to lie- this year we’re turning our porch light off and pretending we’re not home so we can snuggle in for the night. Have fun!! xox