Facebook Marketplace Finds : Nashville, TN

Facebook Marketplace Finds : Nashville, TN - roomfortuesday.comHappy Tuesday! We had lots of votes for Nashville, Tennessee last time I shared the monthly FBMP Finds post, and let me tell you- Nashville is filled with some serious treasure (in terms of furniture & decor)! Emmett and I have family in Nashville, so admittedly I text some listings to my sister-in-law before going live with this one. I wasn’t surprised to find a LOT of amazing wood furniture and antiques in Nashville. I feel like the southern cities are filled with high-end designer pieces or case goods that could be classified within the grand millennial aesthetic. Click through to see what I found! 

*Photo disclaimer… I pulled the following images directly from Facebook Marketplace, so the size and quality of some isn’t the best. Ready to see my finds?

Lane End Tables

Facebook Marketplace Finds : Nashville, TN - roomfortuesday.comDisregard what looks like a bra hanging on the doorknob in the background (yikes!), because this pair of lane bedside tables is a steal. They’re in beautiful condition and are priced to sell at $165. They’ve been listed for quite awhile and have already been marked down once, so I’m guessing you could snag the two of them for $150. Lane is a high-end luxury brand and these are very well made. If you’re looking for a matching Lane desk, I found one here that goes with these nightstands!

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Clawfoot Table

Facebook Marketplace Finds : Nashville, TN - roomfortuesday.comThis round clawfoot pedestal table is made of tiger oak and looks very heavy and high-end. It’s a gorgeous piece that would look amazing in a dining room or entry! It’s priced at $150, which seems more than fair- and is in amazing condition.

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Upholstered Chairs

Facebook Marketplace Finds : Nashville, TN - roomfortuesday.comTwo upholstered chairs for $100- or maybe less, as the seller seems motivated! These have a gorgeous frame and casters. I absolutely love the shape, but would probably reupholster them (although the fabric seems to be in excellent condition). Can’t you just envision these in a beautiful Schumacher fabric or animal print?

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Project Desk

Facebook Marketplace Finds : Nashville, TN - roomfortuesday.comFor $75, this would be an incredible project desk! The shape is nice, the hardware is beautiful, and is has really pretty details. It definitely needs refinishing (the route I would take) or a paint job, but it has a ton of potential! It’s a quality piece of furniture for the price… it just needs some elbow grease.

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Facebook Marketplace Finds : Nashville, TN - roomfortuesday.comWhy oh why can’t I find stunning settees in every city but my own?! I have been on the hunt for a vintage settee with this shape forever and keep striking out. I’m willing to bet this is Hickory Chair brand or another high-end furniture maker. Obviously it needs to be reupholstered (unless the rainbow fabric fits your aesthetic), but it’s a worthy investment. I’m positive it has a kiln dried frame and that curvy shape is to die for. It was listed over 5 weeks ago for $100, so I bet you could get it for less… a total steal!

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Drexel Heritage Dining Set

Facebook Marketplace Finds : Nashville, TN - roomfortuesday.comWhere are my grand millennial fans in Nashville at? This is for you! This Drexel Heritage dining set is in pristine condition. Can’t you just imagine those chairs reupholstered? I love the shape of the table and the medium wood tone. This has been listed for quite awhile and has already been marked down once. I’d offer $400-$450 and see what happens.

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Marble Top End Tables

Facebook Marketplace Finds : Nashville, TN - roomfortuesday.comWhen I went thrifting a few weeks ago, I came across one of these tables and everyone was bummed that I didn’t snag it, but it was pretty wobbly and we don’t need another project. These seems to be in fantastic condition, look very sturdy, and I’m digging those beautiful marble tops.

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Vintage Henredon Cabinet

Facebook Marketplace Finds : Nashville, TN - roomfortuesday.comThis gorgeous 1960s Henredon cabinet would make the perfect bar cabinet (that would be my choice of use) or bedside table! I love the details, the hardware, and the overall style. It’s a great piece that has been on the market for a quite long time. It’s currently listed at $175, but I’m will to bet you could get it for $125 or less. It seems to be available at Music City Antiques, which could be a fun thrifting trip… maybe you could find some other good pieces while you’re there.

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Large Bust

Facebook Marketplace Finds : Nashville, TN - roomfortuesday.comThis bust is large- almost 2 feet tall. It looks like it could use some cleaning, but that’s an easy fix. You could also paint it or plaster it, if you’re not into the semi gloss finish. The composition and scale are great! It’s listed at $50, but I think you could get it for less… it has also been on the market for awhile.

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Antique Table

Facebook Marketplace Finds : Nashville, TN - roomfortuesday.comI found this beautiful wood table for the last listing. It’s a unique piece with incredible woodworking and stunning hardware! I have a feeling it won’t be available for long. It’s listed at $150, which feels like an amazing price. Nashville really had some awesome wood pieces, case goods, and tables.

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Nashville (and surrounding areas) friends- I hope you’re able to snag some of these finds! I was tempted to ask my sister-in-law to grab a couple things for me, as our family is hoping to drive from the south to visit us later this year (we haven’t seen most of them in over two years, so my fingers are crossed). I feel like the southern states are a gold mine for thrifting gorgeous furniture. Do you have favorites from this post? Where should I search next month?! I can tally the list I keep on file. I hope you’re having a good week so far! We’re currently en route, road tripping to Joshua Tree, but I have posts lined up for the remainder of the week, so keep checking back… I just might be a little slow to respond to comments while on vacation.

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  1. Definitely some amazing wood furniture! The scale of those paws and the beautiful tiger oak grain really make that table. While I would definitely want to reupholster them, the style of those occasional chairs with casters earn my vote for office chair. Speaking of a desk which I do not need, I really like the fluted corners and the hardware on that example. It seems worthy of a refinish. That settee? A screaming deal just begging to sit at the end of a bed or in your entry? (It looks the perfect size for Joe or Crosby.🤣) I would snap up that dining room set; I love everything about it! My favorite find is the Diana bust. I’d claim her in a heartbeat! The south certainly seems rich with great finds!
    Here’s wishing you safe travels and sunshine! I’ll be anxious to hear any recommendations from Joshua Tree; we’re determined to reschedule our trip someday. Bon voyage!🌵😎

    1. I thought so too! The table is really gorgeous and I love the heavy scale and feet details. Those chairs would be perfect for an office chair… I wish they were closer to me. That settee, whew. I REALLY want that. If only I could find one in Salt Lake or Park City. That dining set is really a gem. The Diana bust is such a nice size! I’ll be sure to share a Joshua Tree post once we’re back. 5 stars for the airbnb- it’s beautiful :)

  2. Wow, those were some great finds! And good prices too. I’m in driving distance to Nashville and would have jumped on that last antique table but it already sold ☹️. And that round pedestal table is real tempting. I think you may need to put Nashville in your rotation for this series 😬. And maybe Atlanta.

    Hope you and Emmett have a glorious weekend. Safe travels!

    1. I’m so bummed it sold before you could get to it, Melissa! The pedestal table really is beautiful. I’ll add Atlanta to the list :) And thanks so much! xo

  3. Melanie T says:

    If I were starting out with few furnishings and a new home, I would be tempted to take some vacation time to ramble around the southern states with a U-Haul buying well made vintage furniture. I think you are correct with your hunch that the south is a goldmine for FBMP scores like you highlighted here. I wonder if it has something to do with proximity to North Carolina, home to almost every reputable furniture company in America in the 20th century. I am admittedly a furniture addict, and pieces like these have me appreciating their value.

    1. Right? That sounds like a fantastic, dreamy idea! I would love to a thrifting “tour”. The south and east coast truly is a goldmine for antiques and vintage furniture…. its so much different than what we have available here in Utah.

  4. Jennifer Laura says:

    Sooo many treasures! I have found the most amazing pieces on marketplace, things I would NEVER have been able to afford normally, it’s the best- love these finds!

    1. So many!! I’m with you… FBMP has made many things that have been well out of my budget, attainable. It’s a fun place and great resource if you have the time to invest :)

  5. Treasure trove indeed!! I’m in love with those end tables-they remind me a bit of your dining room table. Beautiful shape and condition! The chairs on casters would look gorgeous with a Schumacher fabric- and what a lovely way to bring them back to a more classic, traditional aesthetic. The settee is a gorgeous shape-and I’m with Peggi, as soon as I saw this I pictured entryway. Obviously the upholstery needs to be redone, but Sarah! The things you could do with this! The Drexel dining set is swoon worthy. I love the shape of the legs, the exquisite top-and that wood tone is perfect. I would definitely reupholster the cushions, but it’s a lovely find. The pair of marble tables 😍😍 I mean, does it get any better than that?? And that bust….why can’t I live in the south?? You’re so lucky to have family out there Sarah! You definitely need to snag that settee and work your magic on it, especially since you’ve been looking for one for so long! Nashville is a goldmine, and I hope another of your readers is able to snag something. Have a safe drive to Joshua Tree, and the most amazing time.

    1. Right?! I also love those end tables… the edge details are definitely similar to our dining table. I wish the settee was closer, because that’s EXACTLY what I’m looking for. Nashville really is a gold mine! Thanks Lauren- we safely arrived and are having a nice sunny day over here :) Hope you have a great Wednesday! xo

  6. Nicola Wilson says:

    These posts are so fun! Can you give us the information on what you search for to find such great stuff?

    1. I’m so glad you enjoy them, Nicola! I’ll work on a detailed post for how and what I search for :)

  7. LOL to the thing on the door in the background! I get a good laugh or two at the things/items in the background of posts. All the heart eyes for the tiger wood clawfoot table!! Also loving the antique side table. Those handles are gorgeous! Sarah, please tell me you had family get it?
    Have a safe trip to Cali. Enjoy the beautiful scenery and time away!

    1. Right?! I always wonder why someone would post a photo with something or someone weird in the background. Haha! I love that big table- the details and feet are so gorgeous. Our family ended up being out of town, so neither of us snagged any of these pieces. Too bad!

  8. Would you please give us insight into what word descriptions you use for searching on FB marketplace or others? I’m curious if I am going about it all wrong.

    1. Great post idea, Danna! I’ll work on that one :) Hope you’re having a great week!

  9. Please do a FBMP some where in Washington state!

    1. You got it, Teri! Adding it to my list :)

  10. Thank you for covering Nashville! If I wasn’t at furniture capacity, I’d go buy every single piece on this list (especially the end tables, clawfoot table, and cabinet). I think the “bras” in the end table photo are actually their face masks hanging off the doorknob, lol. I’ve been looking for your vintage nightstand with the marble top and lion knobs on FBMP hoping to help you find a match. I didn’t know how in the world I was going to get it to you, but I know the struggle of wanting a matching set :)

    1. No problem, Becky! LOL to the bras. I always notice the craziest things in the background of FBMP listings. Thank you so much for keeping an eye out for my nightstand match- I appreciate that so much! I haven’t had any luck. Hope you’re having a great week :) xo

  11. Kristin Richardson says:

    That last piece….I’m dying. Absolutely gorgeous. I’m not allowed to bring any new projects home currently ( 2 large antique armoires are taking up space in our family room waiting for me to work on them) but would love for you to check out Richmond VA FB market at some point!

    PS: I thought they were bras too

    1. Isn’t that so good?! I also love that piece. I’m adding Richmond to the list :)