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Minted Holiday Cards

Call me old school, but I would much rather send snail mail than an email any day. It’s probably the print designer in me, but I’m all about finding unique cards, handwriting special notes and delivering them in person or popping them in the mailbox.

While I love supporting local artists and letterpress studios year round, sometimes personalized holiday cards are difficult to find. I’ve been using Minted for a couple years now, even before they approached me for a blog post. I’ve always been impressed with the quality of their stationery, hundreds of options and customization features, as well as their lead-times. This year was no exception. We always seem to think about holiday cards at the last minute; you’re prepping for Thanksgiving and then boom- you should’ve ordered cards yesterday.

Minted Holiday Cards

With a BFA in graphic design and many hours spent on the letterpress, it’s safe to say I’m extremely picky when it comes to our Christmas cards. I like being able to specify which type and weight of paper I want. In addition to adding details like embossing, foil, and having the option to letterpress, I also prefer to adjust the typography as needed. This year I decided on a super simple, letter-pressed card.

Minted Holiday Cards

As far as the family photo is concerned, it’s a struggle every. single. year. I wish that part of the process was as easy as selecting and customizing the actual card. Even before we were married, Kalyn and I have always taken our own photos. We put the camera on the tripod, set the timer, and hope for the best. Having a large, high-energy dog definitely keeps this entertaining. It’s a good thing we take our photographs in the comfort of our own home, because people would probably think we’re insane. Picture this: 10 seconds of pure chaos… I hit the button on the camera, haphazardly run to my position, we count to three, Kalyn throws a piece of cheese towards the camera so Finn (the dog) will look at the lens, and snap- the photo takes. I’m telling you, the things we do for Christmas cards… but when they arrive in the mail, I get so excited!

The next part of the process is my favorite. I love writing notes on our cards and addressing envelopes. Call me crazy, but this is fun for me! I like to go all out: cue the Christmas music, sip hot chocolate, and bust out the calligraphy pens. This is always more fun with a friend… this year, Jacqueline and I got together to address our cards and make an afternoon of it.

Jacqueline’s family photos were much less chaotic than my own. I ran over to her house and snapped a few quick photos of her cute little family. It took about 15 minutes and about every single image was perfect. I’m thinking, “Why are ours never this easy?!”  haha. She selected a graphic card with gold foil typography. It turned out great!

Minted Holiday Cards

Do you order holiday cards every year? How about family photos? Or do you have awesome traditions that you continue every year? Happy holidays and good luck with your cards; this is the perfect time to order!

*This post is brought to you in collaboration with Minted. All content, ideas, and words are my own. Thanks for supporting the sponsors that allow us to create unique content while featuring products we truly use and enjoy.

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    Nice calligraphy, which pen is on the picture? the one with 2 sides.

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      December 3, 2015 at 3:28 pm

      Hi Vanessa! Thanks so much. The double sided pen in the image is a Tombow N15. It’s probably my favorite of all that I’ve used! It’s acid free and has a brush tip. I hope this helps! xo, Sarah

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