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Curated Room Pairings : Bedroom - roomfortuesday.comHappy Friday! I’m coming to you with a new blog series today. I’m often asked for design help and furniture pairing recommendations, so I figured this would be a fun, inspiring, and helpful post to enjoy & bookmark each month. Obviously I’ve had bedrooms on my brain lately, so that seemed like the natural place to begin. I’ve been saving so many beds, nightstands, benches, ottomans, and bedroom furniture inspiration as I’ve been tackling a couple of those rooms in my home. If you’re on the hunt for bedroom furniture or interior ideas, hopefully this post provides some ideas! Click through for the first post in my “Curated Room Pairings” series… I had a lot of fun with these. 

Curated Room Pairings : Bedroom - roomfortuesday.comI’ve curated five different looks that can easily be modified for any aesthetic. I hope these provide a good jumping off point! Whether you pull a single piece you love, want to replicate the entire look, or simply use my design plans to get your wheels turning- I’m hoping these will prove helpful if you’re in the process of, or are beginning to brainstorm your own bedroom update. In regards to pricing, I’ve selected things of all price points, so if you’re curious about the price tag- hover over the slider below for quick product specifics. These are all clickable as well!

bed // drapery panels // nightstands // table lamp // pharmacy floor lamp // zebra ottoman // area rug

This design plan feels very classic to me. It’s more minimalistic, but is filled with texture, timeless pattern & shape, and could easily blend with any interior style. It’s a great example of old meets new, as I included both modern and vintage furnishings that will withstand the test of time.

ceiling fan // bed // artwork // roman shades // lamps // bench // bolster pillow // bedside tables // sisal rug // curtains

Next, we have a more traditional design plan. I’m sure you can spy some of my personal favorites- like the barley twist furniture, Colefax & Fowler bowood lumbar pillow, and the durable sisal rug. This is a space that could be layered & styled for a maximalist take or left as is for a simplified version… which would be ideal for a guest room.

bed // wallpaper // drapery panels // mirror // nightstands // table lamps // side table // swivel chair // floor lamp

The third space feels the most modern to me. That gorgeous curved bed comes from Jake Arnold’s new collection with Crate & Barrel. I love the swooping shape- especially paired with the subtle curved bedside tables. I also incorporated a variety of textures (cotton, velvet, linen, ceramic, bouclé, and even grasscloth with the wallpaper).

drapery panels // bed // chairs // sconce // rug // nightstand // pendant // artwork // lumbar pillow // side table

Next, I was inspired to play with pattern. I think a bedroom is a great place to go crazy with texture, pattern, and finishes. I really love how the area rug, lumbar pillow, and drapery panels are all working so well together. I’m very tempted to save this entire design plan and use it for our primary suite- although that renovation is awhile away. I think this may be my personal favorite of the bunch, with bedroom number being a close second.

bed // box pleat canopy // nightstands // table lamps // wall sconce // settee // art // hamper // vintage rug

Last but not least, we have a classic neutral bedroom… but that doesn’t mean it’s lacking in design or interest. Sometimes neutrals give us the best canvas for layering! I kept the larger furnishing monochromatic- the bed, the oversized nightstands, and the box pleat canopy. I’d personally love to have a bedroom large enough for a settee, so I had to incorporate that at the foot of the bed. Paired with layered lighting, a large vintage rug, and unique artwork, this neutral design plan still includes personality.

Curated Room Pairings : Bedroom - roomfortuesday.comWhen designing a bedroom, here are a few basic tips to keep in mind…

  1. Use symmetry (or asymmetry) to your advantage… flanking nightstands, lamps, artwork, ottomans at the foot of the bed, etc. Floor planning is important!
  2. Think about the visual weight and scale of your furniture and make sure it’s all working together.
  3. Don’t forget the lighting- specifically good bedside lighting, and don’t be afraid to layer.
  4. Use texture as an opportunity to create cozy inviting moments… bedding, throws, pillows, drapery panels, carpets & rugs, etc.
  5. Don’t forget seating. Even in a small bedroom, an ottoman, chair, or bench can comes in handy. Tuck one under a bedside table if you’re short on space.
  6. Plan for seasonal swaps. Don’t design an entire room around bedding or accessories, because those are likely to change seasonally.
  7. Create your personal retreat. Fill your bedroom with things that make you happy… a luxe throw blanket, a beautiful light fixture, an organized bedside table, etc.
  8. Cut the clutter and consider storage. Choose nightstands with storage that matches your needs (open, closed, or both).
  9. Don’t forget a rug! Having a soft place for your feet to land (that also improves acoustics) is key in a bedroom.
  10. Include some thoughtful touches… think artwork, wallpaper, layered decor, and functional favorites (a hamper, trays for your beside table, florals, etc).

I’m also going to link my Pinterest board dedicated specifically to bedrooms, if you’re on the hunt for more inspiration!

Curated Room Pairings : Bedroom - roomfortuesday.comI’d love to hear your thoughts on this new blog series! Did you enjoy the first post? I’d love to hear which pairing was your personal favorite. Which one best matches your aesthetic? I’d also like to hear which room you’d like to see me tackle next? I really loved pulling this post together as it allowed me to get creative and design as I would for a client. Sometimes I miss those days… dreaming up spaces and pairings outside of my own home. Here’s to a wonderful weekend ahead!

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  1. Good morning! Yippee! Cue embarrassing level of excitement! I adore bedroom design: so many textile opportunities…plus lamps and art. I’m currently in the throes of revamping our main bedroom, so this post is über-timely. Every scheme you presented is more gorgeous than the next; I even love the feel of the sumptuous all white space (for a home without slobs and dogs🤣). Each plan contains an item that grabs me: the nightstands and your zebra bench in #1, those darling lamps in #2, that dream dolphin mirror on the striped grasscloth in #3 (sobs tears of frugality), and the lovely settee in #5. But #4 is the ultimate! My eyes just crave the pattern and details this room delivers. We don’t have room for end-of-the-bed seating, but I sure do fancy that look. And that alabaster pendant?! Dead from the luxury…plus the playful counterpoint of the checked rug? Genius!! So much inspiration here. I’m ecstatic! (Why did I give my indecisive self a deadline?!) One quick question: can a canopy bed work in a room with low-ish ceilings? I like the style but fear it will overwhelm our modest space. I’m struggling to decide on a bed. Anyway, you’re killing it with this series! I’m officially psyched. How about a library next? Is that too weird? I don’t even have a bookshelf, but I dream about a library. Ha. Whatever you decide will be amazing. Thanks for such a stupendous end to my week! Happy Pizza Friday, friends! Have the best weekend, Sarah! 💜

    1. Yay!! I love your shared excitement for this series, Peggi :) day made! Bedrooms are really fun to design- I enjoyed this creative exercise. I can’t wait to see your main bedroom post revamp. I would grab that alabaster pendant in a heartbeat for our primary, if we didn’t rely on our ceiling fan. Practicality has to win in that circumstance, but if I could have my cake and eat it too… it would be that pendant! Oof. So gorgeous! Canopy beds can absolutely work in rooms with lowish ceilings. I think they make a space feel cozy. Often times, custom canopies often connect to the ceiling. A library would be a lot of fun! I’m dreaming of all the pretty bookcases I could dig up. I hope you’re having a lovely weekend! We got 4-5″ of more snow this morning, so it has been a cozy day working at home. Both dogs had to get baths thanks to snow mats. Oof. Happy Sunday! xo

  2. You’re serving major inspiration this morning and I’m not mad about it! Immediately, #1 is the favorite. It’s the shape of the headboard and the layout. I find I’m drawn to plans that showcase a room design with windows flanking the bed- probably because for me they are difficult to work with. Bedroom #4 is a close second, for the same reason but also because it boasts the seating at the foot. Oddly enough, the beds from both of these scenarios are beds I’m considering for our primary. I love the drapery in #1, layered over the shades in #2, and let’s throw in the fan as well. I adore a settee moment at the foot of the bed, but in all honesty I love every seating option you’ve shown here. We currently have an asymmetrical seating moment with the Coffee Bean chair, but I’d love to see that evolve into something more like these scenarios. The seating arrangement in bedroom #4 is exquisite and completely my style! So many saves this morning, and now I’m wishing for the skills to put all of this in a mood board to help me narrow down my options, ha! If only I could wrap my brain around paint colors. Then we’d be in business. I love this series- it’s a helpful visual guide of sorts. I’d personally love if you did a dining room next. Perhaps one that has a fireplace (for my own selfish purposes) lol. We are back to our regularly scheduled winter program, with cold temps and sunshine. I feel for our mountain communities- many of them have received so much snow that the cities aren’t able to support clearing them. Cars have been damaged from road clearing because they were completely covered, people are stranded in their homes with dwindling supplies because they can’t get out; stores are completely closed in some of the smaller towns because rooftops have caved…if you’re the praying type, prayers for assistance and resources to these mountain communities would be appreciated. These Californians haven’t seen this level of snow in decades and their cities were completely unprepared. Cheers to pizza Friday and bedroom scheming friends!

    1. So glad you liked this one, Lauren! I’m really excited about this series, as it was a fun creative exercise for me… and an opportunity to design, just for fun. I thought you’d like number one! It also has me brainstorming and dreaming of renovating our primary someday. We got MORE snow this morning. I’m definitely ready for spring at this point. I took off from work early on Friday to go skiing and have a pow day, and I’m officially ready for bluebird spring skiing (never thought I’d say that, but here we are). Ha! California is next level snowy. I feel for you guys and will keep CA and the surrounding areas in my prayers! We’re really equipped for snow removal here and our cities do an amazing job keeping the roads clear- I’ve never been more thankful… especially after seeing CA mountain towns in the news. I have a feeling we’ll all be preparing for potential flooding, mudslides, & landslides come spring. I hope you had a fun and relaxing weekend! I’ve got to get back to painting. I’ve been tackling the basement bedroom before Laurie Anne arrives in a few days :) xo

  3. Let’s be real I could easily live with any of these pairings Sarah! They are all beautiful 😍 Number 1 would work perfectly in our Canadian home. While I don’t need any furniture I am planning on new bedding this year. I have spied a charcoal grey duvet with white pinstripe, kind of a tailored Ralph Lauren feel. I currently have a white one and I love it but I’ve washed it death as Lorrie does sleep with us. The white shows her little sleep circle quite prominently so I’m going darker with bedding this time. I have a quilt at the bottom of the bed but she loves migrating to the white cover, of course 🥰
    Number 5 would be beautiful in the Florida house, I actually have space for a settee it would be stunning but realistically it would end up being a glorious dog bed for you know who 😂
    You’ve put together some envious inspiration boards for anyone starting from scratch. Super fun! I love design mood boards of any kind so I’ll enjoy this monthly series 👍
    On another note, it seems everywhere is getting slammed with snow. Yikes! Wish I could transport you all here for some sunshine and Beveraginos on the patio. We having amazingly good weather right now. I hope it’s an early spring 🌺 this year. Everyone I know will certainly be ready. Cheers to that and Happy Pizza Friday!

    1. Thank you, Colleen! I love a pinstripe… such a classic look! Ralph Lauren is one of my favorite designers. Cash is the same as Lorrie… he migrates and likes to nestle into the pillows near the headboard, while Crosby sleeps near the foot of the bed on the quilt. I end up swapping our pillowcases more often for that same reason, haha! Let’s also be real about the glorified “dog beds”. So many pieces of furniture in my house are exactly that (the daybed, the window nook sofa, benches, etc). They’re so spoiled! I’m excited for this monthly series, as I really enjoyed pulling these together. I’ve missed creative exercises like this. We woke up to MORE snow this morning. 4-5 more inches. I’m totally over it at this point and you’re speaking my language with the sunshine and patio beverages. That sounds like a dream come true right now! Soak up some sunshine for me please! Hope you’re having a lovely weekend! xox

  4. I am very taken with both room 2 and 4. Both have nightstands that I have had my eye on for a little while. I love a good barley twist, and the Serena and Lilly nightstands (now sold out, boo) are right up my alley. And that bench? The scallops and turned legs have my heart a-flutter. So lovely. The fourth bedroom is gorgeous. I’m a gal who loves pattern mixing when others do it, but I find I lose confidence in my own abilities. I love these pattern plays that are subtle and do not fight each other for attention. I love those Ballard nightstands, in both the black and the white colorway. But they are enormous! Which leads me to ask … is there a “rule” for nightstand width in comparison with the bed? Our bedroom is wide enough to handle a larger nightstand, but our bed is a queen and I love it too much to part with it right now. The width of the Ballard nightstands are more than half the width of the bed. Anyway, these are the things that keep me up at night! Thank you for this gorgeous post. You have been my go to lately for bedroom ideas. But sometimes the choice is overwhelming!

    1. Thank you so much, Rhonda! I also love those nightstands. To answer your question about nightstand scale… you’ll want to consider the size of the room, the size (and height) of the bed, and make sure the other furniture in the space feels of a similar scale. Our nightstands are 36″ wide, but we have a king bed. I think your queen size bed could accommodate the larger size, but you’d want to provide balance with a canopy, tall drapery, large scale art, seating, etc. The goal is just to make sure everything feels balanced and intentional. I hope that helps!

  5. Thank you Sarah. It helps a lot! I like the idea of adding balance. Our bed sits in front of a window and I have been feeling for a while that tall and full drapery paired with sheers might add a bit of interest and help to balance the fact that there is a smallish window plonked in the middle of a large wall!

    1. No problem, Rhonda! I love that idea!