Coffee Table Styling Ideas

Coffee Table Styling Ideas - roomfortuesday.comI hope your week is off to a lovely start! Today, I wanted to share a quick post containing a couple pairings from a new LTK series I started: styling ideas. I’ve been compiling and gathering curated styling sets to make decorating a bit easier. At the very least, I hope it provides some good inspiration. I’ve got a couple coffee table pairings to share with you… click through to check them out and to offer suggestions for future pairing posts!

Coffee Table Styling Ideas -
linked on LTK

For coffee table styling, here are a few basic tips…

  • Use books & trays as a base
  • Include a bowl or vessel as a catchall
  • Layer your favorite accessories: candles, coasters, match strikes, sculptural art, etc.
  • Don’t forget a bud vase, floral arrangement, or branches for added life & texture
Coffee Table Styling Ideas -
linked on LTK

I’d love to hear which pairing you like best… they’re pretty similar. I’m also interested to hear what type of styling pairings would be helpful, as I’m curating future posts. Thanks in advance for sharing your thoughts! I hope everyone has a wonderful week ahead. We’re having a fantastic time diving. I can’t wait to share!

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  1. Good morning! A tough choice between these two lovely groupings. I’d describe them as polished and sophisticated versus earthy and textural. I think I’m feeling the second pairing at the moment. I love the raised arches on that planter! I think the greenery is really appealing to me, too; my current houseplant sitch is no bueno. (Cats and plants!) I just thrifted a pretty faux horn bowl and a large brass pedestal, so I’ve got styling on my mind. Here’s a question maybe. How do you consider the styling of several surfaces in one room? I have a coffee table, a mantel and a buffet in the living room. Do you treat them as completely separate? Do they coordinate somehow? Do they all have to be updated at the same time? For someone who struggles with styling, that’s a lot of real estate! Ha. Also, how about a bedside lamp/sconce pairing post? I see that look more and more, but I don’t think you’ve written about it. I’m always in the mood for a lighting discussion! I’ll be interested to hear everyone else’s ideas!
    Glad you’re having the best time! 💜

    1. Your horn bowl and brass planter sound beautiful- wonderful finds! Awesome question… I treat them separately, but I do believe it depends on the proximity. If they’re too close together, it may be a good idea to consider contrast (maximalist mantel with a more simplified buffet). I like when things feel cohesive, but unique on their own!

  2. Good morning Sarah; your dive adventures look absolutely lovely, as do these styling ideas. The first one is completely my jam. I love the gray colored book and how it makes the marble tray pop. And the handles on the adorable black bowl have me swooning. The hydrangea arrangement is a current favorite right now, and I love the subtle pop of natural wood tone with the coasters. One area that is particularly challenging for me is the “media center”. We currently use an antique dresser as our tv stand- both for aesthetic value, and storage real estate. Being an entertainment space, I currently have it styled as such- books, AD mags, a tray, a vase, etc. As we look ahead to transitioning into the front room, the tray side will be cleared for the turntable. But I’m wondering if it all needs to be simplified. I’d love to know your thoughts on how you’d style that piece of furniture. I’m loving these posts by the way. I especially love the ability to shop the look. LTK is such a quick easy space for that! I hope your adventuring of the depths is everything you thought it would be and more. Have an amazing day.

    1. I think I found my favorite dive sites (so far)! Indonesia was incredible. It has me itching to plan more underwater adventures… now to save up for future trips. Ha! Ahh, the media center or console. That’s a great idea! I’ll work on a pairing / styling post for that. We have one in our basement beneath our TV and I have it styled with books, candles, and speakers, and a tray.

  3. Good Morning
    I’m so glad to hear you are having a wonderful time on your trip. Yay! I’m catching up on the blog today. We just landed in Florida after a 4 day drive, needless to say I’m so thrilled to be here. Your coffee table styling ideas are beautiful and honestly I can’t choose because either one would work for me. I think in terms of styling I’ve got the coffee tables taken care of but one area I always struggle with are the dining tables for everyday styling. I find floral arrangements are always removed by Andrew, he doesn’t like anything tall and in visual range when we dine. Our dining table in Burlington is small and rectangular and modern in style. A bowl with objects isn’t substantial enough I don’t think, I would love something with a wow factor but I just can’t seem to figure out what that is. Candlesticks are simple and nice but also seem diminutive. Maybe a tray with multiple objects? Would that be weird for a dining table? Ugh! I see large vases with really big branches on many dining tables but it won’t work for us unfortunately. It’s been tough to figure out for everyday, currently it has nothing. Dining table styling post would be helpful for me. Anyway I’m enjoying the summer woven candle from the shop I purchased this past spring 🥰 as it feels like summer here. It’s so lovely! Wherever you are I hope you are having a super day! Xoxo

    1. 4 days is a long road trip, and here I was complaining about our 36 hour flight home. Haha! I hope you’re all settled in by now and are having the best time in Florida! I’ll work on some dining table pairings. I like your idea of a tray- or evening a shallow bowl arrangement with moss. Enjoy your summery weather! We came home to snow, and I’m definitely not prepared for that. My skin is already missing the sunshine and humidity (believe it or not, ha).