Choosing Hardware for Our Kitchen + A Giveaway!

Choosing Hardware for Our Kitchen + A Giveaway -

If you’ve been following my Insta stories, you probably already know that the kitchen is progressing quickly. I’m definitely over-sharing, but I’m far too excited to keep quiet about the biggest renovation in my house so far! I’ll be sharing a full kitchen recap later this week, but today I wanted to chat about our cabinetry hardware. This week I’ll be placing my hardware order and it’s refreshing to finally be smack dab in the middle of the “fun” part of the process- choosing the final details and finishes. Click through for a peek at my hardware selection, my top 5 choices, the design reasoning, and the pairing I eventually landed on. Plus- there’s a giveaway at the end of the post, if anyone else is in the market for hardware!

Choosing Hardware for Our Kitchen + A Giveaway -

First things first, choosing the finish. As much as I LOVE brass, I knew I wanted something different in regards to cabinetry hardware. I actually prefer mixed finishes in a space, so there’ll will definitely be a tiny bit of brass sprinkled throughout (think light fixtures, accessories, etc), but I had my heart set on nickel for the hardware. Our appliances have chrome pulls with a nice little knurling detail, and our plumbing fixtures are also chrome… just to give you a visual.

Choosing Hardware for Our Kitchen + A Giveaway -

I discovered Pepe & Carol’s on Instagram, fell in love with their hardware, and later found out they are a husband & wife team, with a love for vintage… just like Emmett and I. I’m all about family-owned businesses and feel so happy to support and purchase products made with love by people right here in the USA. That’s always been a big deal for us and I’m happy to say- 90% of the items in our kitchen were made in America (cabinetry, hardware, appliances, countertop, sink, plumbing fixtures, windows, etc). Lots of the items were even produced right here in Salt Lake City. Our floor tile is really the only thing imported.

Choosing Hardware for Our Kitchen + A Giveaway -

M Y    T O P    C H O I C E S

After scouring Pepe & Carol’s for hardware and chatting with Krystal (the owner), I ordered a bunch of samples and these are the options I narrowed it down to:

Choosing Hardware for Our Kitchen + A Giveaway -

Option #1 pairs this pull with this knob. I really liked the interesting backplate on the knob… that was definitely an attractive feature to me. The pull also has a really amazing shape when looking at it from straight ahead.

Choosing Hardware for Our Kitchen + A Giveaway -

Option #2 pairs this pull with this knob. I’m super into the acorn shaped pull details! I loved that this option was curvy, but also unique- you don’t see that shape very often.

Choosing Hardware for Our Kitchen + A Giveaway -

Option #3 paired a custom pull (if you’re interested in it, email them and they can make it for you!) with this knob. I fell in love with the drawer pull… it had the perfect amount of traditional detailing, while still looking sleek and modern.

Choosing Hardware for Our Kitchen + A Giveaway -

Option #4 pairs this pull with this knob. This is probably the most classic combination from the entire group. It’s a really timeless and cohesive pairing, in my opinion.

Choosing Hardware for Our Kitchen + A Giveaway -

Option #5 pairs this pull with this knob. This was one of the more modern pairings from the set. I think it would look great set against classic cabinetry.

Alright, so which one do you think I landed on? Drummmmmrolll…………

OPTION #4. Why? In the end, I landed on the traditional pairing with the round knob to bring a classic and feminine shape into the space. We have a lot of hard edges and masculine details (like the industrial looking appliances with knurled pulls), so having a contrasting element is a smart and intentional design decision. I’m all about achieving juxtaposition and balance. Together the feminine and masculine elements throughout the space compliment each other and emphasize each specific style.

Choosing Hardware for Our Kitchen + A Giveaway -

Another reason why I really love supporting small businesses? Customization. I needed some very specific sizes for appliance pulls (we have a panel-ready dishwasher), and Krystal was able to customize every single thing I asked for. Those are the kind of details that make or break a space.

I ended up with these pulls and these knobs, in a variety of sizes- and I couldn’t be happier! I think it’s going to look fantastic. I’m pretty excited for my order to arrive because that means we’re one step closer to having a finished kitchen! I hope I didn’t disappoint anyone with my selection. Ha! There really wasn’t a bad option, to be honest. Vote for your favorite below and enter the giveaway…

Choosing Hardware for Our Kitchen + A Giveaway -


*Now closed… congrats to Kari for winning!

I asked Krystal to host a giveaway with me because I knew you all would love the hardware as much as I do! Enter to win $100 store credit toward hardware or anything else you like! Pepe & Carol’s also carries lighting, vintage furniture & decor, custom shelving, and even textiles (ahem, vintage rugs). I’ll choose a winner at random in 1 week! Here’s how to enter:

  1. Follow Pepe & Carol’s on Instagram.
  2. Comment below which option YOU would choose for MY kitchen!

*This giveaway is sponsored by Pepe & Carol’s. All content, ideas, and words are my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that allow us to create unique content while featuring products we actually use & enjoy! 

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  1. katrina blackley says:

    Hi Sarah,
    great options. before I read your choice i had picked number five!
    I am sure you mentioned this in earlier posts, but what type of wood is shown in the pictures? are the cabinets all wood or some other lesser material?

    1. The cabinets are wood and the species is clear alder… also known as superior alder. Hope this helps to answer your question! xo

  2. Hello! Great shop, thanks for featuring them! I would choose #5.

  3. These are awesome! I love everything you choose, but I like #5

  4. Fabulous as always! I don’t have Instagram, (I had to delete the app for my mental health) but it would be a hard choice to narrow down. They are all so nice. I’m waiting on pins and needles for your reveal!

  5. I would have chosen #3, but get why you picked 4.

  6. I really like option one with the backplate, but they are all beautiful and it’s amazing that they will customize everything for you. Loving following along your renovation!

  7. I liked option #5, but it was impossible for you to go wrong! Looks great!

  8. I love option #3 since it’s has traditional details but a modern feel!

  9. I really like option #5. I’m considering something like this when we refinish our dresser. I’m looking forward to seeing the kitchen after the Instagram teases.

  10. Love option 4 and 5!! What a tough choice!

  11. Option #5 would give a great contrast to the more traditional vibes of the cabinetry!

  12. Classic #4 is my favorite. All beautiful options!

  13. Dana Moss says:

    Such a hard decision! Love what you chose! My pick would have been #5.

  14. Lynn Hewitt says:

    I chose Option 4 before I got to the end of the post where you revealed you chose Option 4! #winning! We are actually gearing up for a remodel (not total gut, but going for a real change), so it would be awesome to support a locally-owned business!

  15. I like them all! But Love option 5 😬


    I would have chosen option number 2 personally. I think it accents right in the middle of masculine and feminine to balance everything. Plus, I’m a sucker for a unique shape that you don’t see elsewhere! I can’t wait to see the finished space!

    Also, I didn’t realize Pepe & Carol were from Pittsburgh the first time I viewed their page. Awesome to see some local creatives, so close to me!

  17. I love them all but my favorite is option 1. Can’t wait to see how it all comes together, I’m hanging on the edge of my seat! :)

  18. Hmmmm…I think I would have chosen option #3. I can’t wait to see the hardware installed!

  19. I would choose the classic too! In fact, I think I might for our kitchen 😊

  20. Elise Meyers says:

    Love option number 4! They are all beautiful 😍

  21. Option #5 has my ❤️

  22. I liked both options 4 and 5!

  23. Mandi Gomez says:

    I really love option #3 the best but seriously they are all gorgeous and you just can’t go wrong with any of the options.

  24. Trista Hill says:

    Love all of these looks! However, the back plate in #1 totally seals the deal for me :) loveee it!

  25. #5. Still time to change your mind.

  26. LOVE the classic style of number 4, can’t wait to see everything finished!

  27. Angie levin says:

    I love #5, and the chrome! Also, your reasoning behind the feminine detail makes a lot of sense, and has me rethinking every hardware decision I’ve made in my home this far 😏 ! Love the mix of wood on enameled tones, you’ve got the BEST taste!

  28. I think I would choose option 4 or 5. I’m torn between them! I’m excited to see how you mix metals in this space!

  29. I’m drawn to the knob in option #5…but they’re all really beautiful!

  30. #3 but I totally see why you chose #4! There really were no bad choices there :)

  31. Option #2! But #4 is definitely timeless and classy. Can’t go wrong :) Its looking great!

  32. I was hoping for number 4!! It’s so classic and I think will look beautiful with your floors

  33. it’s a toss up between #1 & #5. I tend to go simple. Although all are great!

  34. I love option 4! My other favorite is option 5.

  35. Digging #1 right now. Thanks for highlighting Pepe &Carol’s! Great find.

  36. Kari Schweitzer says:

    They’re all beautiful, but I love the clean lines of #5!

  37. Bri Smith says:

    #4 was the right move! Girly yet strong 😊

  38. Emily Ward says:

    They are all stunning. But I think my favorite is #5. The finish is perfect with the light wood cabinet color!

  39. I love the knob with the back plate, and the custom handle detailing, but overall, I agree with your choice! It’s going to be beautiful!

  40. Ooh boy, tough choice. Love all the options you’ve narrowed down. I’d choose #3…that jumps out to me a lot. Btw, obsessed with all your design selection!

  41. I love looking at hardware! I was Team 5, but think the styles you chose are also great. :)

  42. Love all the options but I definitely think you made the right choice with #4! That would have been my pick too!

  43. Maile Belles says:

    #1 has my vote. The backplate is a really cool detail.

  44. Catherine says:

    Hey! I really love them all, and I’m so excited to see you using a nickel finish. As soon as I saw #4 I thought YEP, that’s it!

  45. Layce (lilmslyce on Instagram) says:

    So hard to choose but option 4 is what I would have gone with. Perfect timing for the giveaway, less than a month left to get possession and then a whole house reno to do…. excited and nervous at the same time!

  46. Tamsen Donker says:

    I’m a big fan of either #1 or #5! But all the options are gorgeous. Having just picked out some hardware for our laundry room, it’s nice and yet overwhelming at the huge making of choice in this world!

  47. Allison C says:

    I love #4!
    I can’t redo my kitchen but I’ve been looking for hardware to refresh what I have. I hope I win!

  48. I’m going with #5 , but seriously all of the options are looking good ( timeless and high quality)
    Love reading your blog/ Instagram Sarah !

  49. I like all of them but # 5 would have to be my favorite! Checked out Pepe and Carol’s and I love all their vintage lights <3

  50. Alison Forsythe says:

    I think I would pick #4 too! Can’t wait to see the full reveal!

  51. Brenda Haines says:

    I love option 4. I also follow on instagram @thehippiehut32. Thanks for the chance!

  52. Alexis Juett says:

    Beautiful pieces! Perfect timing for this post since I just bought a new house and I’m about to purchase new hardware for the kitchen cabinets. I love #5!

  53. Option #5 is my favorite!

  54. You literally can’t go wrong with any one of them, they are all so darn gorgeous in their own ways, but I would also join you with your choice of #4. You just can’t go wrong with that timeless, classic shape and the polished finish really makes them feel special. I’m doing a mini bathroom reno and am currently choosing hardware for my freshly painted cabinets. Definitely checking out this new source for hardware!

  55. I like the first image. The color is neutral, but draws the eye.

  56. I’m a little bit in love with #5. Checking out Pepe & Carol’s now!

  57. I would choose option #4

  58. #3 – modern with a touch of tradition.

  59. These are all beautiful! I especially love Option 5, but I’m glad you picked Option 4–it’s a classic

  60. I like #4 most of all. There is much to appreciate in the details of each choice. Gorgeous hardware!

  61. Heather f says:

    I like option 2. I ended up going without hardware on my upper cabinets and seeing all the wonderful options available is making me re-think that!

  62. Option 4 would be my pick. Love the drawer pulls the best too.

  63. I actually really love option #1 – those knobs!!!

  64. I would pick option 4. It is classic but streamlines and has enough charm to balance all of the masculine elements you have going on in the kitchen.

  65. Viktorija says:

    I love option #4! And I’m really enjoying all the sneak peeks of your kitchen! I know it’s so tempting to wait and just show us the final reveal when everything’s done and in its place, but I love this series of posts.

  66. Marlene W. says:

    Option #1. It isn’t too small and it is unique.

  67. I actually really love the one you chose, #4. I’m not typically a more “traditional” girl, but I think it pairs beautifully and really ties in with the cabinetry. I also love the curves it brings in.

  68. Option #4 would have been my first choice for your kitchen, for my kitchen which is already really traditional feeling I would choose #5

  69. I like #4 and looking forward to seeing it all come together!

  70. Jaclyn Reynolds says:

    I really like option 2!

  71. I personally like option #5 but I get balancing the masculine and feminine in a space so in that case I’d choose #$ or #2

  72. melanie huttner says:

    I love option 5!

  73. I love #4! It really is timeless! Excited to see it all come together! Also your fridge looks so sleek!

  74. Christiann says:

    Option #5 has my vote since I lean more towards modern touches in my own designs. But they’re all so good, that you could have picked any of those combos and it would still be perfect. Can’t wait to see the final!

  75. Meredith Nelson says:

    I love 1 or 4, really you can’t go wrong with any of them.

  76. Hannah Boggs says:

    I would choose #5! Love that combo. Also the one you chose is amazing!!! So pretty!

  77. Option #4 was my favorite as well. Great choice!

  78. #4 is my favorite! I love that it’s classic and can go with most anything!

  79. Kari Walder says:

    Holy cow! Such beautiful options!!! I would definitely choose option #4, #3 was a close second though. Happy to have found Pepe + Carol’s through your blog. Now following them on Insta!

    1. Congrats, Kari!! You’re the giveaway winner. Look for an email from me with more info! xo

  80. Love your work!! I like Option #5

  81. Option #5 for your kitchen. Option # 4 is a close second. Thanks for sharing!

  82. Stephanie says:

    Thanks for letting us know about Pepe & Carol’s! I think my favorite is #3, but they’re all great options! Can’t wait to see the final kitchen reveal!

  83. Elizabeth Jones says:

    I thought I was team #1, but I think I landed on #5. The thick head of the knob is much more functional and cuter than the first. They’re all drool worthy though.

  84. I would pick #4 for your kitchen as well as for my own. I like the traditional look and unique curves. I look forward to seeing your finished project and I hope I win in order to finish my new kitchen.