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Best of Etsy Halloween DecorI get pretty excited about October and Halloween. It’s one of my favorite holidays because it coincides with my birthday… plus I just think it’s a fun time of year. We’re sort of knee deep in the One Room Challenge and planning our kitchen reno, but if our house were totally put together, you better believe I’d be decorating in a spooky, yet sophisticated way. This month’s ‘Best of Etsy‘ post is all about decor that is Halloween appropriate- and not in a tacky, typical way. As a matter of fact, a lot of these items will work year round. 

This might honestly be my all time favorite ‘Best of Etsy‘ post because I tend to embrace the odd & different decor. That’s kind of my jam… finding the weird, one-of-a-kind items. When I think of Halloween decor, I like to design and decorate with lots of texture. Think marble, vintage oil paintings, crushed velvet, wax candles, alabaster, quartzite, carved wood, antiqued brass metals, and smoked glass. Think about odd curiosities that spark a conversation or push your comfort zone with objects you normally wouldn’t go for.

The easiest and most obvious way to transform your home for this spooky holiday is by swapping art and accessories. Obviously if you’re planning to entertain, consider barware, serve ware, and table decor as well.

Best of Etsy - Halloween Decor01: glass cloche // 02: brass candle sticks // 03: skull study oil painting // 04: ornate wall mirror // 05: wood cat doorstop // 06: magpie feathers // 07: nude female sculpture // 08: black moonstone crystal sphere // 09: sparrow & skull oil painting // 10: modern iron candelabra // 11: still life oil painting // 12: vintage black and gold mirror // 13: hand carved wood chain // 14: brass and white globe // 15: vintage oil portrait // 16: rose oil painting // 17: black horn // 18: vintage posing hand // 19: vintage french playing cards // 20: velvet geometric pillow // 21: skull planter // 22: tanzanite crystals // 23: crushed velvet table runner // 24: black tea light candles // 25: cast crow skull // 26: victorian brass hands // 27: black tapered candles // 28: polished quartz crystals // 29: vintage ouija board

I’m all about grouping interesting objects in a bowl, cloche, or tiny vignette. Easy groupings would include the crystals (#22 or #28), the brass hands (#26), or graphic feathers (#6). Candles are always a must during the halloween season! I love tapered candles in a dramatic candelabra or tea lights scattered throughout. Aside from the obvious, creepy objects and vintage artwork easily make a statement in moderation!

Swap your existing art for strange portraits, a moody still life, or darker palettes, like Ashley has done below.

Best of Etsy - Halloween Decor and Art

I’ll about luxe materials and darker hues this time of year. Do you decorate for Halloween or fall? If so, what is some of your go-to decor? Maybe there are a few objects I should add to the list!

Best of Etsy - Glam Halloweenimages: the makerista | the gold hive | elle decor 

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  1. Ashley - The Gold Hive says:

    I almost used the #15 girl in my Roundup but loved her too much so I had plans for her for a future post.
    You and I are thinking alike yet again!