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10 Home Project Budgeting & Money Tips

10 Home Project Budgeting & Money Tips - Serious topic for a Tuesday, I know… but this is another popular reader request and a necessary discussion that comes with renovating. I hate talking about numbers, I hate having a budget (don’t we all?), and excel sheets make my head spin. That’s my honest truth. Sometimes I dream of designing our entire house all at once and hiring a contractor to make that dream a reality, so it happens more quickly and we immediately can enjoy it in its post renovated state. However, that’s not in our budget, that’s not realistic for most, and to be honest- we really like tackling projects not only because of the savings, but because of the fulfillment that comes along with creating our dream home together. Regardless of how you tackle projects or renovate, budgeting is key in making your dreams a reality. For every single project we tackle, we create a plan and budget accordingly… and when I say “we” I really mean Emmett. We won’t even start a project until we have the funds. It’s an important part of renovating or remodeling and being financially responsible throughout the process. I’m actually turning this post over to my money minded, accountant husband. He’s the smartest when it comes to this sort of thing, and is always the brains behind our home finances. I give him 100% of the credit for being super smart with our money (and keeping my home spending in check, haha). Click through for his 10 best tips! They’re really good.
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Surround Sound in the Living Room

Hi guys! Emmett here. It’s been awhile since I last posted on Room for Tuesday, but I’m back with a common debate. Based on the content of the title you can imagine Sarah has zero interest in this topic. However, I…


A Big Design Battle : Surround Sound

So here we are. Sarah and I have just sold our current home and have bought a new one in SLC (she’s officially posting allllll about that next week). I couldn’t wait to share a little project I’ve been scheming…

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Landscaping 101

Hi guys! Emmett here. Sarah told me you all requested a guest post on my favorite topic… landscaping 101. Sarah’s the houseplant whiz and I’m sort of the outdoor plant guy. One thing I find myself doing weekend after weekend, even…