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Surround Sound in the Living Room

Styling Surround Sound Speakers Hi guys! Emmett here. It’s been awhile since I last posted on Room for Tuesday, but I’m back with a common debate. Based on the content of the title you can imagine Sarah has zero interest in this topic. However, I thought if Sarah and I have many heated discussions regarding surround sound, it’s likely many readers out there also battle this design versus tech dilemma with their significant other. Click through to see our compromise, and how we overcame our differences and ended up with surround sound (yessss)! Continue Reading


A Big Design Battle : Surround Sound

So here we are. Sarah and I have just sold our current home and have bought a new one in SLC (she’s officially posting allllll about that next week). I couldn’t wait to share a little project I’ve been scheming…

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Landscaping 101

Hi guys! Emmett here. Sarah told me you all requested a guest post on my favorite topic… landscaping 101. Sarah’s the houseplant whiz and I’m sort of the outdoor plant guy. One thing I find myself doing weekend after weekend, even…