A Thing for Teal

Lately, I’ve had this thing for teal- it’s my color crush of the season. Here’s a few images that have me feeling inspired about the bold color palette:

Color Crush: Teal
Image via Domino

I like that it’s a little moody, but rich and saturated all at the same time. I’ve always been a fan of dark greens and deep navy used throughout interior settings, but there’s something about mixing the two that really does it for me.

Color Crush: Teal
Image via: Meredith Heron

Paired with orange, red, and warm tones it really comes to life and archives a nice balance. If you’re not brave enough to paint an entire wall or room in this hue, it looks equally as amazing on a large scale piece of furniture:

Color Crush: Teal
Image via Michael Verheyden
Color Crush: Teal
Photo via Nicholas Matheus for Marie Claire Maison
Color Crush: Teal
Photo via Sulia (thru Domaine)
Color Crush: Teal
Image via: Robert Holden

What do you think… are you a fan of teal? Or is it a fad that will quickly fade? I think it’s safe to say I’m into it. In fact, I might have photoshopped my green dining room wall in this perfect hue (just to provide the perfect background for my instadog… ha! no judging).

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  1. Our foyer is small & I knew a bold colour would look amazing in the space with the natural light shining in. Teal was the way to go…no regrets 2 yrs later!

    1. Love your foyer, Holly! Excellent excellent paint choice.