25 Tuesday Made Favorites for Spring

25 Tuesday Made Favorites for Spring - roomfortuesday.comWe are officially a week and a half away from spring! Can you believe it? Winter has sped along pretty quickly. We’ve been getting so many new arrivals for the season ahead in the Tuesday Made shop, so today I wanted to share 25 of my top picks for spring with you. From florals & greenery to fresh smelling candles & textiles, click through to see what I’ve been lovely lately as I restock our shop shelves! It has been an exceptionally busy week over here, so I’m keeping this post short & sweet. Hope you enjoy browsing my selections! 

25 Tuesday Made Favorites for Spring - roomfortuesday.comWe’ve been adding new pillows to our collection, and my grandma is working on another beautiful batch of extra long lumbars for us… those should be available soon. I’ll share once they’re ready. In the meantime, the green hues have been my favorite this month! We have some fun greek key & animal print patterns.

25 Tuesday Made Favorites for Spring - roomfortuesday.comWe’ve also been unboxing lots of books and cookbooks lately! I just added French Country Cooking to our repertoire yesterday, and I’ve been using our newest easel with a modern form & white plaster finish to display my cookbooks on the countertop.

25 Tuesday Made Favorites for Spring - roomfortuesday.comReady to see a quick roundup of my favorites? Some are splurge-worthy investment pieces, while others are really affordable and make great decor staples to add to your collection. Check out my top picks for March…

Please use the numbered links below to shop my finds… sorry- these are not clickable.

25 Tuesday Made Favorites for Spring - roomfortuesday.com01: banded greek key lumbar // 02: braided basket set // 03: lidded clay candle // 04: magnolia branch // 05: large blue & white bowl // 06: europa planter // 07: horn handle candle // 08: match cloche // 09: white plaster easel // 10: greek key planter // 11: camel throw // 12: ornate river landscape // 13: cate wall sconce // 14: olive branch // 15: chambray kitchen towel // 16: weaver floor lamp // 17: glass vase // 18: norwood planter // 19: forest vintage rug // 20: blue & white bud vase // 21: stoneware colander // 22: porcelain floral diffuser // 23: custom fretwork pillow // 24: nicole table lamp // 25: clover vintage rug

Of course I’ve been loving all of the woven materials and lighter & more colorful items that welcome the warmer months ahead. I’m already looking forward to al fresco dining and setting up our outdoor spaces. Anyone else? What are your favorites from my top picks?

25 Tuesday Made Favorites for Spring - roomfortuesday.comI’m big on natural materials, unique pieces, and the little details. I feel like we have a lot of really cool smaller items right now- like candles that are especially interesting. I’m big on reusing the vessels once the candles have been burned and my three favorites for that are: our clay candle, the horn candle, and the 6-wick candle.

25 Tuesday Made Favorites for Spring - roomfortuesday.comWe’ve also been unboxing lots of stunning florals & greenery. I’m actually already in the process of restocking those because they’re going faster than I anticipated (and I didn’t even get to snag a few for myself). The olive branch, pictured below, is one I did grab in time… and it’s currently hanging out in our kitchen. They look and feel very realistic and my favorite part- no trading the water. They’re zero maintenance- which is great if you’re limited on time.

25 Tuesday Made Favorites for Spring - roomfortuesday.comTimeless blue & white is always a go-to for me year round, but especially during the spring months when I want to add a bit more color to our home. We’ve got some new hand painted porcelain to add to the shop, and I can’t wait to show you!

25 Tuesday Made Favorites for Spring - roomfortuesday.comI’d love to hear any ideas you have for the shop! Is there something specific you’ve been on the hunt for? Home or decor trends you’ve been liking? What are you feeling for spring? Is there something you wish we would carry? How about new finds from an artist, maker, or small business that we could include in our collection? I’m all ears!

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  1. Good morning! This selection looks like the ultimate spring tableau! Those leafy chartreuses and sky hues are my faves. I love, love, love the subtlety of the blue Greek key trim on the zingy green lumbar, and I’ll take chambray in any form. All of your beautiful, white plaster-y textured items have me itching for a possibly ill-fated DIY endeavor. (I’m not quite ready to start my outdoor projects…) Speaking of gardening though, I’m swooning over the Wakefield planters! I bet they are stunning in person. Gah. Seeing your woven pedestal and that incredible weaver floor lamp might be the nudge I need to grab a Marketplace item I’ve been coveting. Spring’s imminent arrival calls for a touch of decor freshening, right? Have the loveliest of good-busy weeks, Sarah!💜

    1. Hi Peggi! I had a fun time scouring the website to roundup my spring favorites :) … and then it snowed a foot last night. Haha! Life in Utah with crazy weather. We need the precipitation though, so no complaints here. The Greek key pillows have been my favorites (as expected), and of course I love all of the organic materials, plaster finishes, and garden planters. Wakefield is so gorgeous- I love their hand thrown pots. I vote yes to grabbing that FB Marketplace item you had your eye on. I can’t wait to see what it is! In the name of spring decorating, cheers to warmer weather (eventually) and fun in the garden. I hope you had a great day today! xo

  2. Happy Wednesday! So many beautiful items in your shop Sarah! Your faux floral arrangements are some of my favorite! I also like the Wakefield planters and the detail on them. Be still my heart…your vintage rugs are gorgeous! So many with unique colors and designs. The Weaver floor lamp is so pretty. Let’s not forget about the Nicole table lamp. GORGEOUS!! I see a peek of your woven urn and pedestal. All the heart eyes!
    Every time I think I can plant some spring flowers, we get freezing temps (which is unusual this time of year) but it does prolong the bugs from being a nuisance. I know the upcoming spring weather will have me wanting to start building although we still have months to go.
    Hope all is well after your surgery. You seem to be doing good! I got a good report from my doctor today (which calls for a shopping event, right?)…yay!

    1. Happy Wednesday, Danna! Thank you so much! The shop has really brought me so much happiness this past year… connecting with people in a new way over design and decor. It has been fun. The floral arrangements are definitely investment pieces but they’re so realistic. At High Point last year, we watched some of the florists making them and it was incredible. They spend hours on each one and I think it shows. I want them all. Haha! The Wakefield planters are also a go-to. I’ve been buying them for years- even before we started the shop. I’m all about supporting other small businesses, makers, and artists. I know, I know- vintage rugs are my weakness. Emmett has put me on a strict “no more vintage rugs until we sell a handful” order. It’s a good thing his business brain keeps me on track, otherwise- we’d only have rugs in the store. Lol! Lighting has been fun, too. We have about 14″ of snow on the ground right now, with more on the forecast. Crazy! I’m doing great post surgery and am feeling much better- like a better version of myself. It has been nice. I’m thrilled you also got a good report from your doctor! I have a few more check-ups, but things seem to be on the up & up :) Cheers to that and celebratory shopping indeed. Hope you had a great day! xox

  3. Ooh Sarah, what a fantastic roundup of beautiful things 😍 the pillows are exceptional, and I’m so amazed your grandma makes them for the shop. Love that. They are stunning.
    Of course, I love everything you have included here but your kitchen linens are so pretty (I’ll be getting more of those) I LOVE everything woven and the basket set I have my eye on. Of course, when we leave sunny Florida in May, we will be arriving in spring, so I’ll be thinking planters as we get the patio and pool prepped for opening, I’m digging #6 and #18💖 Oh that Nicole Table lamp is so gorgeous as is the clover vintage rug. Candles of course are my other weakness. So many fabulous things, wish I could buy them all. Amazing! Hope you day is running smoothly, and you are enjoying that beautiful new office 🥰

    1. Hi Colleen! Thank you so much! My grandma is still making pillows for us (a little over half of the ones we carry right now), which has been so fun working together! I may or may not have some beautiful animal print fabric on the way to her for some new items in the works. Ha! I’m loving all of the woven items right now… every spring and summer I enjoy incorporating more of those textures into our home. The basket set is amazing! I grabbed one for myself and we use them all the time. We’ve had a handful of orders for the Nicole table lamp lately… it’s a (heavy) cutie. I hope you’ve been soaking up your time in Florida! You have plenty of time left to enjoy the sunshine and ocean before you head back home to spring. So fun!! Have a great day. xox

  4. You know I love just about everything in the shop, and the shop is on fire right now with new spring items!! Your florals are exquisite and always a favorite. The woven and plaster materials have been giving me all the heart eyes, especially the white plaster easel. You have quite the selection of pots in the shop, evoking all the desires for a kitchen herb garden, outdoor planting, and vase filling. Like many, we still aren’t quite there yet with proper weather. I’ve been keeping an eye on all the new vintage rugs in the shop, praying for the pup to come out of his chewing phase, because wowza!! So many to love right now. The Clover rug has all the colors and vibes I’d love to put in the front room when it’s finished, and it’s the first that I’ve found to capture the feel I want. That and the Classic chandelier would be the ultimate styling splurge! I need to look hard at budget numbers and floor plans, but holy Moses…it’ll be difficult to get out of my head. The pillows are stealing my heart lately as well. You know I love the Greek key designs! One day when pillows aren’t Rocky Roo’s kryptonite, your shop will be my first stop. It’s been a long few days over here with tough appointments for my Brooke, but we are pushing through with smiles and snuggles. I hope you have a wonderful Thursday!

    1. You are so sweet, thanks Lauren! Can you tell I’m anxiously awaiting planting and gardening season? Ha! We still have around 8-9″ of snow on the ground right now. Rocky is getting more adorable everyday! I loved seeing him in your stories on your daily walk. What a cutie! He’ll grow out of the puppy phase eventually… I say that like I know, but here we are at age 3-4 and Crosby still acts crazy. Lol! Sending you a big hug and prayers for Brooke! Hang in there! She’s a tough cookie. Hope you guys are able to have a relaxing and fun weekend. xox