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My Favorite Snapshots of Our Home

My Favorite Snapshots of Our Home - roomfortuesday.comI’ve been wanting to share this post for awhile now! I’ve spent years designing, styling, practicing my photography skills, and capturing the corners of our home that feel most special to me. Some things translate pretty well through a 2D image on the internet, while other vignettes are so much better in person. I thought it would be interesting to share my favorite snapshots of our home. You’ve probably seen many of these before, because I often reuse the images I truly love. Sometimes it’s the lighting, other times it’s the styling, occasionally it’s the creativity or photo quality, and often it’s just the feeling I get from a spot in our home that feels like it was meant to be. These are the images of our home I’m most proud of! Click through for a peek at the photos of my house that really make my heart sing…  Continue Reading