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For the Dog Lovers

You guys know I’m a major animal lover, especially dogs! My first pet post was pretty popular, so I’ve kept pet-friendly content in the lineup ever since. You also know I go to the extreme in finding dog items that are also aesthetically pleasing (remember Finn’s custom dog bed?) Most of the time it’s difficult to disguise pet areas in your home and they can be a real eyesore. I decided to embrace the “pet space” and just own it for what it is.

Room for Tuesday | Waggo

The first few months of having a puppy, I crammed toys, blankets, leashes, and an eating area into our mudroom… and it looked exactly like you would expect: a disaster. It was the first thing guests would see when entering my home. Not to mention, pets make messes. They spill food and water, destroy toys, all while shedding (luckily, Finn is hypo-allergenic and sheds minimally). It’s all part of having a pet and we love them regardless, but it wasn’t an ideal setup for a good first impression. I’m so much happier with this new corner devoted specifically to Finn. Continue Reading