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Instagram 100k Thank you Giveaway

IG 100k Thank you (+ A Giveaway) - How was your weekend? I took a little social media break to tackle our longgg to-do list, and it was really nice to focus and get things done, but as promised- I’m back with a proper thank you today! Last week we hit a huge milestone I never thought Emmett & I would see… 100,000 followers on Instagram. 100k! It’s crazy to type that. I’m not a numbers girl and follower counts or stats have never been a big deal to me, but after six years of blogging and sharing- this definitely felt like a milestone worthy of celebrating. I wanted to write a heartfelt thank you and host a special giveaway to show my appreciation. You make this wonderful job (I love so much) possible. Click through for the celebratory post and to enter to win $1k of my favorite things!
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