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Design Eye Training : 103

Design Eye Training : 103 -

design : mikel welch

Many of you asked for more of these posts this year, and your wish is my command! The Design Eye Training series is really fun for me, too. This was one of my favorite exercises in design school and something I still love doing to improve my interior skills. This month I wanted to analyze a space from one of my favorite designers, Mikel Welch. I love following Mikel because he’s an incredibly talented designer who uses texture and color so beautifully, but also because he a kind, genuine, and fun person to follow. Be sure to join him on IG if you’re not already! He also has some pretty great¬†blog posts. One of my favorite rooms he has designed is his Atlanta studio apartment living area. Click through to admire, analyze, and talk about the third space in the series with me. Luckily, Mikel has a lot of beautiful photographs of this one, so we’re really able to dive deep into this room.

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